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I Can Level Up By Staying Idle

Chapter 2 Start The Involution!

Haicheng Martial Arts High School was the best high school in the city. Correspondingly, its facilities were also one of the best in the city.

The classroom of each class was a standalone martial arts hall. In each, there were professional martial arts equipment and a spacious training ground that could easily amodate 30 students studying martial arts at the same time.


In class 10 of Year Three, the class teacher, Lu Yan'an, suddenly frowned and looked in Lin Mo's direction. "Today's martial arts cultivation has just begun, why is he just lying on the ground?"

Teacher Lu was about to go reprimand him when he stopped in his tracks.

"There's only half a month left until the college entrance examination. Lin Mo's current punching force is only 903 kilograms. There's no hope of reaching 1,000 kilograms before the college entrance examination." It was almost impossible for him to get into a university if his fist strength was less than 1,000 kilograms, plus Lin Mo was still quite far away from it. "Since there's no hope, instead of being sad after the college entrance examination, it's better to calm down early!"

At the thought of this, Teacher Lu decided to not go and scold Lin Mo anymore. Instead, he looked at him approvingly. "Learning to let go is also a form of wisdom!"

Of course, Lin Mo did not sense the "approval" from the class teacher.

His eyes were as wide as copper bells as he shrewdly searched the classroom and quickly locked onto a target that could help him increase the involution index—Gao Haoran, the second-to-last place student in class.

Lin Mo saw that this little fatty was slacking off!

He hurried forward.

"Brother Mo, have you given up?" Little Fatty had respect for Lin Mo.

In his perspective, Lin Mo was such a hopeless student but had still been cultivating with full effort. If it were him, he definitely wouldn't be able to persevere. Therefore, Lin Mo's willpower alone was worthy of him calling him "Brother".

"That's right!" Lin Mo said. From now on, he didn't need to cultivate anymore.

"It's so difficult!" Little Fatty Gao Haoranplained, "I'm really so tired! My body is tired, and my mind is even more tired! Brother Mo, even you have given up. I really can't hold on anymore!"

Lin Mo immediately panicked. "How can you not persist? You shouldn'tpare to me!"

'What will happen to my involution index if you can't stick it out?'

'You're harming others and yourself!'

'Besides, I can get stronger by staying idle. Can you?'

'We are not the same!'

Of course, Lin Mo was only thinking that and it was was definitely not what he said out loud.

Lin Mo patted the little fatty's shoulder and said earnestly, "Haoran, I really have no hope, so I had no choice but to give up. You're different. Your punching force is 985 kilograms. You actually have a chance of reaching the 1,000-kilogram mark before the college entrance examination. Then, you can get into a martial arts university!"

"That's true, but it's really too difficult!" Seeing that Lin Mo had given up, Gao Haoran couldn't help but want to retreat from his goals.

"What's so difficult about it?!" Lin Mo shouted softly, he words ringed in the little fatty's heart like a morning bell. "There are still 15 days before the college entrance examination. Even if you only improve by one kilogram a day, your fist strength will be 1,000 kilograms in 15 days! Is it really too difficult to increase by one kilogram a day?"

"It does seem a little difficult…" Gao said.

"Difficult my ass! If you don't even dare to conquer such a small difficulty, how can you speak of martial arts dreams?" Lin Mo berated. His body seemed to emit the light of hopes and dreams. "Haoran, I don't have much hope anymore, but you still do! You have to remember…"

Lin Mo raised his head slightly and gazed at the sky outside the window. "You have to remember that you have the weight of two people's dreams on your shoulders!"

Then, Lin Mo turned around with a burning scrutiny.

"Do you really want to be like me, giving up on the path of martial arts and bing a dawdler?"

"If you don't want to, begin the involution!"

"Increase by one thousand grams, defeat a thousand people!"

"The gates of the Martial Arts University are open to you!"

Hearing these encouraging words, Gao Haoran seemed to have been injected with chicken blood. His eyes turned red. "Brother Mo, you're right! Increase by one thousand grams, defeat a thousand people! When I get home from school today, I'll ask my father to sell the house, and then I'll buy the most expensive tonics, and give it a last push!"


Lin Mo did not expect Gao Haoran to be so desperate.

If he sold the house and still didn't get into university, wouldn't his life be over?

"Haoran, why don't you calm down a little first?"

"Calm down my ass! If I don't have such determination, how can I speak of martial arts dreams? Brother Mo, move aside. I'm going to cultivate!"

Lin Mo walked to the side. He felt that Gao Haoran's words sounded a bit familiar.

"Is that what I said when I tried to inject chicken blood earlier?"

But for now, Lin Mo couldn't care less.

He saw that the "involution index" that had been motionless all this time actually jump up!

From 2.1 to 2.4!

His punching force increasing speed also went from 0.42 kilograms per hour to 0.48 kilograms per hour!

Lin Mo's eyes lit up. "The effect of my chicken blood was actually this good? The benefits are nearly instantaneous! No! I have to hurry up and inject a few more doses of my chicken blood!"

With a roll of his eyes, Lin Mo locked onto his second target—the third-to-last student in the class.

This student's punching strength had just reached the threshold of 1,000 kilograms. Lin Mo just walked forward and whispered in his ear, driving him mad. "Gao Haoran just said that he must surpass you and push you down!"

Even if one's fist strength reached 1,000 kilograms, there is no guarantee to enter a vocational martial arts university. Lin Mo's casual whisper directly jumped the involution index from 2.4 to 2.6!

Having tasted the sweetness of his labor, Lin Mo immediately became even more motivated!

He could stay idle, but his classmates needs to double their involution!

Lin Mo floated between students like a ghost while injecting doses of chicken blood.

"Xiao Wang, the class belle just told me that you look like a sissy when you cultivate!"

"Xiao Zhang, although I've given up, I still look down upon you! If it weren't for your good family background and the fact that you get to eat a lot of supplements, you wouldn't even be as good as me!"

"Ah Qiang, your punching strength is only a little over 1,100 kilograms. Can you only go to a vocational school?"

"Dawg …"

With every shot of chicken blood, the involution index jumped.





Finally, the involution index stopped at 6.8!

The increase in punching force stabilized at 1.36 kilograms per hour!


Inside the classroom, the shouts were deafening.

Lin Mo took a cup of tea and laidfortably in a corner, watching the entire class crazily cultivating.

"Keep shouting! Keep involuting!"

Lin Mo thought to himself as he looked proudly at the value of his punching force quietly increasing on the data panel.

903 kilograms!

904 kilograms!

905 kilograms!

After staying idle for the entire day, Lin Mo's punching force had already reached 918 kilograms by the end of class!

A day of idleness, an increase of 15 kilograms!

This was the true life of a transmigrator!

If this continued, Lin Mo's punching force would probably rise to 1,400 kilograms by the time the martial arts college entrance examination came! If that really happened… What? Qingmu University? Jingdu University? Xia University? They would all line up and let Brother Mo choose!

"Hahahaha…" Lin Mo couldn't help but laugh when he imagined his future success.

"Brother… Brother Mo!"

At this moment, Lin Mo saw Gao Haoran crawling over like a dog.

"Haoran, what's wrong? Why are you so tired?" Lin Mo quickly sat up and asked with concern.

Because he had been lying down for too long, his back was slightly sore when he sat up.

"Nothing!" Gao Haoran was covered in sweat, but his expression was filled with determination. "I'm shouldering the dreams of two people. This bit of training is nothing! Tonight, I'll go back and eat a few more sea cucumbers and I'll add five more sets of training tomorrow!"

"Hiss—" Lin Mo gasped and couldn't help but pat Gao Haoran on the shoulder. "Good brother!"

However, what Lin Mo did not notice was that at this moment, a chilling gaze was watching him from afar.

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