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I Can Level Up By Staying Idle

Chapter 19 Am I That Kind Of Person?

While Yin Jian was getting beaten up, Lin Mo was happily opening the package.

"It's an evolution potion from a formal channel after all. It's definitely different!"

Lin Mo clicked his tongue in wonder as he read the instructions.

The A1-level evolution potion did not increase the strength of the punch by much, only 10 kilograms. Moreover, it was neither more nor less, but exactly 10 kilograms.

However, there was a clause in the manual that Lin Mo had never seen before: No resistance buildup!


Lin Mo gasped several times when he saw this explanation.

Of course he understood what those simple words meant!

One had to know… whether it was the evolution potions bought from the underground black market or the potions distributed by the school, they all had obvious resistance.

For example, for the same type of evolution medicine, the first time you consumed it, your fist strength would increase by 10 kilograms. The second time, it might only increase by 5 kilograms. The third time, it might even bepletely ineffective.

'It's because of the drug resistance!'

'That's normal!'

After all, if they were not resistant to drugs, it would be too easy for rich people to walk the martial arts path!

Just like Gao Haoran, his family had more than 50 houses. As long as he sold a few more, it shouldn't be difficult to get Gao Haoran to 1,200 kilograms of punching force and be a quasi-martial artist. But because of the existence of drug resistance, such a thing was impossible!

There was also a line of small words on the manual. "This drug is specially made according to the DNA detected by the virtual helmet. Only the person it is intended for would not build up a resistance."

It was actually "bound to DNA"!

Lin Mo smiled and didn't think too much about it. He opened the potion and drank it in one gulp.

In any case, it was a fixed increase of 10 kilograms, so it didn't matter how Lin Mo drank it. Of course, it was better to drink it early than late.

"If I win more than ten consecutive victories in the novice training field, I'll be rewarded with a bottle of A1 evolution potion for every win!" Lin Mo calculated in his heart. "If I reach a 20-win streak tonight, I'll receive ten bottles of potions tomorrow! One bottle will increase my punching strength by 10 kilograms, and there's no resistance to it. Wouldn't ten bottles be 100 kilograms of punching force?"

Lin Mo's eyes lit up!

"After all this time, it turns out that… queuing in the novice training field was the fastest way to increase one's punching force!"

If the others knew what Lin Mo was thinking, they would probably vomit blood.

'Is the Novice Testing Ground a place for farming punching force?'

This was a place to honebat technique!

To many people who were painstakingly pursuing the Martial Dao, the novice training field was even a holy land in their hearts!

And now, Lin Mo was going to ruin… oh no, farm their Holy Land?

"Forget it! I'll go to the sprint class first and idle mybat skills until Level 3!"

Although Lin Mo was growing a little arrogant, he also knew that it was definitely not easy to achieve a 20-game winning streak in the novice training field!

Next, he might very well be matched with an official martial artist!

As for official martial artists, theirbat technique had already reached rank 3! With Lin Mo's current realm, he really couldn't defeat them!

"Although I'm still at the peak of rank 2, I'm already faintly touching rank 3! As long as I remain idle outside the sprint class for ten to twenty minutes, I'll probably be able to break through to rank 3!"

Lin Mo now have a lot of experience lying idle and had a good and accurate grasp of the growth speed of idleness.

"By the time the prep class is over, mybat skills should be able to reach the mid-stage of rank 3!" Lin Mo estimated. "And the more powerful official martial artists have usually left the beginner village in the Primordial Universe! How strong can those official martial artists who still stay in the novice training field be?"

With this in mind, Lin Mo was naturally filled with confidence.

When he returned home tonight, he would go to the novice training field!

"Owner, get me some barbecue and beer!"

Unknowingly, Lin Mo had already arrived at the city gym.

Now that Lin Mo was stronger, even his tone was much more firm. When he ordered, he dared to tell the owner to do as he pleased!

"Little Brother Lin Mo, you're here again!" The barbecue stall owner smiled. "Where's your classmate?"

"He's noting today," Lin Mo said.

"Aren't you apanying him to class? If he's not here, what are you doing here?" the boss teased as he flipped a skewer expertly. "Actually, I could tell two days ago that apanying your classmates to class here was just an excuse, right?"

Lin Mo was really stunned!

'Who gave you such a discerning eye?'

'You can tell that?'

"Hehe! I was right, wasn't I?" the boss said with certainty, but his eyes grew more wanton. "You're here to pick up girls, aren't you?"

"Pfft!" Lin Mo had just opened a bottle of beer and taken a sip when he spat it right out.

'Picking up girls?'

'What's so fun about girls!'

'Women only affect my involution index!'

"Owner, don't talk nonsense!" Lin Mo said sternly. "Am I that kind of person?"

"Too embarrassed to admit it?" The owner winked. "Look, here shees!"

Lin Mo subconsciously turned around and saw Jiang Xue walking over.

"Boring!" Jiang Xue frowned.

She had already suspected that Lin Mo came outside the prep class every day because of her.

The last two days, Lin Mo hade with Gao Haoran, so Jiang Xue couldn't say anything. But today, Jiang Xue had already seen from afar that Lin Mo hade alone!

'What else is there to say?'

'What else is there to explain?'

'If not for me, what else?'

Moreover, when Jiang Xue walked over, she heard Lin Mo and the owner of the barbecue stall discussing her. This made Jiang Xue even more disgusted!

"Lin Mo, can you not be like a dog skin plaster? You're following me wherever I go!" Jiang Xue's face was icy as she said coldly.

"What?" Lin Mo was dumbfounded.

'I'm following wherever you're going?'

"Still pretending? Aren't you?"

Jiang Xue sneered and began to recount.

"The day before yesterday, when I first arrived at this prep class, you showed up and followed me! Moreover, you even leaned on the window to peek!"

"Yesterday, you arrived here almost at the same time as me again!"

"This afternoon, the school distributed Sprint Potions! It clearly has nothing to do with you, but you insisted on following me to the school's martial arts arena!"

"There's no need to say anything now, right? Your classmate, Gao Haoran, didn't evene, but you still insisted oning!"

"I… I…" Lin Mo found it difficult to explain.

'When did I peek at you?'

'When did insist oning after you?'

I'm just here to earn some involution index points!

"Why? Are you still going to quibble?" Jiang Xue's face was filled with disdain. "Then tell me, why didn't your classmate, Gao Haoran,e here?"


Of course, it was for the involution index, but he really couldn't tell the truth.

After some thought, Lin Mo could only point at the barbecue stall. "Because the barbecue here is delicious!"

"Tsk! Boring!" Jiang Xue could not be bothered to continue talking to Lin Mo. "Then eat! Don't let me see you. It will affect my mood!"

With that, Jiang Xue walked into the gym.

"Little brother, don't be too sad!" The barbecue stall owner patted Lin Mo andforted him. "You're not worthy of such a goddess!"

Lin Mo's expression was a little strange.

He could feel the kind words offort from the owner of the barbecue stall.

'But are you sure those are reallyforting words?'

"It's nothing for a man to lose his love!" The boss continued tofort him. "Think about it. As a student of Haicheng Martial High, you can't even get into a specialized martial arts university—isn't this much worse than falling out of love?"

The owner had clearly heard of Lin Mo's deeds and knew that Lin Mo was a bad student who had given up on the Martial Arts College Entrance Examination.

"Boss, are you sure you're reallyforting me? And not trying to force me to die?" Lin Mo rolled his eyes.

This really could be called "deathlyfort"!

Fortunately, Lin Mo was not actually a bad student. Otherwise, he might really beforted to death!

"By the way, are you still going to eat this barbecue?" the owner asked again. "You've already been exposed. Surely you can't be dense enough to stay here?"

Lin Mo couldn't help but stare at the boss for a few seconds. Someone with such EQ could actuallye out and do business?

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