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I Can Level Up By Staying Idle

Chapter 18 Peppa Pig’s Pattern

On the street opposite Haicheng Martial Arts High School, only a few hundred meters away.

There was an inconspicuous minibus parked there.

It was impossible for passers-by to imagine that such an ordinary car was actually made of bulletproof material that cost tens of millions of yuan. Furthermore, there were five official martial artists sitting in the van.

"Target customer discovered!" In the driver's seat of the minibus, the chauffeur was also an official martial artist. At this moment, he was looking through binoculars. "Haicheng Martial Arts High School, Year Three Class 10, Lin Mo!"

The beautiful martial artist in the front passenger seat was operating theputer. "Informationparison successful! Target confirmed!"

At this moment, a martial artist dressed as a courier stood up. "This order is quite easy. I'll go and hand over the items. Let's find a place to drink after!"

"The items have not been handed over yet. Don't let your guard down too much," the captain, who was lying in the last row of the minibus, reminded him. "Although this order is only an ordinary mission, it still has a confidentiality level. You must pay attention when you hand it over. Just treat it as an ordinary courier delivery. Don't expose anything abnormal!"

"Don't worry, Captain!" The delivery man smiled. "When have I ever been unreliable?"

"Yes!" The captain nodded slightly, but reminded him, "You must not take the mission lightly!"

"Attention, we have a situation!" the driver in charge of observation whispered suddenly.

The atmosphere in the car became serious.

"What happened?" the captain asked seriously, immediately sitting up straight.

"Looks like… like someone's after our target client?" the driver observed again before speaking.

"How many on the other side? What strength?" the captain pressed.

"Just one person! According to observation, he should also be a third-year student at Haicheng Martial High!" The driver said at a loss of words.

The others were relieved, but tongue-tied.

They were an official martial artist team of Xia country. The normal missions they receive were no less difficult than facing bullet rains.

What kind of mission was today?

'Playing house?'

But it seemed that they really had to participate in this "play house" game!

"During the mission, we must ensure the safety of the target client and the confidentiality of the mission!" The captain stood up and took off his button-up to change into a T-shirt.

The T-shirt had a picture of Peppa Pig smoking.

Below the pattern were a few words: Peppa Pig tattooed on the body. Applause for the salaryman!

"Let's get to work!" The team member who hadn't said a word yet had also changed into a T-shirt. But the picture on the T-shirt read "Captain Woof".

Peppa Pig and Captain Woof forced themselves into a "mission ship."

"Execute the D-class confidentiality regulations! After we clear the area, the courier will deliver the package immediately!" The captain gave the order before opening the car door.

No one would have thought that these two shady-looking wandering youths were actually two official martial artists.

At the entrance of Haicheng Martial High.

Yin Jian roared, "There's a price for humiliating me! Now, I'll show you…"

Yin Jian pointed at Lin Mo arrogantly.

All afternoon he had been waiting for this moment!

And now, he finally had the chance to take revenge!

Today, I suffered ridicule because of Lin Mo! Now, I'll return this humiliation to him. I'll make an example of him so that others won't dare to mock me! Yin Jian thought.

It was with the idea of killing two birds with one stone that he decided to make an example of Lin Mo while exacting his revenge.

But then—

A thick muscled arm rested on Yin's shoulder.

Yin Jian, who was in the middle of his arrogant speech, was stunned. He could feel how hard and strong this arm was. It was as if a steel pillar had landed on his shoulder.

Yin Jian looked to his side.

There was a person on either side of him, wearing the T-shirts of Peppa Pig and Captain Woof respectively. They don't look like kind individuals.

"Big… Big Brothers, what's the matter?" Yin Jian couldn't help but cower.

"Boy! I hear you're very wild, huh?" the captain in Peppa Pig asked fiercely.

"I…" Yin Jian looked confused.

'When was he ever wild?'

Even if he did, it was only a little bit just now!

'You call that "very wild"?'

"I didn't!" Yin Jian said quickly.

"How dare you quibble!" Captain Wang Wang punched Yin Jian in the lower abdomen, making him unable to stand up.

Peppa Pig grabbed Yin Jian's shoulder forcefully and said with a faint smile, "Let's go! Let's go to the alley over there. I have something to talk to you about!"

With that, he forcefully dragged Yin Jian away.

Lin Mo, who had just walked out, looked puzzled.

Yin Jian's words echoed in his mind: There is a price for humiliating me! Now, I'll show you…

"What is Yin Jian trying to show me?" Lin Mo was confused. "To see him get beaten up?"

What the hell was there to see?

'You want to show off getting beaten?'

Lin Mo had never seen such a strange request in his eight lifetimes!

What a sight!

He had learned something today!

"Hello, is this Student Lin Mo?" At this moment, a delivery man walked forward.

"Yes, it's me!" Lin Mo knew that the A1 evolution potion had arrived.

He showed his ID, and it didn't take him long to sign for it.

At this moment.

In the alley.

Yin Jian was pressed down on the ground and punched and kicked, unable to resist.

After all… it was two official martial artists who are beating him up. It would be strange if he could resist!

"How dare you say you weren't wilding"

"How dare you quibble!"

"How dare you talk back!"

Peppa Pig and Captain Woof swore as they fought.

Yin Jian was about to cry!

He really wasn't wilding!

Today was his first time!

Couldn't he be arrogant even once?

'Also… I'm wasn't even very wild, was I?'

In the end, Yin Jian could only cry, "Brothers, I won't dare to be arrogant anymore. Can you stop hitting me?"

Unexpectedly, as soon as Yin Jian finished speaking, another round of punches and kicks came.

"You're only admitting it now? What were you doing earlier?"

"If you admitted it sooner, you wouldn't have taken a beating."

"Let's see if you still dare to be stubborn next time!"

"You made my hand hurt! The more I think about it, the angrier I get. I'll beat you up again!"

Then Captain Peppa Pig heard in his earpiece. "Captain, the target client has left. The mission has been successfullypleted!"

He had finallypleted the mission!

Peppa Pig signaled Captain Woof to stop. Then, he grabbed Yin Jian's collar and lifted him up. "Ren Chen, tell me, do you still dare to be arrogant next time?"

'Ren Chen?'

Yin Jian was stunned and said carefully, "Brother, my name isn't Ren Chen!"

"Not Ren Chen?" Of course, the captain knew that his name was not Ren Chen, because it was just a name he had made up. But he still pretended to be surprised and asked, "Then what's your name?"

"My name is Yin Jian!" Yin Jian was about to cry.

'You don't even know my name. Why were you beating me up?'

And this hard as well!

"Yin Jian?" Peppa Pig and Captain Woof looked at each other with teasing smiles in their eyes. "Aiya! Sorry, we hit the wrong person! We thought you were Ren Chen! Wrong person wrong person! Why didn't you say your name was Yin Jian earlier!"

'Wrong person?'

Yin Jian looked stunned and wanted to bawl.

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