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I Can Level Up By Staying Idle

Chapter 17 I’ll Wait For You At The School Entrance


"Only 1,139 kilograms!"

The sun was setting.

Seeing that school was about to end and the involution index had plummeted, Lin Mo couldn't help but sigh heavily.

"Looks like I won't be able to hit 1140 before school ends. I won't be able to make it a nice number!" Lin Mo shook his head. "It's a fly in the ointment!"

Today at school, Lin Mo's punching strength had increased from 1,025 kilograms in the morning to 1,139 kilograms now.

It had increased by 114 kilograms!

It's growing at apletely inhumane rate.

However, Lin Mo still felt that there was something lacking since he wasn't able to get it to nicely divide by 10.

What made Lin Mo even angrier was that… tomorrow was a holiday!


'You heard right!'

Tomorrow is Sunday. School is off for the day!

"It's already the third year of high school! The college entrance examination is in a few days! There's still no school on Sunday?!" When Lin Mo heard the news of the holiday, he was so angry that he almost jumped up.

'What the hell for!'

'Which idiot said to give a holiday?'

'Is it a decision made with his arse?'

'It is not the correct time for a holiday?'

Let the students involute!

Involute with all of their will power!

Fortunately, Lin Mo heard from Gao Haoran that the prep class would last the entire day tomorrow!

His angry expression turned to laughter in a second.

"This prep class is good!" Lin Mo said firmly, "Haoran, this prep class is definitely a good class! It's worth the money!"

Gao Haoran was dumbfounded. "Brother Mo, do you know how much the tuition fee for the prep class is to call it worthy?"


Lin Mo really didn't know!

But did it matter?

"Haoran, your perspective is too narrow!" Lin Mo looked at Gao Haoran and said earnestly, "As long as it can improve your college entrance examination results, any price is worth it!"

Gao Haoran's eyes were filled with admiration. Brother Mo was indeed Brother Mo! His thoughts were profound!

"Brother Mo, you're right!" Gao Haoran said solemnly, "I'm too narrow-minded. It's only 6000 yuan an hour, nothingpared to the college entrance examination results!"

"How much!?" Lin Mo was stunned. "Six thousand an hour?"

'Bloody capitalist!'

No wonder class takes all day tomorrow!

'Is this a class?'

'It's a robbery!'

Even robbing a bank wasn't this efficient!

"Wait, why am I angry?" Lin Mo suddenly thought. "I'm not the one paying! I'm just there to freeload off the index!"

Thinking of this, Lin Moforted Gao Haoran. "Haoran, you must always remember one thing—knowledge is priceless!"

"Yes, yes!" Gao Haoran nodded like a chicken pecking at rice. "Brother Mo, although you can't get into university, you will always be Brother Mo in my heart! My father is here to pick me up, so I'll leave first!"

"Go off!" Lin Mo was in no hurry to leave. He still had to wait for a delivery.

Last night, he had achieved a ten-game win streak in the beginner's training ground in the Primordial Universe. The A1 evolution potion reward would be delivered today.

Lin Mo had left the school's address. Looking at the shipping information, it should be here soon.

"Lin Mo!!"

However, before Lin Mo could wait for the delivery phone call, he saw Yin Jian.

At this moment, Lin Mo was the only one in Class 10.

Yin Jian did not walk in. Instead, he stood at the door of the class and shouted, "You're still here? You're quite unlucky!"

"What do you want?" Of course, Lin Mo knew that Yin Jian was here for revenge. "Don't tell me you dare to rush in and hit me?"

"Heh! Of course I won't hit anyone in school! I am not sacrificing my future for a piece of trash like you!" Martial arts high schools had strict discipline. If you hit someone in school, the consequences would be very serious. "But as long as I don't do it in school, it will be fine!"

Yin Jian sneered and looked at Lin Mo provocatively. "I'll wait for you at the school gate! Don't be too scared toe out!"

With that, Yin Jian laughed and left.

The walls of Haicheng Martial Arts High School were ten stories high. There was only one way in and out of the school.

Therefore, Yin Jian was not worried that Lin Mo would escape from elsewhere.

Lin Mo frowned slightly.

He wasn't afraid of Yin Jian.

In terms of punching force, Lin Mo had already reached 1,139 kilograms. Although Yin Jian was a quasi-martial artist, he was only barely considered one. His punching force was only slightly more than 1,200 kilograms.

In terms of punching force, Lin Mo and Yin Jian were not much different.

However, in terms ofbat technique, the difference was huge!

Lin Mo was at the peak of rank. He was even about to step into Level Three!

As for Yin Jian? He could break a potion bottle playing with it. There was no doubt that hisbat technique were very weak among the rank 1s!

The difference inbat technique was too great!

Lin Mo even suspected that if they really fought, Yin Jian might not even be able to touch the corner of his clothes!

However, Lin Mo did not want to expose his strength so early!

How great would it be to develop in a low profile manner and surprise everyone during the Martial Arts College Entrance Examination?

It wouldn't be worth it if he lost his chance to amaze the world for a Tom, Dick, or Harry now.

"I hope Yin Jian doesn't force me to attack!" Lin Mo's eyes flashed coldly.

It would be fine if he did not make a move, but once he did, Yin Jian would not be able to take the Martial Arts College Entrance Examination.

Haicheng Martial Arts High School.

Outside the school gates.

Yin Jian stood in the middle of the road, facing the school gates.

He stood with his hands behind his back, looking calm andposed. It was hard to imagine that such a coolheaded expert would actually lick the ground like a dog in the martial arts arena today.


What has already happened requires no imagination!

Yin Jian's "great feat" today had long shocked the entire school and even spread to other high schools in the city.

Today, he was the number one infamous figure in the school!

Everyone knew about it!

At this moment, Yin Jian also drew the attention of the students who walking out of the school gates.

"Yin Jian is there!"

"Is he the ruthless Yin Jian?"

"What ruthless man? He's a werewolf! The kind who's worse than ruthless!"

"He's definitely ruthless! In front of more than two hundred teachers and classmates, he's lying on the ground licking the sprint potion…"

"What do you guys know? Don't mock Yin Jian! Without an extremely strong psychological endurance, how could he do such a thing? He will be a successful person, hahahaha!"

"Did you know that Yin Jian's middle school examination results were supposed to prevent him from entering Haicheng High School? It's said that it was because his mother was more capable and hooked up with a certain director of the MAD that…"

"Wow! Brother, is your news reliable?"

"What a joke! How can my information not be reliable? Let me tell you this. When Yin Jian was in junior high school, his martial arts scores were not very good. Now, he has actually be a quasi-martial artist. Think about how many resources have been thrown at him? Where did these resourcese from?"

"Then wouldn't his father be quite sad? How could he tolerate this? His father is also a ruthless person!"

"No wonder Yin Jian can be so ruthless. It's a hereditary trait?"

Yin Jian's face turned green.

He stood at the school gate trying to show off. Unexpectedly, before Lin Mo could appear, he was getting mocked by the other students!

What was even more infuriating was that someone had dug up all his secrets in public! And he couldn't beat the leaker in a fight!

"It's all because of Lin Mo!" Yin Jian gritted his teeth. The more he thought about it, the angrier he became. He blamed Lin Mo for all the humiliation he had suffered.

At this moment, he saw Lin Mo walking out of the school.

Yin Jian's anger was instantly ignited.

"Lin Mo!!" Yin Jian roared. "There is a price for humiliating me! Now, I will show you…"

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