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I Can Level Up By Staying Idle

Chapter 16 Obligation

"You are the one who started the rumors in school yesterday, right?"

As soon as Teacher Lu spoke, Lin Mo was stunned.

'He's been exposed?'

Was the school going to punish him?

"I did not!"

"Wasn't me!"

"Don't talk nonsense!"

Lin Mo immediately denied it thrice.

"Really now?" Teacher Lu asked with a smile.

"Teacher Lu, something without evidence is called slander!" Lin Mo's expression was serious, as if he could not stand being slandered.

"Haha, don't misunderstand. I'm not looking to get you in trouble." Teacher Lu clearly had solid evidence and knew that Lin Mo was the instigator of the rumors. He did not beat around the bush and went straight to the point. "Our Principal Yan and Chief Zhao of the Martial Arts Management Bureau think that you did well!"

"Did well?" Lin Mo was stunned and asked in disbelief.

"That's right!" Teacher Lu smiled and said, "If they disliked your actions, then the person talking to you now wouldn't be me, the class teacher, but the dean over there!"

"Ahem!" That did seem to make sense.

Teacher Lu continued, "Actually, many Year Three students in the past have be fatigued at this time of year! After all, the entire Year Three phase is not only a test of physical fitness, but also of willpower!"

Lin Mo nodded in agreement.

The path of martial arts was not so easy to walk, and it was notpleted just by yelling a few slogans! To persevere on this path… Talent, resources, willpower, and goals were all indispensable!

"And this year, because of your rumors, not only did the entire third-year cohort in our school seem to have be full of motivation, but it also affected the other high schools in Haicheng City!" Teacher Lu said excitedly, "Director Zhao praised you. You single-handedly boosted the motivation of the third-year cohort in the city!"

"There's was a thing?" Lin Mo was dumbfounded.

He only wanted to increase his involution index, but he did not expect to receive such a high evaluation from the Martial Arts Department (MAD)!

"Chief Zhao also said… if you're interested, you can go straight to work at the Martial Arts Department after graduation! Chief Zhao will bring you along, nurture you, and entrust you with important tasks!" When Teacher Lu said this, he was a little envious himself.

Teacher Lu had graduated from a formal martial arts university and was an official martial artist, but after all these years he's only a high school teacher.

As for Lin Mo? A lousy student who gave up on the college entrance examination and chose to be idle now has the opportunity to work in a place like the Martial Arts Department as soon as he graduated?

Although Lin Mo was not even an official martial artist and would definitely only be a "temporary worker" at the MAD, that was still the Martial Arts Department!

It was a real job with real power!

Even an ordinary temporary worker there would have a very high social status! Moreover, Chief Zhao had promised that he would personally nurture Lin Mo!

In Teacher Lu's opinion, just by spreading some rumors, Lin Mo had soared into the sky!

Lin Mo was also a little shocked. He did not expect Chief Zhao to think so highly of him. If he had not activated the "Idle Upgrade System", he would definitely have dreamed of such a job opportunity. But now, he could only let Chief Zhao down.

"There's no need to decide on work first. After all, you haven't officially graduated yet. You can consider it more carefully in the next two days." Teacher Lu continued, "I came to look for you today mainly because I have an issue to discuss with you."

"Teacher Lu, please speak."

"Actually, it's mainly Principal Yan's idea!" Teacher Lu said, "Principal Yan wants to know if you have a way to arouse the enthusiasm of the Year One and Year Two students?"

"Huh?" Lin Mo really did not expect Teacher Lu to look for him for this matter.

'You call that an issue?!'

Even if Principal Yan didn't mean it, even if Teacher Lu didn't say anything… Lin Mo was already thinking about how he could let the Year One and Year Two students start involuting! After all, the more people who involuted, the higher the score!

However, Lin Mo was also a little worried about whether he would be punished if the matter blew up. Therefore, although he had such thoughts in his heart, he did not dare to take action.

Unexpectedly, at this moment, Principal Yan actually handed him a "official sword"!

"I know that this matter is more difficult!" Teacher Lu said, "So if you think it's too hard, then…"

"Teacher Lu, there's no need to say more!" Lin Mo interrupted. "It's my duty to share the school's burden and help the students improve! I'll get it done!"

Teacher Lu couldn't help but smile in relief. He even felt that Lin Mo was exceptionally noble at this moment.

Two hours passed quickly.

The potions of more than 200 students had also been absorbed.

"In the past two hours, my punching force has increased by 61 kilograms! This is also because some students left the martial arts arena midway and affected the involution index. Otherwise, I'm afraid it would have increased by more than 70 kilograms!"

Lin Mo was still very satisfied.

At this moment, his fist strength had already broken through the 1,100-kilogram mark!

It reached 1,116 kilograms!

At this rate, he would be able to break through 1,200 kilograms and be a quasi-martial artist tomorrow!

? Oh, wait!

Tonight, Lin Mo'sbat technique would break through to rank 3! Therefore, tomorrow, Lin Mo would not be a quasi-martial artist, but an official martial artist.

"An official martial artist…" Lin Mo couldn't help but sigh.

For the past five years, Lin Mo had been training hard but to no avail with the goal of bing an official martial artist. Unexpectedly, he became idle and obtained it in a few days!

"Brother Mo! Brother Mo!" As soon as Lin Mo returned to the classroom, Gao Haoran leaned over. "Brother Mo, I won't go to the prep class tonight!"

"Why? Doesn't the prep class have class tonight?" Lin Mo was shocked.

Just now, he was still looking forward to bing an official martial artist tomorrow. If the prep class was not happening tonight, how could he improve hisbat technique? How could he be an official martial artist?

"Oh, no!" Gao Haoran explained. "My father hired a martial arts expert to do some pre-exam special training for me tonight!"

"I see!" Lin Mo was relieved to hear that.

As long as the prep class did not stop, it would not affect him.

"It's okay, I'll go to the prep class alone!" Lin Mo said.

"What?" Gao Haoran was puzzled. "Brother Mo, didn't you go to the prep class because of me? If I'm not going, why are you still going?"

"Uh…" Lin Mo was slightly stunned. Then, he said seriously," Haoran, the dream of martial arts is our dream together! Since it's our dream, how can I let you carry it alone? "

The more Lin Mo spoke, the more impassioned he became. "Therefore, even if you don't have time to go to the prep class, I have to insist on going!"

Gao Haoran was also affected by Lin Mo's emotions. "Brother Mo, you're right! The dream of martial arts is our dream together! To thank you for your hard work tonight, I'll reimburse you for the supper!"

"We're family! Why are you saying this?" Lin Mo said righteously, "I'll eat less tonight, give me 200!"

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