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I Can Level Up By Staying Idle

Chapter 14 Large-Scale Involution Scene

There were a total of 30 students in Lin Mo's class, and among them, there were only five quasi-martial artists.

As soon as Teacher Lu finished speaking, everyone looked at the five quasi-martial artists enviously. Without a doubt, the Sprint Potion would definitely be given to the five of them.

p Lin Mo couldn't help but look over as well.

Back then, on the eve of the middle school examination, Lin Mo's martial arts results were also among the top in their junior high school. He had also obtained the Sprint Potion.

"The martial arts high school is too involuted! In just three years, I was swept to the bottom of the class!" Lin Mo lamented. "But it's a blessing in disguise! If I hadn't chosen to be idle, I wouldn't have had the 'Idle Upgrade System' now."

Of course, Lin Mo would not envy such a Sprint Potion.

Now he was looking at his surroundings with apletely detached mind.

"Brother Mo." Gao Haoran, who had been very smug just now, was a little disappointed. "Why do I feel that the evolution potion I drank just now doesn't feel good anymore?"

Buying the evolution potion himself was naturally not the same as getting a free potion from the school.

"That's impossible. Your potion should feel much better!" Lin Moforted him. "The sprint potions distributed by the school are much less effective than yours! I estimate that the best they can get is an increase their punching force by five kilograms!"

"That's true!" Gao Haoran felt a little better.

"The five quasi martial artists in the class, pleasee with me to receive and take the Sprint Potion!" Teacher Lu said again, "Other students, if you have any evolution potions to take, you can alsoe with me."

After a pause, Teacher Lu continued, "Although there's basically no danger after taking an evolution potion, it'll be safer with a professional martial arts doctor present today. Moreover, I heard that last night, a student from Second High was hospitalized because he took the evolution potion. It's said that he's no longer able to take the martial arts college entrance examination!"

'Some student from Second High?'

When Lin Mo heard that, he realized that it was his neighbor, Liu Xia!

Liu Xia was from Haicheng City's Second Martial Arts High School, and he was taken away by an ambulance last night. The information matched up!

"It looks like Liu Xia really can't take the martial arts college entrance examination." Although Lin Mo had heard about this from his neighbors in the morning, he didn't really believe the information that his neighbors had spread.

Now that even Teacher Lu had said so, it was obvious that there was a more accurate source of information.

Lin Mo couldn't help but mourn for Liu Xia. This neighbor who often pretended to be weak in front of him, this neighbor who clearly involuted but insisted that he didn't--Lin Mo didn't expect him to end his martial arts path in such a way.

"Teacher Lu!" Lin Mo suddenly raised his hand and said, "I don't have any evolution potions. Can I still go and take a look?"

If the school distributing Sprint Potions, then it will be a large-scale medicine-taking scene!

Just now, only Gao Haoran took a potion and Lin Mo's punching force increased by two kilograms! If more than a hundred people took the medicine together, how much more would it increase for Lin Mo!

How could Lin Mo miss such a large-scale involution scene?

Of course, Teacher Lu did not know what Lin Mo was thinking. He thought that Lin Mo just wanted to make more memories in the final stages of his martial arts career!

"Sure!" Teacher Lu sighed and said, "I have something to ask you too. Let's talk there!"

"Thank you, Teacher Lu!" Lin Mo was overjoyed with the permission.

If Teacher Lu didn't allow him to go, Lin Mo would have get as close as possible to increase his index. However, if that was the case, the effect would definitely not be as good as being inside with the rest.

"Brother Mo is so pitiful!" Gao Haoran looked at Lin Mo's departing figure and felt sad for his good friend. "He doesn't have an evolution potion to take, and he still wants to watch others take theirs!"

As a good brother, Gao Haoran really couldn't bear to see such a sad scene!

"If it weren't for Brother Mo's punching force being a little far from the college entrance examination score threshold, I would have lent him my extra evolution potions!"

Gao Haoran stood there, feeling sorry for Lin Mo, unknowing of the fact that the "throne" of the last place rank in Year Three Class 10 actually belongs to him!

At the school arena.

It was also the largest building in Haicheng Martial Arts High School.

The third year class 10 students were the last to arrive. When Lin Mo and the others showed up, there were already more than 200 people gathered in the martial arts arena. About 100 of them were quasi-martial artists who hade to take the free Sprint Potion and the rest had brought their own Evolution Potion here to drink.

When Lin Mo saw this scene, his eyes turned green!

Look at the amount of people!

How many involution index points is this!

How much more powerful would his punching force be!?

Teacher Lu acutely sensed Lin Mo's expression and thought that Lin Mo's eyes were shining with jealousy. He sighed slightly, then patted Lin Mo's shoulder and said, "Enjoy this moment! I'm afraid it won't be easy for you to see such a scene in the future!"

"Yes!" Lin Mo nodded heavily. "I'll enjoy it well!"


At such a scene, the involution index soared crazily!

This feeling of his punching force rapidly increasing!

It would probably not be easy to feel it in the future!

Of course, Lin Mo will enjoy it well.

Many students in the school arena also noticed Lin Mo's arrival and immediately started discussing.

"Didn't that Lin Mo already give up on the college entrance examination and chose to be idle?"

"What's he doing here?"

"Look at his empty hands. He doesn't look like he's carrying an evolution potion! Did hee to watch us drink it?"

"Watching us drink? Isn't that tragic?"

His junior high school classmate, Yin Jian, who had always hated Lin Mo, was also a quasi-martial artist now. He had received the sprint potion issued by the school. He took the sprint potion that he had just obtained and directly ran to Lin Mo to show off.

"Haha! Lin Mo, why are you here?"

"I remember that you received a Sprint Potion during the middle school examination, right? Now that the college entrance examination is around the corner, you can't receive one anymore, so you came to watch us take it?"

"Then take a good look. Hahahaha… Look, this is my Sprint Potion!"


"Look again!"

"Look at it!"

Yin Jian was very smug as he threw the sprinting potion from his left hand to his right hand and then from his right hand to his left. He kept throwing it in a parabola in front of Lin Mo.

"How is it? Isn't this Sprint Potion big and round? Isn't it beautiful? Hahahaha…" Yin Jian was very haughty.

However, what Yin Jian hoped to see the most was Lin Mo's sad expression. However, the expression on Lin Mo's face remained very calm, and there was not even a trace of sadness. This surprised and disappointed Yin Jian.


Yin Jian's hand accidentally slipped.

This time when he threw the sprinting potion, he couldn't catch it.

The sprint potion drew a beautiful parabola in front of Lin Mo and smashed into the ground.


The glass bottle of Sprint Potion shattered on the ground, just like Yin Jian's heart that's been shattered.

"I…" Yin Jian was stunned by the unexpected scene.

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