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I Can Level Up By Staying Idle

Chapter 120 Lin Mo’s Weakness

Jiangnan Martial Arts University.

In a certain enlightenment room.

The silence was suffocating.

In this room, the sound of breathing, heartbeat, pulse, blood flowing… it seemed to be magnified infinitely.

The rising and lingering agarwood in the room made the speed of thought several times sharper.

In such an environment, it was undoubtedly of great help to "cultivation"!

"Only by facing absolute loneliness can one comprehend true strength!" The young man in the enlightenment room had a serious expression.

If Lin Mo was here, he would definitely recognize this person—it was Yan Yimo's cousin, Li Jiaxuan!

Suddenly, Li Jiaxuan's serious expression relaxed.

"How boring!" Li Jiaxuan thought gloomily. "I've been hiding here for a few days. I wonder if the limelight outside has passed!"

Last time, Li Jiaxuan was caught by the investigation team in Haicheng City and was directly reported to the entire martial arts world of Jiangnan Prefecture.

After returning to Jiangnan Martial Arts University in a sorry state, not only was Li Jiaxuan punished by the school, but he also became the laughing stock of the students who were watching the show. It could really be said that… a single mistake would cause eternal regret!

In order to avoid the limelight, Li Jiaxuan used the excuse of entering seclusion to cultivate to enter the enlightenment room and became a coward.

Here, even phones could not be brought in. It could almost be said to be completely isolated from the world!

Li Jiaxuan had already made up his mind to come out of seclusion when everyone had forgotten that he's been captured at the Big Sword.

But at that moment—


The door to the enlightenment room was forcefully opened from the outside.

Immediately after, Li Jiaxuan saw five to six teachers rush in. There was his class teacher, and there was also Teacher Zhang who punished him. There were also a few he did not recognize. They looked like teachers from the school's admissions office.

"What's going on?" When Li Jiaxuan saw this, he thought that the school was going to expel him. He was so frightened that he quickly said, "Haven't I already been punished according to the 'virtuous corruption'? There's no reason for the school to punish me anymore!"

"I'm not punishing you!" The class teacher said anxiously, "Let me ask you something—do you have a good relationship with Lin Mo from Haicheng Martial Arts High School?"

"That's right!" Li Jiaxuan said awkwardly. "If he hadn't been so polite and generous, I wouldn't have been caught!"

"Very good!" the class teacher said quickly. "As long as you can assist the teachers in the admissions office and pull Lin Mo to our Jiangnan Martial Arts University! Then, not only can your previous punishment be revoked, but the school will also reward you additionally!"

"What?!" Li Jiaxuan was dumbfounded.

He had been hiding in the enlightenment room like a coward for the past two days. Without a phone, he had no idea what was happening in the outside world.

In his impression, wasn't Lin Mo just a bad student? Why did Jiangnan Martial Arts University, a top school, value him so much? They even invited him, a student who had been punished, to redeem himself?

"The car's right outside the door. Get in. There's no time to explain!"

With that, a few teachers from the admissions office forcefully grabbed Li Jiaxuan into the car and left.

And it was normal for Jiangnan Martial Arts University to have such a reaction—

When the punching force test results were released yesterday, there were still people who questioned whether Lin Mo was a medicine jar. But today, when the foundation test results were released, immediately, all the top martial arts schools in Xia country could not remain calm!

'Who's Lin Mo?'

A genius that far exceeded Ye Yi!

It was second only to "Black Earth" who had been taken away by the Primordial Universe Controller and personally nurtured!

At the same time, he was the most monstrous genius in the history of physical growth!

Which martial arts school wouldn't want such a genius?

Qingmu University? Jingdu University? Xia University?

All the top martial arts schools knew very well that whoever could snatch Lin Mo would be able to suppress the other martial arts schools!

As for Jiangnan Martial Arts University, although its foundation was slightly inferior to veteran top universities like Qingmu University, it was still ranked among the top martial arts universities in Xia country! Moreover, Lin Mo was from Jiangnan Prefecture. Of course, Jiangnan Martial Arts University wanted to be in a favorable position first!

Jiangnan Martial Arts University and Shanghai Martial Arts University, which were relatively close, immediately drove to Haicheng City. They stepped on the accelerator all the way.

As for Jingdu City and the other martial arts schools that were far away, they also rushed to the airport and flew to Haicheng City.

… .

Just as the recruitment representatives of the various top martial arts universities were rushing to Haicheng City…

**12 noon**

There were still two hours before the final martial arts college entrance examination began.

The Xia country's Martial Arts Administration finally announced the contents of the fourth random test on the official website on time.

Fourth door: Vital essence detection!

"Vital essence?"

Lin Mo was slightly taken aback.

He had not expected this to be the last random test.

It had to be known that the "vital essence test" had not appeared in the martial arts college entrance examination for more than ten years. Usually, the test was more about "simulated combat techniques".

"Vital essence… This is my weakness!" Lin Mo couldn't help but feel a little depressed.

'What's his forte?'

It was actual combat technique!

Lin Mo's combat technique and punching force were high, so he was especially fierce in fighting!

In the end, his luck was not good and he happened to score a weak point.

However, Lin Mo had no choice but to look at the score standard of the "mental strength test" on his phone.

[Examination Item: Spiritual Power Test

Full marks: 150 points

Perfect score: Fifth-grade vital essence

140-point standard: Peak fourth-rank vital essence

130-point standard: Late-stage fourth-rank vital essence

120-point standard: Mid-stage fourth-rank vital essence

110-point standard: Early-stage fourth-rank vital essence

* * *

Vital essence was something everyone had.

However, very few people could use their vital essence directly in battle.

This was because to use vital essence, one had to first "materialize" or "visualize" it.

As for mental strength visualization and mental strength materialization, they were extremely rare talents! Otherwise, there would be so few Psychics and illusionists in the entire Xia country every year!

Of course, to ordinary martial artists, although vital essence could not be used directly in combat, it was definitely not useless.

For example, if one's vital essence was strong enough, they could easily resist an illusionist's illusion attack.

Moreover, if one's vital essence was strong, one's entire body would be filled with energy! This would make cultivation produce twice the result with half the effort and also increase one's fighting spirit during battle!

In short… even if most martial artists could not directly use vital essence, it was still a very important attribute!

Otherwise, it would not have been listed as one of the random items in the Martial Arts College Entrance Examination.

"My vital essence…"

Others could not accurately know how strong their mental strength was and could only rely on equipment to detect it. However, Lin Mo had the data panel and would know after looking deeper.

What he saw made Lin Mo even more depressed. "I knew it. Vital essence is my weakness!"

Previously, Lin Mo was only guessing, but after looking at the data panel, he confirmed it!

"Peak fourth-rank mental strength!"

In other words, Lin Mo could only get around140 points in the mental strength test and not full marks!

The bias was too serious!

However, the improvement of mental strength was not something that could be achieved overnight! Even if Lin Mo was not very satisfied with his vital essence, he could not improve it quickly in a short period of time.

"How depressing! Can I only accept a score of 140 points?"

To Lin Mo, who had already scored full marks for two subjects, if it wasn't a full score, it was a flawed score!

'I, Lin Mo, will either score 0 or full marks!'

140 points? Wasn't this result a disgrace?

Just as Lin Mo was feeling depressed about his estimated results… the pressure on the other candidates increased!

"Vital essence detection?"

"Why is this the test? I'm completely unprepared. What should I do?"

"I wasn't prepared either! I'm done for!"

"Do you see my dark circles? I feel like I've been very haggard recently…"

Outside the martial arts testing hall in Haicheng City.

Tens of thousands of candidates immediately panicked!

What should they do in the face of the unprepared "vital essence test"? What else could they do! Of course, they should take advantage of the fact that there were still nearly two hours before the exam began and quickly start cramming!

Some candidates with better family backgrounds immediately called for help. "Hello! Dad! Hurry up and think of a way to get me a bottle of Concentration Potion! That's right! The random test for the martial arts college entrance examination is a 'vital essence test'! You have to hurry up! If you're late, your son won't be able to attend a specialized school!"

Most of the examinees did not have such conditions at home, so they could only cultivate the "meditation technique" that had been abandoned for a long time. After all, there was still a lot of time for them to improve. If they were lucky, they would be able to gain a little more points during the test!

More than 30,000 candidates crazily gathered their mental strength.

Then Lin Mo saw—

"Ding! Vital essence improving rapidly!"

A mechanical system notification suddenly sounded in his mind.

Lin Mo was stunned for a moment before a smile bloomed on his face. "Damn! This isn't my weakness! This is simply God helping me make up for my weakness!"

Lin Mo looked at the current involution index!

Without a doubt, the involution index would definitely exceed 10,000!

It was even higher than during the combat technique examination yesterday morning. It directly reached: 11,112 points!


The combat technique examination lasted only an hour yesterday morning. And now, there were still nearly two hours before the vital essence test began—in other words, Lin Mo could enjoy a ten-thousand-strong involution index for a full two hours today!

Moreover, I don't believe that these people won't involute after entering the examination hall! Lin Mo thought to himself.

Just like the first two exams, the vital essence test was queued up by candidates. Would those candidates who had yet to take the test continue to involute in the examination hall?

It would be strange if they didn't involute!

"My weak vital essence is going to soar on the spot!"

For the past two days, Lin Mo was not taking any exams. He was here to farm experience!

What he obtained in two days was probably comparable to the previous month! i𝒏𝐧𝒓ea𝚍. 𝘤𝗼𝓶

"What a pity! There's only one martial arts college entrance examination a year! If only there were martial arts college entrance examinations every day, how satisfying would that be!"

Lin Mo seemed to be celebrating the new year every day!


"Ding! Congratulations, host. Your mental strength has broken through to the early-stage of the fifth rank!"

"I broke through!" Lin Mo's eyes were filled with joy.

It had only been half an hour, but he had already broken through to the early-stage of rank 5!

Was he going to directly break through to the mid-stage of rank 5 today?

This leveling efficiency was amazing!


At that moment, there was a sharp screech of brakes.

Before the car could stop, a voice rushed out and shouted, "Lin Mo! Lin Mo!"

Outside the test hall, Lin Mo looked in the direction of the voice. Wasn't this Li Jiaxuan, who had been captured not long ago? How dare he come to Haicheng City?

"Could it be that he wants me to arrange a big sword for him again?" Lin Mo could not imagine why Li Jiaxuan was looking for him! He was definitely here to freeload!

However, Lin Mo was clearly wrong!

"Lin Mo! What's there to take the exam for? Don't take the exam in the afternoon!" Li Jiaxuan's eyes were also very sharp as he found Lin Mo's figure in the sea of people. He shouted, "You're neither a Psychic nor an illusionist. How many points do you want from the vital essence test in the afternoon? Hurry up and stop taking the exam! I've already brought you the admission notice! You can just come over and sign it!"

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