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I Can Level Up By Staying Idle

Chapter 118 Human Words?

In the titanium-gray pressure cabin, Lin Mo had already stood still and pressed the red button "Confirm the start of the exam."

Through the ultra-strong transparent tempered glass, Lin Mo's expression was very relaxed.

As there was plenty of time for the "Foundation Examination" in the morning, many candidates were in no hurry to queue up for the examination. Instead, they ran over excitedly to watch Lin Mo.

Of course, there were also many candidates who paid more attention to their results.

For example, Jiang Xue and Liu Zhonghao—they wanted to decide who was this year's "City's Top Martial Arts College Entrance Examination Scholar"!

The two of them found the adjacent pressure cabin and began the test almost at the same time. In less than a minute, they walked out of the cabin one after another.

"90 points!" Liu Zhonghao was a little disappointed when he saw his results.

Although 90 points was already a relatively high score, it seemed a little biased compared to his results in the "combat technique" and "punching force test".

"100 points!" Jiang Xue followed closely behind. Her foundation was much more solid than Liu Zhonghao's and was actually 10 points higher!

More importantly, after the three college entrance examination, Jiang Xue was already 13 points ahead of Liu Zhonghao!

"Congratulations!" Liu Zhonghao said sourly. The 13-point difference made him feel despair. "Congratulations, you have locked onto the top scholar of the city's martial arts college entrance examination in advance!"

"You're not bad either!" Jiang Xue comforted him. "Lin Mo's foundation test should have just begun. Hurry up and go take a look!"

"What's so interesting about a medicinal pot's foundation test?" Liu Zhonghao said disdainfully, but he couldn't help but step forward and join the crowd on Lin Mo's side.

… .

At this moment, Lin Mo had just begun the foundation test.

However, many of the surrounding candidates seemed to have predicted Lin Mo's results in advance and spoke loudly.

"Lin Mo's punching force is indeed shocking! I've never heard of a two-star martial artist taking the Martial Arts College Entrance Examination! However… just because his punching force is high doesn't mean his foundation is solid!"

"That's right! Only by cultivating step by step will one have true strength! And those that rely on the evolution potion to forcefully improve will be exposed during the Martial Arts College Entrance Examination! This is not the most important thing. The most important thing is… if one's foundation is unstable, it will leave many hidden dangers on the path of martial arts! For example, after one's cultivation reaches a certain level, they will be stuck at a bottleneck and can't advance anymore!"

"In that case, Lin Mo seems to be much ahead of us by using the evolution potion to forcefully increase his punching force. But in fact, after entering a martial arts university, it's very likely that we will catch up or even surpass him?"

"That's right! Cultivating martial arts is like building a high-rise building! And the martial arts high school stage is the stage of laying the foundation for this high-rise building! While we were all diligently laying the foundation for the high-rise building, Lin Mo forcefully built it without laying the foundation properly! Therefore, is it possible for Lin Mo's high-rise building to be very high?"

"Well said! There are no shortcuts in the path of martial arts! We will be down-to-earth and hardworking every day. We will finally welcome the day when we blossom and bear fruit!"

The surrounding candidates chatted loudly and inexplicably felt superior.

There were even a few chicken soup dogs sharing the soul soup in the crowd.

Some dim-witted candidates even swelled up after drinking a few mouthfuls of the poisonous chicken soup. They even looked down on Lin Mo!

In their opinion, Lin Mo had become temporarily ahead of them by relying on his resource advantage! However, Lin Mo's foundation was unstable and his future was uncertain. As for them, their foundation was solid and their future was promising!

But suddenly, a rational voice mercilessly pierced through the expanding mentality of the surrounding candidates. "Look! Lin Mo's score has already reached 90 points! And it's still rising!"

Immediately, the doubts around him disappeared!

There was only the sound of exclamation!

"Ninety points? That high?"

"This score is already considered very solid, right? Among us, I'm afraid not even one in ten can get such a score in the foundation test, right?"

"Who said that Lin Mo is a medicine jar? Could this be the result of a medicine jar!"

"Obviously, not only is Lin Mo not a medicine pot, but his foundation is also very solid! Terrifying… With a punching force of more than 3,000 kilograms, his foundation is still so solid? What kind of terrifying physical growth talent is this!"

"Didn't you notice something even more terrifying?—The pressure cabin is still increasing, but Lin Mo is still acting extremely relaxed! This means that this is far from Lin Mo's limit!"


As soon as he realized this, there was only the sound of gasps.

It was already 90 points, far from Lin Mo's limit?

Then what was Lin Mo's limit?

100 points was definitely more than that! Could it be… 110 points? Or even 120 points?

Soon, the score displayed by the pressure cabin had reached 100 points. However, Lin Mo was still relaxed inside!

110 points!

120 points!

130 points…

Lin Mo's expression remained unchanged.

The scene had become completely restless.

"This … this …"


"It takes time to increase one's punching force and consolidate one's foundation—the punching force is high and the foundation is solid? Where did Lin Mo get so much time?"

"Did he cheat? He must have used an accelerated cultivation cheat!"

"I think so too! I won't believe it if you say he didn't cheat!" Another gaming fan chimed in. "If we were in the game, I'd be the first to report him!"

But this was the real world, not a game!

Although these gaming fans were shouting excitedly, they knew very well that there was no cheat in reality! Lin Mo was really very strong and talented!

The most terrified person was undoubtedly the invigilator, Xu Kaijie! Only he knew best how terrifying Lin Mo's 130 points were!

"I deliberately entered a wrong number and set his cell strength to 4,016 points… He can actually reach 130 points?" Xu Kaijie looked as if he had seen a ghost.

With an additional 1,000 points of cell strength set, the pressure in the pressure cabin was naturally abnormally high! It was even higher than the pressure when the cell strength was 3,016 points!

In other words, Lin Mo had actually gotten full marks!

However, what frightened Xu Kaijie even more was that Lin Mo still looked relaxed and not stressed at all!

It was not just Lin Mo's expression! Even the data scanned by the pressure cabin showed that Lin Mo was really not under any pressure at all!

"What kind of monster is this?"

"What kind of demon is this?"

"What kind of abnormal martial arts foundation is this?"

If the martial arts foundation of other candidates was like a pile of mud, then Lin Mo's martial arts foundation was like a 24-karat titanium alloy! The strength of his martial arts foundation was not on the same level at all!

As for Xu Kaijie, he was already beginning to regret tampering with the equipment!

"I already set the cell strength to 1,000 points. Don't tell me Lin Mo can still get full marks?" Xu Kaijie stared at Lin Mo's increasing points.

His rationality told him that it was impossible! Absolutely impossible! Even a perfect score under normal circumstances was impossible to obtain, let alone a perfect score that was several times more difficult.

However, reality told him that with Lin Mo's results, he would probably reach full marks soon!

… .

Of course, the surrounding candidates did not know that Lin Mo's actual score had already exceeded full marks!

But even so, it was enough to scare them!



"150 points! 150 points! Lin Mo really rushed to full marks!"

"Full marks for the punching force test! Full marks for the foundation test!!"

"Is Lin Mo still human?"

Jiang Xue, who had just rushed over, was even more dumbfounded.

"Full marks??" Apart from being shocked, Jiang Xue also doubted her life. "I only got 300 points in three exams, but Lin Mo actually got 300 points in two?"

After Jiang Xue beat Liu Zhonghao by 13 points, she thought that it was already certain that she would become the "City's Top Martial Arts College Entrance Examination Scholar".

She had not included Lin Mo at all—even if Lin Mo scored 150 points in the fist strength test, he had given up on a combat technique after all!

How could someone who missed the entrance examination be related to the top scorer of the Martial Arts College Entrance Examination?

But now…

Although Jiang Xue's total score was tied with Lin Mo's for "Number One in Haicheng City", but… did Jiang Xue still have the confidence to be the city's top scorer?

She didn't need to think to know that it wasn't a matter of whether she could get first place now! It was a matter of how far apart she would be from Lin Mo, the "first in the city"!

"If he took one less exam and still beat me by dozens of points…" Jiang Xue thought about it and felt like crying.

What a bully!

What an actual bully!

Even Jiang Xue wanted to cry, let alone Liu Zhonghao!

In the past half a month, Liu Zhonghao had suffered many misfortunes!

When he first became an official martial artist, he was high-spirited and heroic. He pointed his sword at the peak of martial arts and threatened to become the top scholar of the entire Jiangnan Prefecture!

After being dealt a blow by "Black Earth" in the Primordial Universe, Liu Zhonghao completed his self-stabilization and became down-to-earth. He no longer dreamed of being the "top scorer of the entire prefecture's martial arts college entrance examination". Instead, he understood that with his strength, he could only be the "top scorer of the city's martial arts college entrance examination".

But at this moment, Liu Zhonghao encountered a powerful competitor like Jiang Xue again. Moreover, he lost to Jiang Xue in the first three exams and was pulled back by 13 points!

Just as Liu Zhonghao was accepting reality and willing to be the second, he bumped into Lin Mo again. Lin Mo, who had only taken two exams, was 13 points higher than him, who had taken three!

"I'm also an official martial artist! Don't I need face?" Liu Zhonghao felt that his face was being trampled on by Lin Mo.

This feeling humiliated him and suffocated him!

In a daze, Liu Zhonghao seemed to recall the fear of being dominated by "Black Earth" in the Primordial Universe!

… .

Amidst the shock of countless onlookers, Lin Mo ended the foundation test with full marks and leisurely walked out of the pressure cabin.

"It's so easy!" Lin Mo stretched his muscles a little and sighed sincerely. "Full marks for the foundation test is actually this difficult? This is too easy!"

Lin Mo originally thought that he could only casually get 140 points.

After all, during this period of time, he had indeed been idle every day and had not cultivated at all. He really did not have much confidence in getting full marks for this foundation test.

In the end, he only knew after the exam. That was it? There was no pressure! No challenge! It was easy!

However, when Lin Mo's casual sigh landed in the ears of the surrounding candidates, it was a little hurtful!


"No difficulty with full marks? No challenge?"

"Listen! Listen! Is that a human thing to say?"

"Is it humane?"

Most candidates could only get 70 to 80 points and not even 90 points! When they heard Lin Mo's words, they wanted to vomit blood!

However, they did see Lin Mo easily score full marks. Therefore, even though they clearly felt that Lin Mo was very pretentious, they could not refute him at all!

"The Power of Flexing, third stage!"

Just as everyone felt that they had been injured by the "forced aura" emitted by Lin Mo…

Chief Ji, who was on patrol, rushed over.

"Xu Kaijie, how dare you!" Before Chief Ji could arrive, he shouted angrily, "As a proctor, you actually dare to cheat in the martial arts college entrance examination and maliciously change Lin Mo's cell strength data!"

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