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I Can Level Up By Staying Idle

Chapter 11 Jiang Xue Who’s Doubting Her Existence

The Primordial Universe was connected to the global network.

At every moment, millions of Primordial Universe players were active in the novice training field to hone theirbat skills.

Lin Mo ended this battle and quickly entered the next match.

**Xia Nation**

? Jiangnan Prefecture.

In the center of Haicheng City, in a large flat of more than 500 square meters.

One of the geniuses of Haicheng Martial Arts High School, Jiang Xue, was lying in a hemispherical eSports cabin, preparing to put on a virtual helmet.

"The learning results of the prep class are very good! Tonight's training seems to have madebat skills have improve a lot!" Jiang Xue's face was filled with joy.

It had been a long time since she had felt such an obvious improvement.

"If only I could raise mybat technique to the peak of rank 2 before the Martial Arts College Entrance Examination!"

The martial arts college entrance examination mainly tested two aspects: punching force andbat skills.

Punching force represented talent in physical growth.

Combat techniques actually represented… talent in critical thinking.

The punching force of an ordinary person was only 100 to 200 kilograms. However, the punching force of a quasi-martial artist or martial artist could reach 1,000 to 2,000 kilograms—can precisely controlling a couple hundred kilograms of punching force versus a couple thousand kilograms require the same amount of brainpower to achieve?

'Of course not!'

When the punching force reached a certain level, if one's thinking ability could not keep up, no matter how much one's growth potential was, they would still fall into a bottleneck and it would be difficult to improve.

If the punching force was too low, it meant that the body was weak. How much nutrients could a weak body provide to the brain? How strong could one's thinking ability be?

Therefore, punching force andbat skills actuallyplemented each other.

The stronger the punch, the easier it was toprehend higherbat techniques.

The stronger thebat technique, the easier it would be for the punching force to grow.

In the martial arts college entrance examination, the bottom line of fist strength was usually set at 1,000 kilograms. If the punching force was lower than this line, it meant that the body's growth talent was extremely poor, and even vocational schools would not be willing to recruit someone like that!

After the punching force exceeded the bottom line of 1,000 kilograms,bat technique would occupy a lot of points.

Of course, there were also exceptions—for example, if your punching force was lower than 1,000 kilograms, but yourbat technique reached rank 4, all the famous schools in the entire Xia country would be at your behest!

An extremely poor talent for physical growth?

It doesn't exist!

Just drink the evolution potion as if it's water!

No matter how bad one's physical growth talent was, they would still forcefully nurture you!

"My current strength is actually a little awkward in the martial arts college entrance examination!" Jiang Xue thought gloomily, "Whether it's punching force orbat technique, they're all mediocre! I can enter a key martial arts university, but it's very difficult for me to enter the topmost schools!"

Jiang Xue's punch had just exceeded 1,400 kilograms. As for herbat skills, they were relatively powerful among the rank 2, but she had yet to reach the peak of the rank.

As for the topmost schools, other than the third-year students who had been certified as official martial artists are granted unconditional entry, the requirements for quasi-martial artists were generally: "1,500 kilograms of punching force and rank 2bat technique," or "1,300 kilograms of fist strength,bat technique has reached the peak of level two."

On the other hand, Jiang Xue was more embarrassed. Her fist strength was slightly weaker, and herbat technique were also slightly weaker.

It was just… bad in a balanced way!

If she could be slightly stronger in either of the subjects, she would be able to enter a top school! Or if she was slightly weaker in both subjects, she would be content with attending a more ordinary key martial arts university and would not have dreamed of the topmost schools.

"I've already eaten all the evolution potions that can be bought through underground channels! Even if I eat more, there won't be any effect!"

Actually, there were still some evolution potions in Jiang Xue's house. However, even if she ate them, there would be almost no improvement.

"I can only place my hopes on the novice training field!" Jiang Xue put on her virtual helmet and logged into the Primordial Universe. "I hope that in actualbat, mybat technique can make a breakthrough and reach the peak of rank 2!"

Only when herbat technique broke through to the peak of rank 2 would she have a chance of entering a topmost school!


Soon, Jiang Xue successfully matched up with her opponent in the novice training field.

She looked at the profiles of both sides.

[White Snow: 18 years old, quasi-martial artist, general appearance. Win streak: 1 round.]

[Black Earth: 18 years old, Martial Arts Apprentice, general appearance. Win streak: 3 rounds.]

"Why am I matched with a martial arts apprentice?" Last night, Jiang Xue had won her last battle in the novice training field, so she already had a win streak today.

Still, she wasn't happy about her first opponent today.

One had to know that even among quasi-martial artists, Jiang Xue'sbat technique were relatively powerful! What could a martial arts apprentice give her?

But since they have been matched already, she had no choice but to take the fight.

"I hope this opponent isn't too weak! Otherwise, it'll be too boring!" Jiang Xue thought as she landed on the arena.

This Black Earth had also chosen the general appearance and not his true appearance. However, for some reason, Jiang Xue felt that his figure seemed familiar.

"Please!" Jiang Xue gestured.

But then she saw that Black Earth guy returned gesture of invitation and said, "After you!"

"You go first!" Jiang Xue frowned slightly and said with the pride of a quasi-martial artist, "If I attack first, you might not have a chance!"

"Well, then!"

Jiang Xue saw that her opponent finally reluctantly charged over.

"He's justing straight at me? Doesn't he know to test the waters first?" Jiang Xue was increasingly disappointed.

In her opinion, this match was a waste of time. After all, her opponent did not have anymon sense with regards to fighting at all. He did not even know how to attack tentatively!

"I really don't know how he achieved his three consecutive victories. Could it be that he got lucky and encountered very weak opponents in those three rounds?" Jiang Xue prepared to end this battle as soon as her opponent got close.

At this moment, "Black Earth" had already rushed forward, throwing a powerful punch at Jiang Xue's face.

Jiang Xue's footsteps changed four to five times in an instant. Her center of gravity swayed along with her footsteps, dazzling to the naked eye.

Jiang Xue was very intoxicated by this sense of control over her body.

This was also her latest breakthrough today!

"No matter how the enemy attacks, I can easily change directions and dodge. But when I want to attack, it will be like a venomous snake flicking its tongue, impossible to guard against!"

Jiang Xue even felt like she was dancing.

This wasn't a skill of battle!

It is the art of battle!

"It's wonderful!" This beautiful feeling of intoxication even made Jiang Xue feel like she had faintly touched the peak of rank 2.

Facing her opponent's aggressive punch, Jiang Xue only calmly dodged and saw that she had steadily avoided the attack.

"That's right! That's the feeling!" Jiang Xue was still indulging in her sensations.


Jiang Xue vaguely saw a shadow of a leg.

So fast!

It was so fast that she could barely react, let alone put up any defense!


This roundhouse kick landed squarely on Jiang Xue's body.

He was so strong that his one kick blasted her out of the arena.


Jiang Xue, who had landed outside the arena, was so dumbfounded she began to doubt existence itself.

"I lost?"

"How did I lose?"

"How does that kick work?"

"Didn't he use up all his strength in that straight punch? How could he throw out a kick so quickly?"

"And the angle of the kick was so discreet that I didn't even notice it at first?"

"Or is it… not that he's good, but that I've regressed on my own?"

"Could it be that the new things I learned in the prep class today were actually wrong? The improvement I felt was just an illusion?"

Amidst her intense self-doubt, Jiang Xue's began to fade and disappear from the novice training field.

Of course, the "Black Earth" in the arena was Lin Mo.

He was fading, too, but he was still looking in the direction of his opponent, White Snow.

He was still muttering, "What kind of show did that guy put up! It looks good but is useless!"

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