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I Can Level Up By Staying Idle

Chapter 109 Involution Index, 10,000!

"I choose to give up on the exam!"

Lin Mo's voice was powerful and immediately attracted the attention of many people around him.

Many pairs of eyes looked at Lin Mo in confusion.

"Giving up the exam?"

"Why did you give up the exam?"

"Even if his combat technique is very bad, it's better than giving up on getting zero, right?"

"Since he's giving up on the exam, he might as well not come here!"

"What's going on in this man's head?"

"This is Lin Mo from our Haicheng Martial Arts High School, right? I heard that he gave up on the Martial Arts College Entrance Examination half a month ago! He probably appeared here today to attract attention, right?"

… .

The tide of doubts and mockery quickly drowned Lin Mo.

But Lin Mo didn't care.

'Question it!'


The louder they shouted now, the louder their faces would be slapped during the punching force test in the afternoon!

"Yo? Isn't this Lin Mo?" Yin Jian happened to be beside him at this moment. He walked forward with a sneer on his face. "You're already at the entrance of the examination hall. Why did you give up? But that's right… You can't even get into a vocational martial arts university anyway. It doesn't matter if you give up or not!"

"Yin Jian, watch your mouth!" Gao Haoran was also not far away. When he saw movement on Brother Mo's side, he immediately ran over. "You're just a medicine pot that relies on all kinds of miscellaneous potions. What's there to be proud of?"

"I'm also a quasi-martial artist! Then I can also aim for a key martial arts university!" Yin Jian said stubbornly.

"I'm already guaranteed admission to a top martial arts school!" Gao Haoran bragged. "I don't even need to take the martial arts college entrance examination like you! I'm here today for fun. Can you say the same?"

Yin Jian was speechless, but he still said, "Let's talk based on results!"

Only then did he walk into the martial arts testing hall aggrievedly.

"Brother Mo, I'm going in too!" Gao Haoran said. "Although I'm already guaranteed admission to a top martial arts school, I still want to try and see how many points I can get in the martial arts college entrance examination with my own strength!"

"Go!" Lin Mo looked at Gao Haoran strangely and thought to himself, "This silly child still doesn't know that it was Uncle Lin who recommended him to a top martial arts school!"

"Brother Mo?" Seeing Lin Mo's strange expression, Gao Haoran thought that he was in a bad mood and comforted him. "Don't worry! When I enter a martial arts school in the future, I'll definitely bring you with me!"

With that, Gao Haoran walked arrogantly into the examination hall.

Among the tens of thousands of martial arts college entrance examination candidates in Haicheng City, other than Lin Mo, he was probably the most stable. He had come to take the martial arts college entrance examination as a formality.

"You're bringing me?" Lin Mo looked at Gao Haoran's back with an increasingly strange expression.

… .

**8.00 am**

All the candidates had already entered the martial arts testing hall and were preparing to start the martial arts college entrance examination.

Lin Mo found a random stone chair to lie down on in the square outside the examination hall. He needed a good rest so that he could recover from the injuries caused by the silver feathers as soon as possible.

"I'll let them get 150 points first!" After Lin Mo lay down, he looked at the martial arts testing hall without any pressure. "Even if I give up on one subject, my results will definitely be number one in Haicheng City!"

Even if he only took three exams, there was no doubt that he would be first in Haicheng City!

Jiangnan Prefecture's number one should also have a high chance!

As for being number one in Xia country…

"No, no!" Lin Mo shook his head. "If he only took three exams and got first place in Xia country, how useless would the other geniuses be?"

Lin Mo felt that there were still relatively powerful geniuses on the Xia country's Genius List. For example, Ye Yi, a genius whose combat technique had already reached the mid-stage of the fourth rank. He wouldn't be suppressed by him, right?

"Why don't I… sleep first?" Lin Mo thought.

Others take the college entrance examination while I sleep!

How arrogant!

However, Lin Mo could still vaguely feel some pointed fingers from around him.

"Teacher Yan! Is this Lin Mo from our school?" "Xie Xing", who held an important position in Haicheng City, couldn't help but ask about his former teacher, Principal Yan.

"No!" Principal Yan denied. "This embarrassing piece of trash is not worthy of being a student of Haicheng Martial High! I expelled him not long ago!"

"This is the first time I've seen such a lousy student!" Xie Xing nodded in agreement.

"It's just trash!" Principal Yan's face was filled with disdain.

… .

Outside the barrier of the square, there was also a crowd.

Most were parents who had come to accompany the exam.

There were also some who had specially rushed over to watch the commotion. For example, the barbecue stall owner, Wu Bin, whose martial arts dream had been extinguished by Lin Mo, was among them.

Of course, Lin Mo didn't know any of this. He just wanted to lie down and recover quickly.

But suddenly—

Lin Mo, who was lying on a stone chair with his eyes closed, suddenly widened his eyes.

His body was so shocked that he sat up straight.

At this moment, a cold mechanical voice echoed in Lin Mo's mind. "Ding! Combat technique is rapidly improving!"

Rapid improvement!?

Lin Mo was dumbfounded!

Wasn't today the day of the martial arts college entrance examination? No one had gotten in! How did they improve so quickly?

He quickly opened the data panel and saw an extremely shocking scene!

[Combat technique index: 10,085!!]

Lin Mo couldn't close his mouth for a long time.

"The involution index broke ten thousand!?"

"This … this …"

The time when Lin Mo's involution index was the highest was when his neighbor, Liu Xia, risked his life to involute. That time, the involution index exceeded 1,000, but it only lasted for a short five minutes.

But today, the involution index actually broke through ten thousand!?

This made Lin Mo, who was usually used to having dozens or hundreds of involution index points, unable to keep up.

"I know! I know!!" Lin Mo quickly thought of something. "It's the group of exam candidates inside!!"

'How was the combat technique test tested?'

It was different from the punching force test and foundation test! The punching force test and foundation test only needed an instrument to test. The candidates did not need to move at all!

But how was combat technique measured?

'Can you just lie still?'

Of course, the combat technique test was to crazily display his combat technique!

And wasn't this process of crazily displaying combat technique equal to crazily involuting?

Moreover, every candidate who participated in the test would definitely use their greatest strength to involute in their! They would definitely work much harder than in their usual training!! In fact… even if Lin Mo used the hotpot barbecue to continuously entice them, he would not be able to attract such high involution emotions!

Every candidate today was definitely doing their best to involute from the bottom of their hearts!

The kind that wants to involute to death!

But that was not the scariest thing!

What was the scariest thing?

It's numbers!!

At this moment, in the martial arts testing hall not far from Lin Mo, there were tens of thousands of candidates desperately involuting! To be precise, there were more than 30,000 people!

Only a few people were involuting the involution index that Lin Mo usually enjoyed.

There were only a hundred people in the prep class!

Although there were thousands of people in Haicheng Martial Arts High School, the problem was… the venue was too big and the distribution was too scattered! Many students were too far away from Lin Mo, so their feedback to Lin Mo was naturally very little!

But today was different!

What was going on today?

The grand scene of the martial arts college entrance examination!

All the third-year martial arts students in the entire Haicheng City were gathered in such a "small cage"! Moreover, everyone had directly transformed into "Involution Gods"!

There were unprecedented numbers!

The density was unprecedented!

The degree of involution was unprecedented!

When these involution indexes were all fed back to Lin Mo, how could he not faint from happiness?

"And… the test time for combat technique is an hour!!"

In other words, with more than 10,000 index points, Lin Mo could comfortably enjoy an hour, unlike the last time when Liu Xia lost it in a few minutes.

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