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I Can Level Up By Staying Idle

Chapter 103 Your Cousin Was Captured

While Lin Mo was wondering, Gao Haoran called.

"Brother Mo, bad news!" Gao Haoran said in a panic.

"Calm down, don't be anxious! Tell me slowly, what happened?" As he became stronger, Lin Mo's mentality became more and more stable. No matter what happened, he was not flustered at all. He was quite calm.

"It's Li Jiaxuan!" Gao Haoran said hurriedly. "Li Jiaxuan was captured at the big sword last night!"

"What's going on?" Lin Mo, who was originally calm, suddenly widened his eyes.

'Big sword?'

'And he was arrested?'

Lin Mo was wondering why he hadn't become a Psychic when he woke up. It turned out that there was a problem with his "experience package"!

"How could he go and do such a thing?" Lin Mo was heartbroken by this behavior.

Good young man!

An outstanding student from a martial arts school!

Why couldn't he control his little brother?

How had he fallen so low?

"Brother Mo!" Gao Haoran quickly reminded him. "Didn't you… ask me to arrange this for him?"

"What?" Lin Mo was dumbfounded and questioned, "When did I let you arrange it? Am I such a person?"

"You personally said that you wanted me to bring Brother Li to relax… At that time, I even gave you a look that said 'all men understand' to confirm it!" Gao Haoran was very aggrieved.

Was this still my Brother Mo? Why did he start shirking responsibility as soon as something happened?

"I mean, I want you to bring him to soak his feet! The formal kind!" Lin Mo was speechless. "Also, when did you confirm with me with a look?—Forget it, since it has already happened, let's think about how to solve the problem!"

"Yes! Let's go and get Li Jiaxuan out first!" Gao Haoran added.

"What's the situation now?" Lin Mo asked. "It shouldn't be recorded in the martial artist file and become a stain in his life, right?"

"It's still unclear if it will be recorded in the martial artist records. However… when Brother Li was captured last night, he had already reported it to the entire Jiangnan Prefecture's martial arts world!" Gao Haoran said, "At this moment, even the teachers and students of Jiangnan Martial Arts University probably know about this!"

"This…" Lin Mo was speechless. "This might as well be recorded in the martial artist records!"

"Isn't that so!"

"This matter… Where is Li Jiaxuan locked up now? The Martial Arts Department of Haicheng City? Let's hurry over!"

… .

Haicheng City Martial Arts Department.

Inside the barred window.

Li Jiaxuan was locked in a "single room".

He sat cross-legged on the hard bed, feeling very depressed. "I drove hundreds of kilometers from Jiangnan City to Haicheng City. Did I specially rush here to go to jail?"

What made Li Jiaxuan even more depressed was that he had already been treated as a classic case and spread throughout the entire Jiangnan Prefecture's martial arts world! It could be said that his reputation was notorious!

But what hurt him the most was that… he needed his family to pick him up if he wanted to get out of prison. But when he called his father to "please bail him out," his father blocked his number.

"I'll vent my anger on the railing and rest…" Li Jiaxuan recited a few lines of a poem to calm himself down. Then, he closed his eyes and cultivated his psychic power. "In any case, I won't be able to leave for a while. I'll cultivate here in peace!"

This was the self-cultivation of a genius!

As an outstanding martial arts university student, he had to work hard even in prison!

He would feel terrible if he did not involute for a day.

… .

Haicheng City Martial Arts Department.

Lin Mo and Gao Haoran quickly arrived outside the prison.

No matter what, they were both responsible for Li Jiaxuan's capture.

However, as soon as he reached the prison door, Lin Mo couldn't help but stop.

"Ding! Congratulations, host. You have successfully materialized your mental strength and activated your psychic talent!"

Spiritual force materialization!


"This is…" Lin Mo would never have dreamed that he would activate his Psychic sub-occupation in this place. "Is Li Jiaxuan desperately involuting in prison?"

Lin Mo was speechless.

He hadn't involuted last night when he should have, but now he was involuting when he shouldn't.

'This should be considered… completing homework in prison?'

However, Lin Mo was still quite happy to be able to successfully activate the secondary profession of a Psychic. Without thinking too much about it, he went in with Gao Haoran to "visit the prison".

"Brother Li, you've suffered!" Gao Haoran already knew that he had indeed misunderstood Lin Mo last night. Therefore, when he saw Li Jiaxuan, he apologized in embarrassment. "It's rare for you to come to Haicheng City, but you actually encountered such a thing!"

"We're really sorry about this!" Lin Mo added.

"Good brothers, you're here!" Li Jiaxuan had already let it go. Anyway, he had already been locked up, what else could he do? "I can't blame you for this. After all, you guys have good intentions! To be honest, Brother Haoran really arranged it for me last night!"

"Brother Li, there's no need to say anything. When you come out, I'll arrange it for you!" Gao Haoran immediately patted his chest and promised.

"Good brother!" Li Jiaxuan couldn't help but be touched.

It was rare to see a good brother like Gao Haoran!

"What are you doing? What are you doing?" Coincidentally, the captain was patrolling inside and happened to hear this conversation. He raised his hand and slapped Li Jiaxuan twice. "How dare you not repent? How dare you commit crimes in the open?"

Although Li Jiaxuan was a genius of Jiangnan Martial Arts University and a future big shot, he had no choice… After all, he had committed a crime and had fallen into the hands of the iron-faced captain. He could only be beaten up obediently.

"Brother Li, it's my fault for talking too much!" After the captain walked away, Gao Haoran, who was outside the metal door, felt even more guilty.

"It's not your fault!" Li Jiaxuan was clear about gratitude and grudges. He said firmly, "If you really want to blame someone, blame it on… Black Earth!"

"Blame Black Earth?" Gao Haoran was puzzled.

"The Black Earth in the Primordial Universe?" Lin Mo asked curiously and muttered in his heart, Isn't Black Earth me? What does this have to do with me? Why are you blaming me?

"Yes! It's because of 'Black Earth'! I only heard about this after I was captured!" Li Jiaxuan said with absolute certainty, "Black Earth casually reported a pornographic email in the Primordial Universe and directly made a seventh-rank illusionist in the Cherry Blossom Country suffer a huge loss. Therefore, he was set up as a learning example by the Martial Arts Administration. That's why this pornographic operation was launched…"

As he spoke, Li Jiaxuan also introduced the glorious deeds of "Black Earth" in detail—and he was just a small fish swept up in this "Learning Black Earth Operation"!

Outside the metal door, Lin Mo was dumbfounded and even a little afraid.

"The spam I casually reported was actually an assassination email?"

"The video link inside, once clicked, is a seventh-rank illusionist's illusionist killing attack?"

"Damn! Mrs. Tengyuan from Cherry Blossom Country is too sinister!"

Lin Mo would remember this old woman!

When he leveled up again, he would definitely kill his way to the Cherry Blossom Country to take revenge!

"Fortunately, I'm righteous and not afraid of such dirty methods!"

Lin Mo increasingly realized how important "righteousness" was. He secretly decided that if he encountered any spam again in the future, he would definitely report it every time he saw it!

"But then again, 'Black Earth' is really our role model!" Although Li Jiaxuan was arrested because of 'Black Earth', he could not help but admire him. "In the face of temptation, he turned around and reported it! How many men can be as upright as Black Earth?"

Lin Mo, who was only a metal door away, couldn't help but blush when he heard that. He thought to himself, "If Li Jiaxuan knew that I was Black Earth, what would his reaction be?"

… .

Lin Mo and Gao Haoran sat outside the metal door and chatted with Li Jiaxuan for a while before bidding farewell and leaving.

After the two of them walked out of the prison.

"Haoran!" Lin Mo couldn't help but say, "Doesn't your father have some connections? Why don't you let your father think of a way to get Li Jiaxuan out?"

"Forget it!" Gao Haoran shook his head. "If my father finds out that I arranged a big sword for someone else, he'll beat me to death! I'll let Brother Li stay inside for a few more days. Anyway, the food inside is not bad…"

Let me get beaten up or let Brother Li go to jail? — Gao Haoran decisively chose to protect himself.

At that moment, Lin Mo's phone rang.

It was Yan Yimo.

The "official martial arts certificate" that Lin Mo had entrusted her with yesterday had been completed. A package would be delivered to the school gate soon.

Lin Mo thanked him, then stammered, "Yan Yimo, um, I have something to tell you. Your cousin, Li Jiaxuan, was captured last night, right?"

On the other end of the line, Yan Yimo had no idea what was going on. Her face was filled with question marks. "???"

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