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I Can Level Up By Staying Idle

Chapter 101 It’s Hard To Reject Your Kindness

The reception hotel was next door to the city gym.

The reason why Lin Mo arranged this was naturally to freeload on some combat technique index while entertaining Li Jiaxuan.

"The effect is indeed much worse if I don't freeload at the entrance of the gym. Tonight's involution index actually hasn't reached 50 points!" Lin Mo was a little regretful. "But it doesn't matter… After I broke through to the fifth rank, the little involution index provided by the prep class is already dispensable to me!"

The higher the combat technique, the more difficult it was to improve!

After Lin Mo reached the fifth rank, the "experience bar" for leveling up his combat technique had become very long. However, the "experience points" he could obtain every day did not clearly increase. This caused… Lin Mo to almost stagnate in terms of combat technique.

"In Haicheng City, even if I stay idle for half a year, it's impossible for my combat skills to break through to the mid-stage of rank 5!"

Lin Mo could completely feel how slow his improvement was.

The only solution was to leave Haicheng City as soon as possible after the martial arts college entrance examination ended in a couple days and go to those bigger cities with more involution.

Thinking of this, Lin Mo put away his thoughts and focused on the table.

At this moment, the alcohol had already passed three times, and the dishes were over. The three people at the table, Lin Mo, Gao Haoran, and Li Jiaxuan, were also drinking more happily. Especially Li Jiaxuan, he had long called them "brothers".

"Haoran, it's been hard on you today!" Lin Mo filled another pot with Mao Tai for Gao Haoran, but he couldn't help but look at his panda eyes.

Needless to say, Gao Haoran must have been beaten up by his father when he was stealing alcohol.

"It's nothing!" Gao Haoran smiled nonchalantly. "But it's strange! Brother Mo, when my father heard that I stole the wine to drink with you, he actually stopped hitting me!"

Lin Mo looked at Gao Haoran sympathetically and thought to himself, Silly child, I'm your father's sworn brother! If you had told him my name earlier, you wouldn't have been beaten up!

"Brother Haoran!" At this moment, Li Jiaxuan said with the smell of alcohol, "You're definitely a good brother! There's nothing to say!"

To Li Jiaxuan, today was really a magical day!

He had driven hundreds of kilometers from Jiangnan City to Haicheng City to look for Yan Yimo. Unexpectedly, Yan Yimo was assassinated and brought back to the Demon City by her father.

Li Jiaxuan thought that since he was already here, he couldn't possibly make a wasted trip, right? Then he should show off to Lin Mo and say some harsh words! In the end… he, who had come with ill intentions, bumped into the passionate Lin Mo.

After this meal, Li Jiaxuan simply regretted not meeting him earlier!

"Brother Lin Mo, there's nothing to say about your hospitality!" Li Jiaxuan patted Lin Mo's shoulder and put his arm around his shoulder. "If you have time to come to Jiangnan City next time, remember to look for me! I'll arrange everything for you!"

"Brother Li!" Lin Mo still remembered that his main goal tonight was to freeload off the "Psychic Involution Index", so he started talking about cultivation. "You martial arts university students must be very hardworking, right?"

"Of course!" Li Jiaxuan bragged without thinking. "Especially in terms of psychic force. I'll feel uncomfortable if I don't cultivate for a day!"

Lin Mo's eyes lit up.

He was relieved to hear that!

He did not drink for nothing today! It seemed that he was definitely going to activate his "Psychic side profession" tonight!

After drinking a few more rounds and cleaning up the wine on the table, Lin Mo arranged, "Let's stop drinking here for now! Haoran, I'll go to bed first. Bring Brother Li to relax so that he can cultivate his pyschic force in his best state!"

What Lin Mo meant was for Gao Haoran to bring him to soak their feet and sober up.

However, Gao Haoran, who was in a daze, misunderstood. In his half-drunk state, he only vaguely remembered these few keywords: the whole experience, clearly arranged, relaxed…

"Brother Mo, don't worry! I'll definitely arrange the best experience for Brother Li!" As he spoke, Gao Haoran gave Lin Mo an "all men understanding" smile.

"Thank you for your work!" Lin Mo clearly didn't understand this "all men understanding" expression. He patted Gao Haoran's shoulder and said, "If there's nothing else, go to bed early!"

"I know!" Gao Haoran said righteously. "I'm still a high school student. I don't do those miscellaneous things! After I settle Brother Li, I'll go to bed!"

"Yes!" Although Lin Mo felt a little strange, he didn't find anything wrong in his daze, so he returned to his room upstairs.

After taking a shower, Lin Mo fell asleep.

He was filled with anticipation. "I'm sure I'll be a psychic when I wake up tomorrow morning!"

… .

The "Shanhai Hotel" that Lin Mo invited was one of the top high-end hotels in Haicheng.

The hotel could be said to have everything. 𝒊n𝓃𝗿e𝚊𝒅. Co𝚖

There are those that should be there, and those that shouldn't be there too!

Gao Haoran and Li Jiaxuan supported each other in a daze and arrived at the entertainment venue on the third floor of the hotel. As soon as they walked out of the elevator, they could smell the pungent smell of inferior perfume.

"Brother Li, it's rare for you to come to Haicheng City! My Brother Mo has instructed that he must arrange for you to be here!" Gao Haoran smiled meaningfully. "I heard from a friend of mine that a batch of 'new tea' has just arrived here. They're all university students from liberal arts universities…"

Li Jiaxuan's eyes lit up. "Good brother, your arrangements are too appropriate. I'm actually not interested in such things! But really… it's hard to refuse such deep brotherhood!"

"Brother Li, you don't have to continue. I understand!" Gao Haoran sneered.

"Good brother, you should play too!" Li Jiaxuan initiated a "double-play" invitation. "As the saying goes, there are four ironworks in life…"

"Brother Li, I'll pass!" Although Gao Haoran was a little tempted, he still waved his hand and said, "I'm still a high school student. I still have to take the Martial Arts College Entrance Examination in two days. It's not appropriate!"

"Then I won't force you!" Li Jiaxuan said impatiently. "Hurry up and arrange it for me!"

… .

However, what Li Jiaxuan did not know was that tonight, a "correction team" sent by the Jiangnan Prefecture's Martial Arts Department (MAD) had quietly appeared in Haicheng City.

The captain in the lead looked serious and unsmiling. It was obvious that he was impartial.

Beside the road, the captain was lecturing dozens of corrections officers.

"You've read all the documents at the headquarters, right? Black Earth reported Mrs. Tengyuan, a seventh-rank illusionist from the Sakura Nation. Everyone knows about this, right?" the captain said solemnly. "Black Earth, an eighteen-year-old third-year student, how could he make a seventh-rank illusionist helpless against him and shoot himself in the foot? It's because of… his righteousness, his might!"

"The headquarters calls on the staff of our Martial Arts Department (MAD) at all levels to learn from 'Black Earth'! Only with righteousness can we be fearless of evil!" The captain continued to lecture, "In addition, our Jiangnan Prefecture's Martial Arts Department (MAD)'s CEO Yu Buxiao also gave instructions—we have to carry out a large-scale cleanup of the martial artists involved in prostitution in Jiangnan Prefecture and deal a good blow to this kind of evil!"

"Tonight, we'll conduct a surprise inspection of Haicheng City first! The main targets of the inspection will be placed in a few high-end places like the Mountain Sea Hotel!" The captain issued an action order. "If there are no questions, the operation will begin now!"

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