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I Can Level Up By Staying Idle

Chapter 100 You’re A Psychic?

Since Yan Yimo had left, Lin Mo naturally wouldn't roast fish by the lake anymore.

However, it was not difficult for Li Jiaxuan to find Lin Mo. After all, Lin Mo was considered a "celebrity" in Haicheng Martial Arts High School. He could find out after asking around in school.

"So you are Lin Mo?"

Outside the classroom of Year Three Class 10, Li Jiaxuan looked at Lin Mo with his nose in the air.

"What's going on?" Lin Mo had just finished his afternoon nap and looked at the stranger who had appeared out of nowhere with a puzzled expression.

However, as a slacker, Lin Mo was still more aware. "Could it be that a genius specially came to show off his superiority?"

So be it!

Lin Mo expressed that he could completely understand. Many geniuses worked hard to involute just to show off their superiority in front of lazy students.

"Let me introduce myself!" Li Jiaxuan introduced himself. "I'm Yan Yimo's cousin. My name is Li Jiaxuan!"

'Yan Yimo's cousin?'

"Is the certificate done?" Lin Mo asked.

His first reaction was that this old man was here to give him an "official martial artist certificate".

Lin Mo couldn't help but praise in his heart. Yan Yimo's efficiency in getting the certificate was too high! It had only been a short while, but it was already done and delivered!

"Proof? What proof?" Li Jiaxuan did not understand at all.

"Huh? You don't know?" Lin Mo realized that he had made a mistake. So the other party wasn't here to give him a certificate. "Then why are you looking for me?"

After being interrupted by Lin Mo, Li Jiaxuan's originally high and mighty aura immediately withered.

But he still had to say what he needed to say!

"Ahem!" Li Jiaxuan coughed dryly and cleared his throat. "I'm just here to remind you. I hope you can keep a distance from my Cousin Yimo and not get too close!"

"Eh?" Lin Mo was slightly taken aback.

That sounded familiar. Had he heard it somewhere before?

Seeing that Lin Mo was in a daze, Li Jiaxuan continued, "You have to understand that you and Cousin Yimo are from two different worlds! Cousin Yimo is surrounded by young talents like me!"

"You?" Lin Mo looked at him curiously.

"That's right!" Li Jiaxuan showed off. "Since you asked, I'll let you know how big the gap is between you and me!"

Lin Mo was speechless. Did I take the initiative to ask this?

However, looking at the other party's fashionable clothes, he was clearly not a high school student but a university student from a martial arts university. He was probably one of the top students.

Lin Mo really wanted to see how far away he was from a university student. "Then tell me!"

"Hmph!" Li Jiaxuan snorted arrogantly and said, "I, Li Jiaxuan, am a student at Jiangnan Martial Arts University! In the Martial Arts College Entrance Examination last year, I scored 429 points!"

"429 points?"

The total score for the Martial Arts College Entrance Examination was only 600 points.

Moreover, compared to the liberal arts college entrance examination, the scores for the martial arts college entrance examination were much more difficult! 429 points was indeed a very high score. It might even be ranked in the entire Xia country!

However, Lin Mo did not feel much. Although 429 points was better, it was only slightly good.

However, if Lin Mo went to take the Martial Arts College Entrance Examination in a few days, it would not be as simple as 429 points! After all, there was only one chance for the Martial Arts College Entrance Examination in his life. It would be a pity if he did not break a historical record and show off!

"Huh?" After Li Jiaxuan reported the martial arts college entrance examination results that he was proud of, he was immediately a little dissatisfied when he saw that Lin Mo had no reaction. He continued to show his strength in other aspects. "I've only been in university for a year, but my punching force is almost 3,000 kilograms now. Before long, I'll be a two-star martial artist!"

In the martial arts university, the first year was considered a year to build a foundation. There were too many things to learn. The true eruption of strength was mainly after the second year.

Therefore, Li Jiaxuan's was indeed qualified to be proud of his punching force.

But to Lin Mo, he felt even less so!

His punching force was almost 3,000 kilograms? Lin Mo's punching force was almost 3,000 kilograms! Did he have any pride?

"There's actually no reaction?" Li Jiaxuan was even more unconvinced.

He had come today to show off in front of a lousy student like Lin Mo. If Lin Mo didn't react, wouldn't it mean that he couldn't even shock a lousy student? Wouldn't that be very embarrassing?

"My combat technique has already reached the mid-stage of the fourth rank!" Li Jiaxuan directly threw out an even more important statement.

19 years old! Mid-stage fourth rank! In the entire Xia country, it was rare!

"Pfft!" This time, Lin Mo couldn't help but laugh.

A mid-stage fourth rank ran in front of him, a fifth rank, to show off his combat technique?

Isn't that funny!?

"I…" Lin Mo's laughter made Li Jiaxuan feel humiliated.

Li Jiaxuan was finally furious and threw out his proudest identity. "I'm still a third-rank Psychic!"

"Psychic?" Now Lin Mo was really shocked. There was no longer any disdain on his face. "Are you a psychic?"

"That's right!" Li Jiaxuan smiled proudly.

After receiving an affirmative answer, Lin Mo's eyes lit up and he smiled warmly.

Psychics was very rare!

It had to be known that because of the arrival of Yan Yimo, an illusionist, he had directly activated Lin Mo's "Illusionist Secondary Class". He had already become a fourth-rank illusionist.

Lin Mo was still wondering how to activate the "secondary profession of Psychic". Unexpectedly, Li Jiaxuan came knocking on his door.

What a gift!

"Good brother!" Lin Mo held Li Jiaxuan's hands with incomparable enthusiasm.

Li Jiaxuan was immediately dumbfounded by this sudden enthusiasm.

"What's going on? I came over to show off in front of him. Shouldn't he hate me to the core?" Li Jiaxuan blinked. "He's so passionate that he can't mess with me anymore…"

Li Jiaxuan really didn't know how to do it!

He had really never seen such a scene before!

What should he do next?

'What about continuing to show off?'

Or should he end the act and go home?

Li Jiaxuan looked at the extremely enthusiastic Lin Mo and was at a loss for a moment.

However, how could Lin Mo give him a chance to escape?

'You want to go home? In your dreams!'

It wasn't easy for Lin Mo to catch a Psychic. How could he let him go so easily? Li Jiaxuan, right? You have to stay in Haicheng City and show off! You can only leave when you satisfy Brother Mo!

"Good brother!" Lin Mo held Li Jiaxuan's hands tightly, afraid that he would turn around and slip away. "You're Yan Yimo's cousin, so you're my cousin! It's rare for you to come to Haicheng City, you must stay for a few more days!"

In Lin Mo's eyes, Li Jiaxuan had already become an experience package! And it was the kind that was specially used to stimulate the "Psychic Power Involution Index"!

"I…" Li Jiaxuan felt that Lin Mo's words sounded a little off, but he couldn't tell what was wrong. He deliberately wanted to shake off Lin Mo's hand, but Lin Mo was too enthusiastic, so he was too embarrassed to shake him off.

"Brother Li!" Lin Mo called him brother and tried to get close to him. "I'll be the host tonight to welcome you! Brother Li, you must give me face and tell me more about the martial arts university! — Haoran!"

Lin Mo shouted at Gao Haoran in the classroom, "Go to your father's wine cellar and steal a few bottles of good wine! Tonight, I want to get drunk with my Brother Li!"

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