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I Can Level Up By Staying Idle

Chapter 10 The Strong Among The Third-Years Are So Horrifying!

In the bedroom.

Lin Mo held up the black metal helmet on the desk.

It was a VR helmet. He gently wiped some dust off it and put it on in head.

"Log into the Primordial Universe!" Lin Mo said, pressing the switch on his helmet.

At the same time, a brainwave passed through his cerebral cortex and formed a connection with the virtual helmet.


His consciousness also began to gradually detach from the real world.

"The level of technology in this world is much higher than on Earth!"

On the Blue Planet, virtual reality technology was already very mature. In the Primordial Universe, it imitates things to almost 100% accuracy.

Martial arts required actualbat to test one's strength. However, in the real world, the dangers of actualbat were relatively high. If one was not careful, they would suffer serious injuries. So, the Primordial Universe happened to provide a very goodbat platform to minimize such risks.

However, with Lin Mo's current access, he could only operate in the "newbie village" area of the Primordial Universe. The functions he could use were very limited, only including cloud martial arts classroom,bat technique certification, novice training field, and challenge sparring.

"Enter the novice testing field!" Lin Mo made a choice in the function option.

The method he had thought of to obtain the high-tech potion was in this novice training field.

After winning ten consecutive times in the novice training field, he could earn an A1-level Evolution Potion. After that, for every additional win, an additional A1-level Evolution Potion would be rewarded.

"As long as I win 20 consecutive matches in the novice training field, I will be able to obtain 11 Evolution Potions!"

If anyone else heard Lin Mo's thoughts, they would probably die of laughter.

In the training field, the more consecutive wins there were, the stronger the opponents would be.

It bes quite difficult to win more than five consecutive victories!

After ten consecutive victories, it would be even more grueling!

There is no way Lin Mo actually thinks he could win 20 consecutive rounds and rely on this to farm potions?

How arrogant must he be?

"Tip: Your current punching force is 1,000 kilograms. You are a high-level martial arts apprentice."

"Tip: In the novice training field, everyone's punching force will be locked at 800 kilograms, and no one is allowed to use weapons."

"Tip: Your current code name in the novice training field is 'Black Earth' and your appearance is 'General Passerby Appearance'. Are you sure you want to enter the matching process?

Several notifications popped up in front of Lin Mo.

The training field mainly tested one'sbat technique. Therefore, no matter how high one's punching force was in reality, it would be locked at 800 kilograms after entering the field. After all, this was the only way to ensure the fairness of the battle.

Lin Mo was already very familiar with these rules and decisively clicked "Confirm."

"Tip: Matching opponents for you. Please wait patiently!"

"Tip: Matching successful! Entering the arena. Please be prepared for battle!"

Lin Mo also saw the introduction panel of both sides.

[Black Earth: 18 years old, Martial Arts Apprentice, general appearance. Win streak: 0 rounds.]

[God of Slaughter: 15 years old, martial arts apprentice, true appearance. Winning streak: 4 rounds.]

Lin Mo was surprised.

His opponent was only fifteen years old and had already won four games in a row.

"He's probably a ninth-grade student! He must be a genius!"

Before Lin Mo was in his second year of high school, he would often enter the novice training field to hone hisbat skills. Of course, with his strength, he usually lost more than he won.

As he entered Year Three, Lin Mo's greatest pressure was not in hisbat technique, but in his punching force. Therefore, after Year Three, he rarely came to the novice training field anymore. The VR helmet even collected some dust.

Bang! Bang!

Soon, Lin Mo and his opponent, "God of Slaughter", landed in the arena.

The two of them looked at each other from afar.

In the novice training field, one could freely set their appearance, but their body shape had to be consistent with reality.

Lin Mo saw that his opponent was clearly a head shorter than him and very thin.

p "Haha! Eighteen years old? You must be a third-year dog!" When his opponent saw Lin Mo, he laughed arrogantly. "I finally caught a third-year dog!"

Lin Mo frowned.

Why was this junior high kid so annoying?

When the kid saw Lin Mo frown, he became even more certain of Lin Mo's identity and started jabbering.

"It really is a third-year dog!"

"Haha! You're about to take the college entrance examination, right? You're actually only a martial arts apprentice and not even a quasi-martial artist?"

"What did you do for three years in high school? Did you live like a dog at your age?"

"By the way, how much punching force do you have in real life? Can you even get into a university? Don't tell me you can't even get into a specialization? That would be so shameful!"

Lin Mo's face darkened. "Are we fighting?"

"Fight! Of course! I've been looking for an opportunity to torture the third-year dogs!" The God of Slaugther was very cocky. "You're not even a quasi-martial artist. You must be one of the noob third-year dogs, right? Are you ready to be tortured?"

Lin Mo couldn't be bothered to waste his breath on him and directly charged forward.

"Haha! Third-year dog, you came at the right time! I'll show you how powerful I am!" The God of Slaughter didn't bother to dodge and went straight for Lin Mo. He was still spouting nonsense. "Third-year…"


Lin Mo and the "God of Slaughter" closed in on each other.

It only took a small sidestep for Lin Mo to avoid the opponent's hook. Then, he raised his palm and slapped the "God's" face, interrupting that annoying mouth.

The crisp slap stunned the "God of Slaughter". "You can do that?"

Although he was in the Primordial Universe, a bright red palm print still appeared on his face.


Before the "God of Slaughter" could recover, another fleeting shadow of a hand appeared.

On the other side of the "God of Slaughter's" face, he gained a matching bright red palm print.

"Wait, wait, wait! Stop for a moment! What palm technique is this?" The "God of Slaughter" counterattacked a few times, but he couldn't even touch Lin Mo's clothes. He was so distressed that he kept shouting for a pause.

However, Lin Mo had no time to care about such a brat. He seized the opportunity and directly kneed him.

The poor "God of Slaughter" was hurt so badly by the knee that he couldn't even stand up. He curled up on the fighting ring's stone floor like a huge shrimp.

A few seconds later, the novice training field decided the oue of this battle.

Lin Mo stepped on the "God of Slaughter" with a disdainful expression. "Where did this ninth grade brate from? With such an annoying mouth, aren't you looking for a beating?"

Lin Mo'sbat technique had already reached the peak of rank 2, infinitely close to rank 3!

In this novice training field, as long as he did not encounter any official martial artists, Lin Mo could win any battle!

Even a very powerful quasi-martial artist will not Lin Mo's match with the 800 kilograms limit in place, let alone a junior high school kid!

Therefore, it was not Lin Mo who wanted to slap him, but he was asking for it himself.

At this moment.

In a city in the north of Xia country.

In a luxurious riverside villa, a ninth-grade student took off his virtual helmet with a miserable expression. It was the "God of Slaughter" who had just been ravaged by Lin Mo.

"What a bully!" the "God of Death" wailed, trying to hold back his tears.

This was the first time he had been beat so badly in the beginner's test field!

In the past, even if he lost, he could at least fight for a few exchanges. But this time, he could not defend himself at all!

It was a one-sided suppression!

"Are third-year students this terrifying?" The "God of Slaughter" had always been very conceited and looked down upon high school students. "He's just a martial arts apprentice, not even considered powerful among the third-year students, but he still easily defeated me! Then what about the top students among the third-years, like those quasi-martial artists, how strong will they be?"

The "God of Slaughter" opened his diary and silently noted down the setbacks he had suffered today:

"The strong among the third-years are so horrifying!"

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