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I Can Enter The Game

Chapter 93 - Great Future! Suddenly Being Blacklisted!

Chapter 93: Great Future! Suddenly Being Blacklisted!

The next day.

Deng Guang had also made arrangements for the factory early in the morning.

Although he had discussed the details with President Chu at President Qin’s Manor yesterday, the contract had yet to be signed.

After leaving the office with the contract, Deng Guang felt energetic.

He believed that with the quality of Qinglin Ketchup, there would definitely be a follow-up after RT-Mart ordered this batch of ketchup. Moreover, the product was popular online, and its popularity could be considered to have increased.

If the factory developed well, it would probably expand very quickly. As the factory director, he would also have great prospects.

Deng Guang drove to the RT-Mart and took a bag of okra from the car.

This was what President Qin had instructed to give to President Chu.

“Manager Deng, you’re here. Take a seat.” President Chu saw Deng Guang in his office and warmly welcomed him to the tea table.

“President Chu, President Qin asked me to bring this to you.” Deng Guang handed the bag of okra to President Chu, feeling especially emotional.

In the past, the factory only produced waffles. When he came to the big hair salon, he even had to give a commission to Manager Chen. Now that the boss had changed, President Chu welcomed him warmly.

President Chu was naturally all smiles when he saw the okra. He signed the contract while making tea with Deng Guang.

After Deng Guang signed the contract and left, he called Qin Lin to report this.

On the other side, when Qin Lin received Deng Guang’s call, he also walked out of Youcheng County’s intellectual property bureau with Chen Li.

He was applying for a patent.

There was naturally no patent office in a place like Youcheng County, but the county had an intellectual property office that could do it for them. The official ekey account could be applied directly online.

If he went to do it himself, there would naturally be all kinds of troublesome procedures and wasted time. With Chen Li around, it was different. It could save him a lot of time and trouble.

Chen Li did not refuse this matter. Without violating the bottom line of discipline, these were all matters of the world.

The patent application was actually a topic that many companies could not avoid. Many companies had no choice but to apply for patents.

In particular, some low-tech products or things like food recipes had to be patented. Over time, they would be cracked.

After applying for a patent and being cracked, the patent would always be protected by the Patent Law.

Some people would choose not to apply for a patent because they were afraid that it would be leaked if they needed to provide the formula. On the contrary, if someone were to apply for a patent first after it was cracked, they would not even have the right to sue them. Instead, they would have the right to sue them.

After Qin Lin hung up the phone with Deng Guang, he said to Chen Li, “It’s from the factory. They just signed an order for ketchup with RT-Mart.”

“That’s a good thing. If Boss Qin’s brand is successfully created, it will also be beneficial to the county.” As Chen Li spoke, he made an invitation. “Boss Qin, since we have time, let’s go and settle the matter of joining the association. When the time comes, you can be the vice president.”

“I’ll listen to Chief Chen,” Qin Lin said with a smile.

This association was naturally the Youcheng County Tourism Association. It was considered an association organized by Youcheng County’s official organization. All the major scenic spots would join this association. When Chen Li mentioned it when he came to the intellectual property bureau, he did not refuse. He just did not expect the other party to want him to be promoted to the position of vice president.

The procedures to join the association were also simple. The association did not have an official venue yet, so he just had to fill in the form and register.

… 𝓲n𝑛𝓻ℯ𝗮d. 𝚌o𝒎

For the next two days, Qinglin Ketchup was still popular. There were even people who took the train to Qinglin Villa to buy ketchup.

People weren’t usually that bored. But sometimes, when things were hot, when attention was very high, people got a strong urge to do a lot of boring things.

This was probably why there were so many clocking-in operations online.

In the factory.

Qin Lin and Deng Guang arrived at a production line.

This was a new production line. The three production lines that had been ordered had arrived yesterday and had been debugged. They were now testing production.

“President Qin, the taste is right. Try it.” Deng Guang held the newly produced ketchup. After confirming the taste, he handed it to Qin Lin.

Qin Lin also picked up a biscuit and dipped it in for a taste before nodding.

There was no problem with the production line debugging.

In this way, with these three new production lines, the number of ketchup bottles the factory can produce in ten hours a day also becomes 40,000–48,000 bottles.

It would only take a week to complete the 300,000 bottles of orders.

If nothing went wrong, these production lines would not be enough when the sales opened. They would have to expand.

But sometimes, when you don’t want an accident to happen, it happens.

As soon as Qin Lin returned to the villa, Zhao Moqing hurriedly looked for him. “Qin Lin, something happened. Someone on Douyin is defaming our Qinglin Villa.”

As she spoke, she took a video and handed it to Qin Lin. The title was: “Qinglin Villa really knows how to hype things up. Their ketchup is much worse than delicious.”

The video was posted by an Internet celebrity called ‘Internet Celebrity Products Counterfeiters Chun Chun’.

The other party was an Internet celebrity with an unknown number of beauty filters. Her catchphrase was to say in a gentle voice, “Today, Chun Chun has exposed the fake counterfeits for our family again. After that, she will recommend a trustworthy product that Chun Chun has personally tested.”

Qin Lin frowned and opened the video.

“The Internet has been blowing up Qinglin Ketchup recently. They all say it tastes good, so I ordered a bottle online for everyone to try.”

With that, she really took out a bottle of Qinglin Ketchup.

“???” Qin Lin was dumbfounded.

To hell with ordering online.

His tomato sauce hadn’t opened up online ordering channels yet, okay?

In the video, Chun Chun, the Internet celebrity product, took out another bottle of Tasty Ketchup and poured the two types of ketchup onto two plates. She recorded the numbers and then searched the streets for passers-by to try the two ketchup.

However, the result in the video was that those passers-by actually chose Tasty Ketchup.

“As you can see, Qinglin Ketchup isn’t that delicious.” In the end, the Internet celebrity even threw the ketchup directly into the trash can. “After testing, this is the most realistic situation. Qinglin Ketchup doesn’t taste as good as it is said, but it sells for a higher price than it tastes good. Qinglin Villa is starting to cut tourists like leeks. I suspect those who post videos praising Qinglin Ketchup are all shills.”

Zhao Moqing was obviously very angry as she looked at the video. “This woman is spouting nonsense. We’ve actually tested it on tourists before. How can they be shills?”

When a person became famous, it was normal for them to be defamed. When a tourist attraction and a product became famous, it was normal for them to be defamed. Be it jealousy or conflict of interest, although it was late, it still arrived.

Clearly, his ketchup was famous. Being suddenly scolded meant that Qinglin Ketchup must have gotten in the way of other brands’ ketchup.

Those brand companies would not go so far as to defame him now, but it might be the case for local agents. For example, the agents in the Ming City area. His ketchup had gone viral, and the most direct impact on the Ming City market was now.

This video had already become extremely popular. Even with the popularity of Qinglin Villa, this popularity was a little exaggerated in such a short period of time. Clearly, they had even bought Dou+.

The key was that this Internet celebrity had really posted many videos of counterfeits in the past. It had beaten many products and accumulated a lot of fans. It also had some credibility.

Therefore, the fans of her videos actually believed it.

“I see. I really thought Qinglin Ketchup was delicious.”

“To think I was looking forward to it. It was a waste of time.”

“Sure enough. Whoever it is, the cutting of the leeks is always on the way. Late but there.”


Clearly, the comments were very disadvantageous to Qinglin Ketchup. Moreover, the popularity was clearly increasing. This popularity directly suppressed the popularity of the long-legged, coquettish female Internet celebrity that Douyin wanted to promote.

Ming City, in a hotel.

A woman looked at the popularity of her video with satisfaction and said to her assistant, “The popularity is not bad.”

She was the Internet celebrity, Chun Chun. She was much shorter than in the video, and her skin was not as fair. Even her voice was not as gentle.

The assistant beside her said, “This popularity has already reached the other party’s first requirement.”

Chun Chun smiled and said, “Then get the other party to transfer the rest of the money over. If the popularity breaks through again, the other party will have to give another sum of money.”

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