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I Can Enter The Game

Chapter 92 - Meeting President Chu Again! Isn’t It Too Fast?

Chapter 92: Meeting President Chu Again! Isn’t It Too Fast?

The next day.

Qinglin Ketchup was even more popular. In addition to a tourist buffet lunch and barbecue at the mountain villa, many tourists who had received Qinglin Ketchup for free started recommending it.

Especially some parents with children. Children were picky about their food, and a lot of them skipped breakfast. It was most vexing.

They could use Qinglin Ketchup to mix with noodles. The children ate especially well and their appetites improved.

These people naturally did not know that Qinglin Ketchup had the attributes of taste +1, texture +1, and appetite +1. They only knew that this ketchup was good and the children loved it, so they all expressed their desire to buy more.

This also made more and more people leave messages wanting to buy them online, asking for link addresses.

However, Qin Lin was helpless about this. In the beginning, he could only take it slow.

The next day, ketchup sales also came out quickly. Except for the 1,500 free bottles, 3,000 bottles were actually sold today. Almost all the tourists bought several bottles.

Over the next two days, the villa also sold about 3,000 to 4,000 bottles of Qinglin Ketchup to tourists every day. Due to the limited number of tourists, the number did not increase much, but its online reputation grew.

In short, Qinglin Ketchup was completely popular.

The netizens had no way of buying it. Instead, it had the effect of hunger marketing.

Early in the morning.

Qin Lin drove the blue truck to the villa and headed to the factory.


Deng Guang was making tea at a tea table to entertain a few men.

When Deng Guang saw Qin Lin, he immediately stood up and said to him, “President Qin, these are all materials suppliers. They all want to supply us with materials.”

With the popularity of Qinglin Ketchup, the demand for production materials would definitely increase exponentially. Naturally, some smart people would come knocking on their door first. Moreover, there was clearly more than one smart person.

The middle-aged men also looked at Qin Lin in surprise.

From the way Deng Guang addressed him, it was not difficult to tell that he was the boss of Qinglin Villa and Qinglin Factory.

He was too young.

“Deal with it first.” Qin Lin nodded. Since Deng Guang had become the factory director, there was naturally no need for him to deal with these trivial matters personally. Otherwise, he would be exhausted.

However, he had to ask Zhao Moqing to pay more attention to the financial aspect. Even if he didn’t suspect anyone, he had to pay more attention to what he should pay attention to.

It was time to hire an assistant for Zhao Moqing. After all, she was his wife. With the villa and factory’s finance department keeping an eye on her, wouldn’t she be tired?

Qin Lin went straight to an office on the second floor. This was originally reserved for him by Wang Xin, so he was naturally using it now. There was also a place to talk at the factory.

A moment later, Deng Guang also came up.

Qin Lin asked, “Old Deng, how’s the production in the factory?”

Deng Guang reported, “The situation is very good. We can produce a fixed 1,000 bottles every hour. After work started, we’ve produced a total of 30,000 bottles every day.”

“More than 20,000 bottles went out from the villa. More than 4,000 bottles were wholesale from the grocery stores that the factory previously cooperated with. However, only one of the five bottles went out from the villa.”

Qin Lin nodded and said, “Then let’s talk about the online sales. There are many comments on the official account of the villa saying that they want to buy it online.”

Although factory sales and traditional offline sales were mainstream, online sales were now an indispensable part of the market.

However, in order to open up online sales, the factory had no choice but to find a new place to be in charge of this. They also had to contact a specialist delivery company.

Regarding this matter, Qin Lin instructed Deng Guang to start preparing. In addition, the three production lines that he had ordered would arrive in two days. He also instructed the other party to keep a close eye on them.

After dealing with the factory, he returned to the villa.

As soon as he arrived at the villa, he met another unexpected person, RT-Mart’s President Chu.

When he saw President Chu, he remembered that RT-Mart had branches in many places in the province. There were also many branches outside the province. It was a big channel.

“President Qin, sorry to disturb you. I hope you don’t mind.” President Chu smiled and took the initiative to welcome him.

“President Chu, you’re welcome to come. Why would I disturb you?” Qin Lin smiled and welcomed President Chu to a table. Then, he called Gao Yaoyao over. “Get Master Lin to make a set of special quality okra and yams for President Chu. As for the other dishes, arrange them. I’ll treat President Chu today.”

Although Quality 2 items were no longer available to the public and were all placed in the game, he had just brought some out today and was prepared to make them for himself tonight.

After all, men would always be sexually active at night.

Who knew that President Chu would come?

“Okay, Boss!” Gao Yaoyao nodded and went into the kitchen to make arrangements.

President Chu’s face lit up when he heard this. “President Qin, you’re too polite. Actually, I still have something to ask you today.”

“A special quality okra?” Qin Lin asked with a smile.

“If it’s possible, I naturally have to ask President Qin for help.” President Chu had a smile on his face that all men understood. At the same time, he said, “But I have something else to ask President Qin today. Your Qinglin Ketchup is very popular. I want to order a batch of 300,000 bottles.”

“30,000 bottles?” Qin Lin was surprised when he heard the number. “President Chu, can you sell it here?”

President Chu smiled and said, “President Qin, it’s not me who placed the order this time. It’s from the headquarters in Min Province. There are branches in every county and city.”

“Now that Qinglin Ketchup has become popular, someone from the Min Province headquarters noticed what happened online and asked me about the situation. I’m friends with Boss Qin and have also put in a lot of good words for him. If this batch sells well, they will increase the orders in the future.”

Qin Lin was naturally skeptical of President Chu’s words. President Chu must have verified his Qinglin Ketchup before saying that. More importantly, Qinglin Ketchup should have become popular online.

However, when he saw that P was obviously trying to take credit, he did not expose him. He pretended to be grateful and said, “President Chu, you’re indeed a friend. As a friend, I can’t disappoint you. I happened to get some of that kind of okra during this period of time and will prepare it for President Chu tomorrow. However, my factory’s production is limited now, and there’s not much surplus every day. I can’t deliver it all at once.”

President Chu smiled and said, “I understand, I understand. I’ll explain this to the headquarters. You can place the order first.”

This was not a big deal to him. The overall situation would not change. After all, the order for 300,000 bottles of ketchup was only slightly more than 3 million yuan.

Apparently, an order for 300,000 bottles went down just like that.

A mutually beneficial partnership should be most enjoyable.

Qin Lin also took out his phone and called Deng Guang. Deng Guang came over to discuss this matter with President Chu so that the factory could make arrangements.

At this moment…

Deng Guang also summoned two product sales in his office.

Although it was called product sales, they could also be called deliverymen. It was just that the salary was a little higher than that of deliverymen. In the past, they were in charge of running to the grocery stores and supermarkets in the various areas to sell waffles. If the other party wanted to order something, they could call them and they would deliver it personally.

Small factories in small county towns generally followed this model. Unlike the larger companies, where sales were sales and deliverymen were deliverymen, the division of labor was clear.

Deng Guang said to the two salespeople, “I’m not asking you to complete many missions. Go and run more often. Compared to President Qin’s villa, try not to look too embarrassing. Try to run as much as you can in those big supermarkets like RT-Mart. That Manager Chen, send him some commission like how you did in the past.”

As they were talking, Deng Guang’s phone rang. When he saw that it was his boss, he immediately picked up.

“What are your orders, President Qin?”

“Old Deng, come to the villa. I’ve discussed an order for 300,000 bottles of ketchup with President Chu.”

“What?” Deng Guang was surprised. Then he said, “Okay, I’ll be right there.”

When he hung up, he felt incredulous.

While he was thinking about the sales channel, his boss had already negotiated 300,000 bottles of orders with RT-Mart.

The point was, how long had it been since the boss left the factory?

He should have only arrived at the villa now, right?

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