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I Can Enter The Game

Chapter 91 - Taste Buds Won’t Lie to You! Good Start!

Chapter 91: Taste Buds Won’t Lie to You! Good Start!

Noon approached.

Some of the tourists stayed at the villa to eat or began to cook on their own.

A line of six tourists rented a grill under the registration of a waiter.

These were obviously three young couples who had come in groups.

He usually lived in the city and had a lot of work, so it was very difficult for him to have a chance to have a gathering and barbecue. Now that he had finally come to Qinglin Villa, he would be letting himself down if he did not experience the self-service barbecue.

“This villa’s Triangular Plum Blossom Sea is really beautiful. The few videos taken are all very good.”

“Yes. I posted it on my WeChat Moments, and all the little girls at the office expressed regret that they didn’t come along.”

“Too bad it’s just a Triangular Plum Blossom Sea. I haven’t had my fun yet. Luckily, I can still barbecue.”

The three women sat at the small table, editing videos and discussing them.

One of the three men beside her was already busy at the grill. One was washing vegetables and the other was cleaning seafood. It was obvious that they were family brothers.

A woman suddenly pointed at a bottle of tomato sauce on the small table beside her and said, “Eh, is this the special tomato sauce from Qinglin Villa?”

The other woman said, “Open it now.”

Curious, the three women picked up the bottle of ketchup on the small table.


Normally, they wouldn’t have paid attention to a bottle of ketchup. Everyone ate the usual stuff. It wasn’t a novelty.

However, after a night of hype, they were now curious. This was the power of marketing hype.

“Hubby, let’s see how the tomato sauce in Qinglin Villa tastes.” A woman opened the Qinglin Ketchup and went to the man who was fiddling with the barbecue.

The man also took the Qinglin Ketchup curiously. He smeared some on a grilled prawn and handed it to his wife.

The woman took the prawn and placed it in her mouth to taste and chew. “This ketchup tastes very good. It seems to be better than anything I’ve eaten before.”

Now the other two women were interested.

The other two men gathered around.

“Is this ketchup that good?”

“We’ll try some too.”


The man in charge of the barbecue roasted a prawn for each of them and smeared it with Qinglin Ketchup. Then, they tasted it one by one.

A moment later they were all nodding.

“The Qinglin Ketchup does taste good. Much better than that bottle of Delmon at home.”

“Indeed. I had it last night. It’s easy to tell. Delmon is far worse than this.”

“I thought this Delmon ketchup was the most expensive under the same specifications? Why isn’t it as good as this Qinglin Ketchup?”

“Delmon is a brand name for an American company. Even if it’s produced domestically, it’ll be a little more touted, so it’s a little overpriced.”

“This Qinglin Ketchup is really good. Let’s go back and bring a few bottles.”

It was really good. It was obvious once they tasted it. Taste buds wouldn’t lie unless one was sick.

In the villa.

The same thing happened to the self-service diners and barbecue tourists.

Without exception, everyone discovered that the taste of the Qinglin Ketchupwas indeed better than the ketchup they had eaten in the past. In fact, under the attribute of +1 appetite, many people with poor appetites realized that their appetites had increased a lot after eating this ketchup. Many people had the idea of buying a few bottles back.

It was also the kind of gift that everyone who travels would buy.

Whenever they encountered something good during their travels, they would think of buying some to bring back.

A car pulled into the parking lot of the manor.

Worried, Chen Li got out of the car with Zhong Lei.

He naturally paid attention to the publicity for the homemade ketchup at Qinglin Villa.

After all, the county had given the Qinglin Villa 23 million yuan in support funds, and the villa had indeed had a huge impact on the county. It was impossible not to pay attention to it.

He could also tell that Boss Qin wanted to use the villa’s popularity to build his own brand.

This was also something many Internet celebrities would try.

Who wouldn’t want to learn from Li Ziqi and build their own brand through their own popularity?

If Boss Qin could use this opportunity to create a ketchup brand, it would be beneficial to the county if the product became popular. After all, if he wanted to set up a factory, he would have to hire people, buy raw materials, and pay taxes.

However, he was afraid that Boss Qin would take too big a step. It was not easy to create a brand. Many Internet celebrities who had such thoughts had failed.

He was worried if he did not bring someone to take a look. 𝗶𝚗𝘯𝘳ℯ𝒂𝑑. co𝙢

As soon as they entered the villa, the conversation of a few tourists who were walking out attracted Chen Li’s attention.

“The Qinglin Ketchup tastes really good. It was only 15 yuan, not expensive.”

“Yeah, it tastes better than Heinz. The kid loves it so much, I bought a couple of bottles to take back.”

“I collected a bottle for free. I also bought several bottles.”


Chen Li inexplicably looked forward to hearing these words.

Things seemed to be going well.

He brought Zhong Lei to the sales center and realized that there was already a long line here. They were all collecting Qinglin Ketchup for free.

In the sales center, there was an area that also had a lot of Qinglin Ketchup for sale. Many tourists were buying extra.

Since this Qinglin Ketchup was better than those brands, he definitely had to buy some back.

Chen Li heaved a sigh of relief when he saw this scene. He even began to look forward to it as he said to Zhong Lei, “Xiao Zhong, go buy a few bottles of Qinglin Ketchup. Then, we’ll go to RT-Mart to buy some branded ketchup.”

“Okay, Chief Chen.” Zhong Lei nodded.

Chen Li left with Zhong Lei again.

Not long after.

A crowd had gathered in Chen Li’s office at the tourist office. They were all members of the tourist office.

On the table in front of Chen Li were two packets of French fries and a few small bowls with some ketchup in them.

He chose the blind selection method that Qin Lin had used before.

Chen Li directly said to these people, “Try this ketchup and see which one tastes better.”

One by one, the members of the tourist board came forward and tasted it. Then, after tasting it, they made their choice.

Chen Li’s eyes lit up as he looked at the ketchup his colleagues had chosen. Almost all of them had chosen Qinglin Ketchup.

It seemed that the Qinglin Ketchup was indeed delicious and had a wide audience.

“Chief Chen, it’s trending. Qinglin Ketchup is trending.” Zhong Lei suddenly came in with his phone and reported, “You asked me to pay attention to the situation online. Qinglin Ketchup has already entered the trending list.”

Chen Li took the phone and clicked on the trending searches. Many videos posted by tourists appeared. All of them said that Qinglin Ketchup was delicious. Some tourists even said bluntly that Qinglin Ketchup was better than those brands.

This was really going viral.

Qinglin Ketchup did become popular with more and more tourists posting videos.

The good reviews from the tourists made the netizens even more curious, just like how they had looked forward to the medicine.

Many people even wanted to order a bottle of ketchup to try online, but there was nowhere to buy it now.

A day passed, and the data was calculated that night.

There were no new projects in the villa, and it still maintained a turnover of more than 400,000 yuan. As for the ketchup, after deducting the 1,500 bottles that were received for free, it actually sold more than 2,000 bottles.

A bottle cost 5 yuan and sold for 15 yuan. 2,000 bottles meant more than 30,000 yuan and the profit was more than 20,000 yuan.

In that case, excluding the 7,500 yuan cost of the 1,500 free bottles, Qinglin Ketchup had more than 12,500 yuan in profits today.

12,500 yuan might not seem like much compared to the villa’s 400,000-plus turnover, but it was a good start.

After all, ketchup could be widely promoted and sold.

And now there was a good start.

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