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I Can Enter The Game

Chapter 9 - Upgrade! Develop Level 2 Land! 1

Chapter 9: Upgrade! Develop Level 2 Land! 1

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However, how much profit Manager Chen could get in a month was none of his business. This kind of thing could be seen everywhere in society.

For the other party to be able to sit in such a position, he must have a background in the big hair salon. Otherwise, why would he dare to eat and take profits in such a national chain corporation?

His goal was just to sell watermelons. It was fine as long as his goal was achieved.

Furthermore, this was also beneficial to him. Usually, such orders were settled separately. He would open an invoice and settle the order without being suppressed.

“Xiao Qin, how much melon do you have?” Manager Chen was clearly most concerned about this question.

Qin Lin explained, “Manager Chen, there are 800 in the first batch. Each one is more than 10 kilograms. I’ll send 800 first when I go back later and 400 more in the evening. As for the future, there won’t be less than 800 every day.”

Manager Chen did some mental calculations and was quite satisfied. He said with a smile, “Okay, send me an invoice every day after you deliver the goods. I’ll get the finance department to settle it for you.”

“Thank you, Manager Chen.” Qin Lin left after discussing with Manager Chen.

Manager Chen was in a good mood when he saw the two watermelons Qin Lin had left behind. He got someone to cut them open and give them to the employees outside.

Qin Lin returned to the warehouse and pulled the remaining 422 watermelons to the supermarket to sign.

There was a total of 4,557 kilograms.

In the evening, the watermelons in the game ripened again. There were 411 watermelons of Quality 1 and 3 watermelons of Quality 2.

Qin Lin planted the new seeds and moved all 411 watermelons from the game to the warehouse outside. He sent them to the RT-Mart in two batches. This time, there were 4,471 catties. Coupled with the 4,557 catties from the previous batch, there was a total of 9,028 catties.

After delivering the goods, Qin Lin took the list and receipt to Manager Chen to settle the bill. The money was quickly transferred.

“Your last number… income is 10,899.60 yuan. Your balance is 31,344.60 yuan.”

Over the past four days, relying on the watermelons planted in the game, he had more than 30,000 yuan on his bank card.

Furthermore, he could earn 10,000 yuan every day.

When the game character leveled up, he could develop more plots of land and earn more money that day.

Qin Lin was in a good mood. He simply entered the supermarket to shop and buy some things home.

However, when he passed by the melon area and saw the watermelons sold, he could not remain calm.

“Special quality watermelon, 3 yuan a catty!”

Beside him was an ordinary watermelon that cost two yuan a catty, but he recognized it at a glance. Wasn’t this so-called special-quality watermelon that cost three yuan a catty the ones he had harvested?

Manager Chen must have known that each of his watermelons was better than ordinary watermelons, so he dared to sell them at this price.


How f*cking corrupted!

The profit at this price was especially equivalent to his profit.

It was really an era where channels were king. Since he had the ability to sell it at this price, he could not be jealous. He might as well not look at the price and go to other districts.

When he returned home, he received a notification in his mind that worms and weeds had invaded his crops again. He immediately controlled the game character to remove the weeds and insects.

The next day.

Qin Lin woke up early in the morning. The watermelons had ripened again. The shop owners had sent him a message early in the morning to wholesale the watermelons.

They were clearly used to looking for him to wholesale watermelons.

He went to the warehouse and moved the ripe watermelon out of the game.

This time, there was no Quality 2 watermelon. There were a total of 428 Quality 1 watermelons.

He took a video and sent it to the WeChat group. Seeing that there were no new orders, he calculated. These shops were similar to yesterday. There were a total of 408 wholesale shops. After delivering 4,732 catties, he would earn a total of 7,099 yuan.

In the evening, the watermelon ripened again and was sent to the RT-Mart. It was a total of 4,970 catties and 5,964 yuan.

He had received a total of 13,063 yuan today. His balance had reached 46,409 yuan.

After sending the watermelons to the RT-Mart, Qin Lin rushed to the Industry and Commerce Bureau. His original shop only had relevant documents for self-employment. Now that he was grading watermelons, he felt that he needed to apply for a wholesale fruit license. Otherwise, if something went wrong, it would be troublesome.

However, when he arrived at the Industry and Commerce Bureau, he filled in the information for a long time. In the end, he was told that he did not need to apply for a wholesale license.

Qin Lin then realized that he was ignorant.

It turned out that Article 35 of the Food-related regulations stipulated that the types of fruits were single. If one did not reach the basic size, the fruit farmers could directly distribute them without a wholesale license.

Qin Lin left the Industry and Commerce Bureau and had just returned home when he received an unexpected notification in his mind.

[Character level increased. You can develop new land! Level 2 land upgrade authority is open. You can upgrade six plots of land!]

Qin Lin’s eyes lit up as he immediately looked at the game screen in his mind.

Indeed, six more plots of land lit up, indicating that it could be developed.

Furthermore, a symbol that could upgrade the number of lands appeared on the screen, followed by the suffix o/6.

In other words, not only could he open six more slots of new land, but he could also upgrade six slots of basic land to Level 2.

Qin Lin did not hesitate at all. He immediately controlled the game character to pick up a sickle, an ax,… and other tools to clean the weeds, stones, and wooden blocks in these six squares. Then, he used a hoe to develop the six squares and planted watermelon seeds immediately.

He did not plan to sell these six plots of new melon in reality because upgrading to level 2 land required game gold.

Furthermore, after upgrading to Level 2, he could totally plant other more expensive things.

Watermelons with six squares were ripe twice a day. One square could be upgraded in two days.

This way, he could complete the upgrade of Level 6 level 2 land in 12 days.

Over the next two days, the previous 24 slots made Qin Lin earn 26,123 yuan again. His bank card balance reached 72,532 yuan.

The newly opened six boxes of watermelons were all sold in the game. One box of level 2 land was developed.

After upgrading a level 2 land, Qin Lin immediately controlled his game character to leave the ranch and go to the Ore Town Seed Shop outside the ranch to check.

The seed shop had dense seed categories. What was available in reality and even what was not available in reality was here.

The requirements for the land level were marked behind each seed. It would only be opened if the seed was planted. If the requirements were not met, it would be gray and not open for the time being.

Qin Lin immediately searched among the many level-2 seeds, including vegetables, fruits, and various plants.

He directly chose to plant fruits to check. Many fruits were far more expensive than watermelons.

However, most of the seedlings were planted for other reasons. The restrictions on him were very big and not secretive enough. He directly ignored them.

In the end, he found a level-2 fruit seed that was very suitable for his current situation.

That was red strawberries.

Qin Lin checked online. At this stage, it was no longer the red strawberry season. In other words, red strawberries were already considered out of season fruits at this time. The price of ordinary red strawberries on the market had reached 15 to 25 yuan per catty.

If it was a special variety like cream strawberries, it would cost at least 50 yuan per catty. However, fruits could be planted in Level 2 lands without these special varieties of strawberries.

Seeing the price of ordinary red strawberries, Qin Lin immediately went to the seed sales point in Youcheng County.

It was still that big sister. She still remembered Qin Lin. “Brother, what seed do you want this time?”

Qin Lin said, “Sister, are there any red strawberry seeds?”

The sales lady immediately introduced to him enthusiastically, “Yes, yes. Red strawberry seeds are 45 yuan for 2 catties!”

Qin Lin bought strawberry seeds again and paid to return home. He entered the game immediately and placed the strawberry seeds in the seed storage box.

When he returned to reality, Qin Lin looked at the game screen. There were indeed strawberry seeds in the seed storage box.

Qin Lin immediately planted the strawberry seeds in the Grade 2 land.

At night.

After watering the plants and pests, he fell asleep with anticipation.

When he woke up the next morning, he looked at the game screen in his mind. Other than the green watermelon, there was a red and green strawberry that was especially eye-catching.

Qin Lin entered the game immediately and came to the place where the strawberries were planted. From the outside, the game screen was only a small box. In the game, the entire patch of red and green made him feel refreshed.

In the past, when he was dating Zhao Moqing, he often went to the strawberry plantation to pick strawberries himself. Of course, it was not to save a lot of money. Couples just liked that kind of atmosphere.

Qin Lin plucked a few strawberries. They were plump and bright red. They were definitely appetizing.

At the same time, he saw the message:

[Red Strawberry: Quality 1]

[Remarks: Although it’s not a special type, it’s a game product. It tastes great. It’s the best among red strawberries. Delicious +1, sweet +1, taste +1.]

Similarly, the strawberries produced by this game had the same delicious, sweet, and taste of +1.

Although the note said that, Qin Lin was an experienced person. He still wanted to experience it personally. He placed a strawberry in his mouth and ate it.

The juice immediately overflowed in her mouth. It was soft, juicy, and fragrant.

One word: Delicious!

Two words: Very delicious!

If ordinary strawberries were sold for 15 to 25 yuan, the strawberries produced by his game could definitely exceed 25 yuan or even higher.

When he returned outside, Qin Lin controlled the game character to click pick and put all the ripe watermelons and red strawberries into the store.

This time, other than watermelons, he had also harvested 50 catties of red strawberries. However, he directly chose to sell these red strawberries in the game. He would upgrade the other five level 2 lands that could be upgraded first.

Because he had begun to plant strawberries to sell in the game, the time it took to upgrade all six plots of land to Level 2 had decreased a lot. It was completed in seven days.

Over the past seven days, Qin Lin’s watermelon wholesale had earned another 94,211 yuan. The balance on his card had even reached 166,743 yuan.

He had earned more than 160,000 yuan in 13 days. This was something he had not dared to imagine in the past.

Now that the level 2 land had been upgraded, his income would increase by a lot.

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