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I Can Enter The Game

Chapter 8 - Expanding the Sales Channel! Who Cares if the Night View is Beautiful? 1

Chapter 8: Expanding the Sales Channel! Who Cares if the Night View is Beautiful? 1

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It was a good idea to mass-produce watermelons with Quality 2 and sell them at the price of imported special watermelons, but there were only a few watermelons with Quality 2 at the moment. He had even eaten one.

Therefore, he had to take care of the business in front of him first. At least he had to repay the debt at home first and pay the down payment for a house so that his mother could live better. Then, he could bring Mo Qing home to live together openly.

At the thought of this, Qin Lin walked behind Zhao Moqing and hugged her waist. His hands became naughty. “Moqing, why don’t you not go back tonight?”

How could Zhao Moqing not understand? She said coquettishly, “If I don’t return tonight, my mother will definitely know that I’m with you? When the time comes, she’ll nag again.”

Qin Lin sighed. “Then what should we do? It’s been too difficult holding it in these past few days.”

“Hmph!” Zhao Moqing grabbed the dishonest hand on her and snorted. “I’ll call home later and say that my colleagues are eating outside. I’ll be back later tonight?”

“Good idea. I’ll book a room.” Qin Lin skillfully took out his phone and went online to book a big bed in the bathtub of the East City Hotel.

The bathtub was not big, and the bed was not booked.

They had clearly registered their marriage, but they still acted like they were in an underground relationship. Was it easy?

After booking a room, he took out his wallet and looked at the two small umbrellas left inside. They were still enough.

“Mom, don’t worry. I’m not with him. I know. I won’t let him take advantage of me!” Zhao Moqing promised over the phone before hanging up. Then, she held Qin Lin’s arm and said, “Look, my mother is guarding against you like she’s guarding against a thief… Why don’t we lay our cards on the table with our family? I want to stay with you every day.”

“Give me some time.” Qin Lin hurriedly stopped Zhao Moqing’s impulsive thoughts.

Neither of them would feel good if they revealed their cards.

His mother would be happy and guilty. Zhao Moqing’s parents would definitely be upset and frustrated. Even if they pinched their noses in the end and acknowledged it, the relationship between the two families would be stiff and there would always be a knot in their hearts.

The average room in Youcheng County now was 12,000 yuan per square meter. A 100-story house with all kinds of procedures was about 1.3 million yuan. The down payment was about 400,000 yuan. Coupled with the renovation, it should cost more than 600,000 yuan.

In the past, he really did not have the confidence to do so. But now, if he expanded his business and guaranteed that he could sell 24 boxes of ripe watermelons every day, he would be able to earn this money in two months.

If the character’s level increased and he could open more places, the time taken would be even shorter.

When the time came, he could pick Mo Qing up openly and give her a big surprise. He could also explain to Mo Qing’s parents. Wouldn’t it be better for the two families to settle the matter happily?

“Okay, I’ll listen to you. Let’s go.” Zhao Moqing nodded with a smile.

She had never doubted Qin Lin. Even if the man she chose could only take the path of a showdown, in the end, she was still willing to choose him.

East City Hotel was the largest hotel in Youcheng County. It was by the river and had a beautiful night view.

However, who would be thinking about the night view when a man and a woman came to a hotel to get a room?

After registering at the front desk and getting the room card, Qin Lin held Zhao Moqing’s hand and entered the elevator to go upstairs. As soon as they entered the room and the door was locked, he could not wait to remove the defense on Mo Qing. Then, he held her hand and went straight to the large bathtub.

Qin Lin then held Zhao Moqing’s hand in satisfaction and left the hotel. They went to the night market to eat something before sending her home.

After saying goodbye to Zhao Moqing, Qin Lin returned home and looked at the game in his mind.

When they were messing around in the hotel, he had received a notification that weeds and insects had appeared in the game. At that time, he could not care less.

The next day, he got up.

The watermelon in 24 square meters was ripe again.

Qin Lin controlled his game character to pluck it and placed it in the storage room. Then, he removed the withered watermelon vines and planted seeds again. This way, another batch would mature in the evening.

In the storage room, including the batch that had matured yesterday evening, there were already two batches of watermelons.

He locked the door.

He entered the game.

When he arrived at the storage room, he saw a mountain of watermelons.

Seedless watermelon: 836 (Quality 1)

Seedless watermelon: 7 (Quality 2)

There were a total of 843 watermelons in the two batches. Furthermore, seven Quality 2 watermelons were separated.

After exiting the game, Qin Lin casually ate a bowl of porridge and went to the warehouse. He spent some time moving all 843 watermelons out of the game and then took another video to send to the WeChat group.

A moment later, Liu Dasheng and the other bosses appeared one after another. However, they were all people who had been wholesale previously, and there were no new orders.

Other than selling fruits, this group of people sold vegetables, seafood, and so on. Their sales potential was only so high.

After some calculations, there were more people booked today. There were 411 people.

Qin Lin quickly loaded the watermelons into the car and spent three hours pulling them in batches. He sent them over one by one. In the end, there was a total of 4,521 catties and 6,781 yuan in income.

However, when he returned to the warehouse, there were still 422 watermelons left. A batch would mature in the afternoon, and there would be more than 400 watermelons. He had to find a new channel.

Furthermore, he had a goal. It was the big RT-Mart in the Eastern Commercial Square.

The Eastern Commercial Square was the center of traffic in Youcheng County. It had the largest parking lot. There were all kinds of shops in the entire square’s commercial building. There were bars, KTVs, cinemas… All kinds of entertainment.

The big RT-Mart was in the best position on the first floor. It was very big and had a complete classification area. It had the largest customer flow in Youcheng County.

The sales of the watermelons in Liu Dasheng’s fruit and vegetable shops might not even be as much as in the watermelon area of the RT-Mart.

Qin Lin quickly carried two watermelons into his small electric car and rode to the RT-Mart.

What he needed to do now was to get his watermelon into the supermarket.

He had also asked around and found out that other than special bidding channels, the purchase of the RT-Mart would also often be wholesale of some goods at a ‘promising’ price.

Of course, there was a way.

When he arrived at the office of the supermarket, Qin Lin stuffed a pack of cigarettes into the security guard’s hand and asked about the purchasing manager’s office.

After putting a pack of cigarettes into his pocket, the security guard enthusiastically helped Qin Lin move a watermelon to Manager Chen’s office.

The security guard had seen many people like this coming to the procurement department. There was only one goal. Manager Chen had also instructed that such a person would directly pick him up from his office.

Manager Chen was a fat and greasy man with a big belly. After knowing Qin Lin’s intentions, he pretended to look at the two watermelons he had brought carefully. “The outer appearance of the watermelons is not bad. They’re good watermelons.”

“Manager Chen, do you think this watermelon can enter the supermarket?” Qin Lin asked.

Manager Chen immediately looked troubled and said, “Xiao Qin, you also know that there are many fruit channels who come looking for me every day. I’ve already worked with others. I have to be honest in business.”

“…” Qin Lin knew that the meat show was coming. If he was really honest, he would not have told him so much. He immediately said, “Manager Chen, supermarkets also want to make a profit, right? The wholesale price outside is 1.5 yuan per catty. I can give in a little. 1.3 yuan per catty.”

Manager Chen still looked troubled. “Xiao Qin, you know that my position is very difficult!”

Qin Lin knew very well and immediately smiled. “Manager Chen, then I’ll give in a little more. 1.2 yuan a catty. You have to let me earn some?”

He knew that he was the only one who could make this deal. After all, he was doing it for free.

Manager Chen smiled. “Xiao Qin, since you’re so sincere, our supermarket will take your watermelons. However, your invoice wholesale price will be 1.4 yuan per catty.”

“Don’t worry, Manager Chen. I understand.” Qin Lin smiled, but his heart was filled with complaints.

He had long known about this. 1.4 yuan a catty was one cent cheaper than normal wholesale. He had already instructed the supermarket. As for the 20 cents a catty, it had fallen into Manager Chen’s pocket.

Although one catty was only 20 cents, what if there were 5,000 catties a day? That would be 1,000 yuan, which was 30,000 yuan a month.

This was only a watermelon. Think about it. There were so many kinds of fruits in the entire supermarket. If there were more, how much profit could Manager Chen earn in a month?


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