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I Can Enter The Game

Chapter 7 - The Feeling of Eating Watermelon to Get Rare Food! 1

Chapter 7: The Feeling of Eating Watermelon to Get Rare Food! 1

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Qin Lin brought out the three Quality 2 watermelons alone.

Now, he wanted to see if this watermelon with Quality 2 could really make people unable to control their taste buds.

He carried a watermelon to the front and picked up a knife to cut it in half. He placed one half in the fridge and cut the other half into pieces.

When he put down the knife, Qin Lin was shocked to find the black dog squatting beside him. It was stretching its head to look at the watermelon he had cut.

“Damn it, you come and go as you please. You really don’t treat yourself as an outsider.” Qin Lin was speechless when he saw the black dog.

However, he was about to make more than ten thousand yuan a day. He was in a good mood. He picked up a watermelon for himself and threw a piece to the black dog. This fellow was lucky.

Qin Lin took a bite of the watermelon in his hand and his eyes instantly lit up.

This Quality 2 melon was surprisingly delicious. It was sweet in the mouth. Furthermore, the juice flowed horizontally. It did not have the greasy feeling of sugar and sweetness at all. The taste was also extremely crispy. Coupled with the juice, it was perfect.

Most importantly, after eating it in one bite, there was a fragrance that could be recalled.

Was this its aftertaste +2 attribute?

It was as if he had eaten watermelon and tasted a delicacy.

This was definitely much better than Quality 1.

He did not know anything else, but he had once eaten an imported special watermelon bought by a rich second-generation roommate at university. The watermelon tasted very good, but it felt lousy compared to this.

Mo Qing must like this melon.

Qin Lin immediately finished the watermelon in his hand and was about to pick up the other piece when he realized that the black dog had already finished its piece. It seemed to be too delicious. This time, it was so anxious that it wanted to reach out to the watermelon on the table.

Seeing Qin Lin look over, it whimpered and squatted back timidly, looking at Qin Lin anxiously.

Qin Lin frowned. This black dog actually dared to pounce on the table. This was something only a pet dog could do.

Did this dog not know its identity or was it out of its mind?

Qin Lin ignored this thick-skinned black dog and picked up another watermelon to eat. This watermelon was really fragrant.

As soon as he finished eating the watermelon, there was a movement by his feet. The black dog was actually rubbing its head against his leg and looking at him fawningly.

“Damn…” Qin Lin was simply speechless. Was this dog crazy? It was still acting cute to him?

Looking at its appearance, he felt embarrassed that he did not give it any watermelon. He could only throw it another piece of watermelon. He did not forget to warn the black dog seriously, “This is the last piece, no more!”

This was even more delicious than imported special watermelons. How many people had not even eaten imported special watermelons after giving two slices to a dog? It could be said that 99% of the people in Youcheng County had not eaten them before, let alone this better Quality 2 watermelon.

Qin Lin finished two slices of watermelon in no time. After eating another piece, the black dog obediently lay down at the door of his shop and revealed its stomach happily.

Qin Lin had nothing to do now. He closed the door again and entered the game, planning to explore the game world.

This Ranches Story did not only have ranches. The map was still very large. There was a small town outside and a harbor. It was backed by mountains…

Qin Lin entered the game and walked toward the exit of the ranch. He planned to go out to take a look, but when he reached the door, he realized that there was an invisible air wall blocking it. He could not leave at all.

This seemed to be some kind of restriction.

He could only stroll around the ranch. There were no obstacles in the entire range of the ranch. The fields were filled with weeds, waiting to be repaired. The empty space for the factory to be built, and the river crossing the ranch…

After spending some time understanding the approximate range and place of the entire ranch, Qin Lin exited the game.

When the sun began to set, the market became lively. It was time to prepare dinner.

Qin Lin looked at the game scene in his mind again. The 24 boxes of watermelons had already ripened. He immediately controlled the game character to pick the watermelons and place them in the storage room. At the same time, he cleaned the withered watermelon vines and added watermelon seeds again. This way, another batch would ripen in the morning.

However, if he really earned 10,000 yuan a day, he would have to think of a new market for watermelons.

With the demand from the fruit shops in the WeChat group, it was already not bad if he could satisfy a batch of more than 400 watermelons per day.

This was the limit of their shop’s location. The fixed customer range of such a private shop was only about five kilometers.

Even the range of customers on the market was limited. As there was no big enough parking lot here, most people would choose to go to the business square in the East City. There was the largest supermarket in the county city with a big enough parking lot.

As he was thinking, he received a message on WeChat.

Mo Qing, my wife: “I’m already back at the station. Remember to pick me up from work.”

When he saw this, Qin Lin replied with a smile. Then, he decisively closed the shop and went home. He took a good shower at home before leaving again. He went downstairs and rode his small electric car.

The tax bureau of Youcheng County was located along the river in East City. When Qin Lin arrived in his electric car, it was almost five o’clock. The tax bureau workers had already gotten off work. After all, it was a nine-to-five job.

Soon, he saw Zhao Moqing walking out. She had a delicate face and only had light makeup on. However, her bright peach blossom eyes added a lot to her beauty.

Zhao Moqing was not a devastatingly beautiful woman, but she was the kind of woman many people chased after on the streets.

The key was that as long as the two of them liked each other, the other party would be the best and most beautiful.

Qin Lin was about to greet her when he saw a handsome young man with greasy hair chasing her out of the building. “Mo Qing, it’s on the way. I’ll send you back.”

As the young man spoke, he did not forget to press the car key in his hand. An Audi flashed its lights, showing his strength.

He naturally wanted to chase Zhao Moqing.

Although he was also an ordinary civil servant, he had created better capital for himself than his peers who had just graduated a year or two with the help of his parents, sister, and brother-in-law. He had spent 5,000 yuan to buy an Audi.

“Chen Hao, there’s no need. My husband is here to pick me up.” Zhao Moqing was clearly a little awkward being chased by another man in front of Qin Lin. In order not to let Qin Lin misunderstand, she walked to Qin Lin and got onto his electric car.

“Let’s go!” Mo Qing said.

Qin Lin nodded and started the small electric car to leave.

Chen Hao looked at the departing electric car and subconsciously looked at the car key in his hand. He was a little puzzled. Where did he lose out?

More importantly, why did she have a husband?

All the good cabbage crops had been ruined by the pigs.

The small electric car drove onto the street. Accompanied by the wind, it was as if it had driven 80 miles per hour.

Mo Qing hugged Qin Lin’s waist tightly and leaned against his back affectionately. “I said I want to eat watermelon. Have you prepared it?”

“Yes, I’ll give you a surprise.” Qin Lin nodded and tacitly did not mention what had happened earlier.

This was the most basic trust. Otherwise, if he was angry that his wife was chased by someone, he might as well find an ugly or single person.

When they returned to the shop, Zhao Moqing asked expectantly, “Where’s the surprise?”

Qin Lin immediately took out the other half of the Quality 2 watermelon in the fridge and cut it. He handed a piece to Mo Qing. “Try it.”

Zhao Moqing took the watermelon and took a small bite. She felt a rich fragrance spread out, and then an indescribable sweetness invaded her taste buds.

“Qin Lin, why are these watermelons so delicious?” Zhao Moqing could not help but be surprised. She had never eaten such delicious watermelons in her life.

“I know you like watermelons, so I prepared them for you,” Qin Lin said as he picked up a piece for himself and ate it. He realized that after it was frozen, the watermelon was even more delicious.

If only this Quality 2 melon could be mass-produced, then it would not be a problem to sell it at the price of imported special melons.

“Give me another piece.” Zhao Moqing had transformed into a little foodie. Originally, in order to control her diet, she would not eat too much even if she liked watermelon. Now, she could not care less and ate a few pieces in succession.

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