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I Can Enter The Game

Chapter 6 - 10,000 Yuan Per Day! 1

Chapter 6: 10,000 Yuan Per Day! 1

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

After developing all 12 plots, Qin Lin controlled the game character to take out the seeds and start planting.

However, after planting three plots, he suddenly received a notification. “Not enough seeds!”

Qin Lin patted his head. He had forgotten about this.

Seeds were needed to plant crops in the game.

The seeds were not unlimited. After using them up, he needed to go to the seed store in the game to buy them. However, he had already used all the money in the game to buy seedless watermelon seeds.

According to the normal game rhythm, he had to sell the watermelons in the game for money and buy new seeds to plant.

He had been accumulating funds to develop the ranch.

If he planted watermelons in the game and sold them in reality, there would be no way to recoup his losses in the game. Unless he sold the newly harvested watermelons in the game, he would have the money to buy new seeds.

However, he thought of something. Could he bring the seeds in reality to plant in the game?

Qin Lin closed the fruit and vegetable shop and went to the crop seed sales point in Youcheng County. As soon as he entered, the woman sitting at the counter said enthusiastically, “Brother, take a look. What seeds do you want to buy?”

“Do you have seedless watermelon seeds?” Qin Lin asked as he looked at the seeds in the shop.

Although the initial land in the game could grow many fruits and vegetables, the trading of seedless watermelons had just begun. Naturally, he continued to plant seedless watermelons.

“Yes.” The auntie smiled and introduced, “However, they’re only ordinary seedless watermelons for 80 yuan. How much do you want?”

“I’ll buy two catties first.” Qin Lin was not sure if this kind of seed could be planted in the game, so he did not buy too much. After returning to the fruit and vegetable shop, he locked the door again and entered the game. He placed the seed in the seed storage box.

After he was done, he retreated from the game.

Looking at the game screen in his mind, there was already a bag of watermelon seeds lying in the toolbox.

[Seed of the seedless watermelon: Quality Grade 1]

[This is a seedless watermelon seed. After planting it, you can harvest seedless watermelons!]

It was a simple note.

Qin Lin immediately controlled his game character to plant in the newly opened 12 plots.

A moment later, when he saw the notification that 12 plots of land had been planted, he could not help but smile.

The seeds outside could be planted in the game.

This solved one of the current problems.

He wondered if the watermelon planted outside would taste the same as the one planted in the game.

For the entire afternoon, someone in the WeChat group took away the remaining 30 watermelons wholesale.

Qin Lin had also sold all the fruits and vegetables he had bought yesterday at a low price and did not plan to buy more. He was now a full-time watermelon seller.

When the sun went down and he closed the shop, his mother had already prepared dinner.

After dinner, he looked at the screen in his mind immediately.

The watermelons in the previous 12 plots had grown bugs. There were also weeds in the new 12 plots behind. They all needed to be cleaned.

After cleaning up the bugs and removing the weeds, Qin Lin received a message on WeChat.

Mo Qing, my wife: “It’s already over. I’ll go back tomorrow afternoon. Pick me up from work then. Also, I want to eat watermelon.”

When he saw Zhao Moqing’s WeChat, Qin Lin replied immediately, “Okay, my dear wife.”

Like him, Mo Qing returned to Youcheng County after graduating from university. However, unlike him, Mo Qing had an uncle who worked in the Youcheng County Tax Bureau, so she became a civil servant and entered the Tax Bureau.

Over the past few days, it seemed like a town enterprise with considerable assets had been discovered to have a problem. It was said that a few leaders of the company had been filmed and posted on a certain platform while eating and bragging at a farmhouse. Then, their luck dwindled.

The higher-ups brought a group of tax inspectors. Mo Qing was in this group, probably doing the miscellaneous work of reviewing and calculating.

Qin Lin and Mo Qing chatted on WeChat until late at night.

The next day.

Qin Lin got up and looked at the screen in his mind. The 24-checked watermelons on it had already ripened.

He looked at the watermelon planted with real seeds. It was green and not much different from the ones planted with game seeds.

Qin Lin controlled his game character and plucked one of the watermelons planted with real seeds and placed it in the storage room. Then, with a thought, he entered the game.

He went straight to the storage room. There were already 16 watermelons in the box he had picked earlier. They were still very big, more than 10 kilograms.

He picked one up and saw the note:

[Seedless Watermelon: Quality 1]

[Remarks: Although it’s not a special type of watermelon, it’s produced by the game. It’s the best among ordinary watermelons.]

The notification was the same as before.

Qin Lin was still a little worried. He returned to the room with the watermelon in his hand and went straight to the kitchen to cut the watermelon into pieces. Then, he picked up a piece and tasted it. He would only be relieved if it was really delicious.

This way, he could take the seeds in with the real seeds and sell the watermelons. He did not have to worry about the taste changing.

“Xiao Lin, why are you eating watermelon so early in the morning? It’s bad for your stomach.” His mother, Lin Fen, could not help but nag when she entered the kitchen.

Qin Lin smiled and explained, “Mom, I’m just trying this watermelon. I’ll sell it in the future.”

Lin Fen did not say anything else. Instead, she picked up a piece of watermelon and planned to help her son advise. After taking a bite, she said in surprise, “Xiao Lin, this watermelon tastes very good. It’s rare for the watermelons our shop sells to have this taste. If every watermelon has the same taste, it’ll definitely be easy to sell.”

Having opened a fruit and vegetable shop her entire life, Lin Fen knew if this watermelon was good after tasting it.

Qin Lin also looked at the screen in his mind. He controlled the game character to pick all the watermelons in 24 squares and place them in the storage room. Then, he controlled the game character to remove the watermelon vines and plant new seeds.

This way, another batch of watermelons would ripen in the evening.

Then, Qin Lin and his mother had breakfast before leaving. They rode to the rented warehouse.

When he arrived at the warehouse, he locked the door and entered the game with a thought. He walked toward the storage room and saw a sign the moment he entered. The information on it was:

Seedless watermelon: 418 (Quality 1)

This was the reward for the 24 slots.

What surprised Qin Lin was that there were three separate watermelons placed together behind this pile of watermelons. There was also a brand message:

Seedless watermelon: 3 (Quality 2)

A higher-quality watermelon had actually appeared? The outer stripes of this watermelon were clearly deeper, and its appearance was more rounded.

He immediately picked one up and a message appeared in front of him:

[Seedless Watermelon: Quality 2]

[Remark: A high-quality watermelon produced by the game. Be it the taste, taste, or fragrance… It’s far better than a watermelon of quality 1. It can make you unable to control your taste buds. Delicious +2, Sweet +2, Taste +2, Aftertaste +2!]

Quality 2: The taste and sweetness of the watermelon became +2. There was also an additional aftertaste +2.

However, this remark seemed a little exaggerated.

A watermelon could make one fascinated? It could make people unable to control their taste buds?

It was not a delicacy.

Qin Lin was still very curious about how much better these 2-quality watermelons and 1-quality watermelons tasted. However, he had to get down to business first. He first moved all 418 watermelons out of the game and took a video to the WeChat group: Fresh seedless watermelons that had just arrived. They’re being sold wholesale for 1.5 yuan per catty.

Not long after the message was sent, Qin Lin was still moving watermelons into the car when his WeChat rang. It was Liu Dasheng’s fruit and vegetable shop owners who had sent the message immediately.

Even if it was watermelon with a quality of 1, it would still taste better than ordinary watermelons. In this season of eating watermelons, there was no need to worry about selling them. Customers who had bought them would still be returning customers. Therefore, the boss who had ordered watermelons previously had predicted again that there would be more watermelons than before.

Other than that, there were also a few new fruit shop owners who had sent him WeChat orders. There were 20 and 30 of them. The fruit shop was located in East City and Shuixi Street.

After two days of wholesale, the others in the group naturally moved when they heard the news.

Qin Lin calculated carefully. The number of watermelons these bosses had wholesale today had actually reached 395. This was almost done with his batch of watermelons.

After calculating, he loaded watermelons into the car and pulled them back to the county city.

At noon, he pulled a cart of watermelons to the market and delivered them to Liu Dasheng and the other two.

“Xiao Qin, you’re here?” When Liu Dasheng saw Qin Lin, he smiled and came out to welcome him. “Your watermelons are very easy to sell. I’ll order 10 more today.”

“Thank you, Brother Liu, for taking care of my business.” Qin Lin smiled and began to move the melons for Liu Dasheng. After the transaction, he sent the melons to Chen Dahe and Ai Qioni. At noon, he pulled the remaining 23 watermelons back to his shop.

After calculating the accounts, this batch of 395 watermelons weighed 4,424 catties in total and he had earned 6,636 yuan. In that case, when the batch of watermelons matured in the evening, he would have earned more than 10,000 yuan a day.

In a single day, he could earn the money he had worked hard to sell fruits and vegetables for a month.

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