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I Can Enter The Game

Chapter 5 - Making a Fortune Depends on This Game! 1

Chapter 5: Making a Fortune Depends on This Game! 1

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After cleaning up the pests on the watermelon vines, Qin Lin looked at the other fields of the ranch.

Currently, 6 plots of land could plant 105 watermelons. There were more than 6 plots of land on the entire ranch. If new lands were developed, more watermelons could be planted.

In this game, there were a total of 100 fields on the ranch. However, these fields had weeds, stones, wood, wooden stakes, and so on. They could not be planted.

Furthermore, because of the level restriction of the game characters, some places were not open and appeared gray.

The setting was that as long as the game characters continued to plant, they could level up and open up new lands. The players only needed to clean up the weeds, and stones… Those things could be developed with a hoe.

Most importantly, as the character level increased, they could also upgrade the land, plant higher-level crops, and even open new functions.

Seeing that there was still land that could be developed, Qin Lin began to control the game character to get tools from the tool room. He went to the ground that could be developed to handle weeds, wood, and stones. Then, he opened six slots and planted the watermelon seeds.

The six watermelons in this new land should be ripe by noon tomorrow. There were more than 100 watermelons.

However, Qin Lin did not continue to develop the new land. Instead, he took out his phone and searched for the warehouse rental information on the housing agency.

He was a cautious person. In the city, no matter where he entered the game to get watermelons, there was a possibility that he would be noticed if there were too many of them. Even if he found a hidden place in the wilderness, he was afraid that someone would see him entering and leaving the game. That would be troublesome.

Therefore, he had to find a warehouse. It had to be remote with nobody around.

He would lock the warehouse and hide in it to take out the watermelon without anyone knowing.

There was a lot of rental information on the intermediary network. After searching for a long time, he really found a suitable one.

The place was in the suburbs of Youcheng County. There was originally a pig farm that had built a warehouse for collecting pig grass. There was also a separate road that no one went to usually.

However, raising pigs was risky. The pig farm had closed down because of a pig plague. Now, that warehouse had actually been rented. The rent was not expensive. It was 2,000 yuan a month, and the area was very big. It did not even require a deposit. Unfortunately, it was in a remote location, and no one rented it for a long time.

Qin Lin felt that this place was suitable for him.

The next day.

Qin Lin woke up early in the morning and looked at the game screen in his mind.

In the beginning, there were already ripe watermelons lying on the ground. He directly controlled the game characters to pick them and placed the watermelons in the storage room. Then, he removed the withered vines and planted watermelon seeds again.

Vines grew on the newly opened six squares and watermelon buds grew. However, weeds and pests also grew on the six squares.

He immediately controlled his game character to clean up the weeds and pests. Then, he ate breakfast and went out to contact the owner of the rental warehouse to arrange to meet at the warehouse.

The warehouse was more than ten minutes away from the county city. It was very remote and not many people came to such a place.

The warehouse was well preserved and there was an empty space for parking. It would not be a problem even if the big truck turned around.

This was originally used to transport pig grass to park at the pig farm.

The owner was a middle-aged fat man. After Qin Lin confirmed the information, he rented it for three months.

With the 6,000 yuan rent gone, his bank balance was immediately emptied, but he could earn the money back immediately.

After signing the contract, Qin Lin added her on WeChat. If he wanted to renew the lease, he could just transfer the money on WeChat.

After that, the owner did not stay long. He seemed to have received a call to play cards and left with his contract.

Qin Lin opened the warehouse and walked in. It was empty like a wilderness, filled with cobwebs and dust.

However, he did not have many requirements for the environment. After cleaning up a little, he took a few baskets from the three-wheeled truck and entered the warehouse. Then, he locked the warehouse door from the inside.

With that, he entered the game with the basket and placed the watermelon in the game storage room into the basket.

With a thought, he appeared in the warehouse with a basket of watermelons.

After moving out the watermelons a few times, there were a total of 106 of them. They were all big watermelons that weighed more than ten catties, but they were all of Grade 1.

After moving the watermelons into the car, he took a video of the car full of watermelons and sent it to the boss of the fruit and vegetable shop. Then, he sent a message:

“Seedless watermelon with high sugar content and juicy taste. The wholesale price is 1.5 yuan per catty. It’s delivered to your door!”

As soon as the news was released, Liu Dasheng appeared. “Xiao Qin, you went to buy watermelons so early? Your watermelons are really easy to sell. Anyone who has tried them will buy them. I sold more than ten last night. Give me 20 more.”

“Xiao Qin, give me 10 more.” Chen Dahe also appeared.

“Add 20 on my side too,” Ai Qioni said.

“Okay, I’ll send it to the three of you later,” Qin Lin replied immediately.

It was normal for the watermelons produced by the game to be easy to sell. After all, his watermelon tasted the best among ordinary watermelons.

A few fruit shop owners appeared in the WeChat group.

“Boss Qin, do you deliver your watermelons wholesale?”

“Boss Qin, these watermelons look good. Send me a batch too.”

“I’ll try 30 too.”


Because Liu Dasheng and the other two were there to support him, when they saw the three of them getting the goods from Qin Lin consecutively, these people did not ask to see the goods and directly asked him to deliver them.

After all, they did not buy many. Even if there was something fishy, they would not lose anything. If there was nothing fishy, it would save time and effort.

When Qin Lin saw this message, he also replied, “I’ll send watermelons to Brother Liu and the others first. If you need them, you can send an address privately. I’ll deliver them later.”

Then, he put down his phone and pulled the watermelon back to the county city.

When he returned to the market, he sent the melons to Liu Dasheng, Chen Dahe, and Ai Qioni.

Liu Dasheng had 20 melons, 230 catties, and 345 yuan.

Chen Dahe had 10 melons, 115 catties, and 172.5 yuan.

Ai Qioni had 20 melons, 245 catties, and 367.5 yuan.

This added up to 885 yuan.

After Qin Lin sent the melons to Liu Dasheng and the others, he took out his phone and WeChat. He had already received six private messages. They were all intended to buy goods, but there were not many of them. They were all small businesses.

After some calculations, four people wanted 10 watermelons, and 2 people wanted 20.

Qin Lin still had 55 watermelons in his car. He planned to send 20 watermelons to the 2 places and 10 watermelons to one place first. Then, he explained to the other three people that he would send them at noon.

These three fruit shops were a little far from the market. One was beside the school, and two were on South Street. There were 55 watermelons, a total of 632 catties, and another 948 yuan.

The batch of ripe watermelons in the morning earned a total of 1,833 yuan.

The key was that he could harvest another batch at noon.

At the thought of this, Qin Lin was in a good mood. He drove the empty car back to his vegetable shop and opened the curtains, only to hear a dog barking.

It was the black dog from yesterday who ran out of an alley opposite. Its target seemed to be his shop.

Qin Lin immediately glared at the black dog and scolded it.

Was it f*cking going to cling to him?

Not only did the black dog not run after being scolded by him, but it even grinned and ran faster with its tongue out. In the blink of an eye, it arrived at the door of his shop. It even ignored him and lay down, licking its claws.

What the f*ck…

Qin Lin simply ignored the black dog and sat back at the cashier. He looked at the game on the screen in his mind and watered the watermelon he had planted previously.

At noon, Qin Lin received a notification in his mind. The newly opened watermelon was also ripe. He immediately controlled his game character to pick it. Then, he removed the watermelon vine and planted new watermelon seeds.

After that, he looked at the time and did not plan to go home for dinner. He called his mother and rode a farm tricycle out of the city.

When he arrived at the warehouse, he locked the door again and entered the game to take out all the new ripe watermelons.

There were 110 watermelons in this batch, but they were all Grade 1.

He pulled the watermelons back to the county city and sent them to the other three shops he had booked in the morning. Although there were only 10 watermelons in each shop, there were 30 in total. There were a total of 321 catties, and he had earned 481.5 yuan.

Since he entered the game yesterday, he had received a total of 4,017.5 yuan.

This money seemed to fall from the sky.

When he returned to his fruit and vegetable shop, Qin Lin’s stomach was growling. In a good mood, he ordered a takeaway for himself, the kind with two chicken eggs and two drumsticks. It was a luxury.

Soon, the takeout arrived and he ate heartily.

The eggs were so fragrant, and the drumsticks were so fragrant.

“Woof, woof!”

As he was eating, he heard barking sounds.

The black dog squatted at the entrance of the shop and looked straight at his takeout. When it saw him looking, it immediately stuck out its tongue in anticipation.

It looked so charming.

Qin Lin’s face darkened. Was this dog really going to rely on him? It was actually asking him for food?

He firmly ignored it and continued eating.

“Woof!” The black dog’s barking became weaker as if it was disappointed. It even shrugged its head, looking like a child who had not gotten candy.

“…” When Qin Lin saw this, he looked at the chicken drumstick in his hand that was still a little meaty. He could not put it in his mouth. He gritted his teeth and threw it at the black dog.

Men always lost because their hearts were too soft.

However, the black dog seemed to be prepared. It instantly stood up and bit the drumstick happily.

“What a f*cking change in attitude!” Qin Lin suspected that he had been tricked by a dog. He thought about it and quickly started eating.

After eating his fill, he posted a video of the remaining 80 watermelons in the shop owner’s group chat.

Then, he looked at the screen in his mind and began to control the game character to pick up the tools to open up new land. Only by planting more watermelons could he sell them for more money.

There were still 12 plots of land that could be developed.

He first used the sickle to clean the weeds on those lands, then used the ax to clean the wood. Finally, he used the hammer to deal with the stones. This way, he could use the hoe to develop these 12 plots.

At this moment, he received a WeChat message on his phone. “Boss Qin, my name is Liu Ersheng. My brother is Liu Dasheng. He said that the melons you have here are not bad. Can you send me 50?”

Qin Lin’s eyes lit up.

A big client.

When he saw that the caller ID was beside First Middle School in Youcheng County, he understood. Everyone knew where the most profitable place was in the small shop in Youcheng County. It was naturally beside the school, especially beside First Middle School, Junior High School, and Senior High School.

In this season, ice watermelons, transparent plastic cups, and a few toothpicks were the most popular among students. Some of them had to bring a portion into school.

Furthermore, if he sold it like this, he would earn more money than usual.

Qin Lin replied to the other party and moved 30 melons from the car into his shop. Then, he sent the remaining 50 melons to Liu Ersheng.

There were a total of 575 catties of melons and 862 yuan in his account.

After returning to his fruit and vegetable shop, Qin Lin immediately looked at the game screen in his mind. He took out his hoe and developed all the 12 plots of land he had cleaned previously.

In just a day, his income was almost 5,000 yuan. Making a fortune depended on this game.

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