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I Can Enter The Game

Chapter 4 - Selling Watermelons in the Game! 2

Chapter 4: Selling Watermelons in the Game! 2

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

“Brother Liu, I’ll choose four. Send me there when you have the time,” Xiao Chen said and chose four watermelons from Qin Lin’s car for Liu Dasheng to weigh.

In the end, the four watermelons weighed more than 10 catties, a total of 47 catties.

Liu Dasheng said, “47 catties, 94 yuan. Xiao Chen, make a mark and I’ll send it to you when I’m free.”

“There’s no need for the mark. I trust Brother Liu. I’ll transfer the money to WeChat.” Xiao Chen waved her hand and took her phone to transfer the money to Liu Dasheng.

After Xiao Chen left, Liu Dasheng called out to Qin Lin. “Xiao Qin, looks like your relative’s watermelon is really good. Xiao Chen is usually very picky about watermelons.”

Qin Lin was naturally happy too. He took a basket from Liu Dasheng’s shop and began to move the melons.

Liu Dasheng had sold four melons, which was equivalent to helping him earn more than 70 yuan.

In addition to the previous five, Qin Lin had packed 25 in the basket for Liu Dasheng to weigh. In the end, it was a total of 287 catties. Coupled with the 47 catties Xiao Chen had bought, it was 334 catties. With the wholesale price of 1.5 yuan, it was 501 yuan.

Liu Dasheng also quickly sent Qin Lin a WeChat message.

Qin Lin also opened an invoice to Liu Dasheng. This was related to the taxes of individual operators.

“Brother Liu, look for me if you need anything. I’ll go deliver watermelons to the other two.” Qin Lin was full of smiles. This sum alone was more than the profits he had earned from his fruit and vegetable shop in a day.

Next, Qin Lin sent 30 watermelons to Chen Dahe and Ai Qioni.

Chen Dahe’s was a total of 360 catties, and the total was 540 yuan. Ai Qioni’s was 328 catties, and the total price was 492 yuan.

In addition to Liu Dasheng’s 501 yuan and 90 melons, he had earned a total of 1,533 yuan.

When he returned to his shop, Qin Lin realized that the black dog was still at the entrance of his shop. It was lying down comfortably and did not have any diarrhea.

This should not be.

When the sun completely set, Qin Lin sold another four watermelons in his shop. Coupled with the few he had sold previously, he had also earned 172 yuan.

This way, the watermelon he took out of the game earned 1,705 yuan.

Qin Lin could not help but clench his fists and want to cheer. Just by earning 1,705 yuan a day like this, it would be 51,150 yuan a month. It was definitely a high income in a small place like Youcheng County.

As he thought about this, a notification appeared in the game in Qin Lin’s mind. He had to weed the newly grown grass immediately. Otherwise, the watermelon seedlings that grew might wither because of the weeds.

After weeding, Qin Lin looked at the time. It was already completely dark. He got up and picked some leftover vegetables to bring home. Then, he pulled down the shutter door and rode the three-wheeler home to the parking lot.

Under normal circumstances, he would need to drive this small van to replenish the stock and replenish the store early every morning. However, he only planned to use this car to pull the watermelon tomorrow.

With an income of 1,700 yuan a day, there was no need to worry about the profits sold by the fruit and vegetable shop every day. Even the hundreds of thousands of yuan owed by his family could be repaid quickly.

Qin Lin rode back to an older district. After their family sold their house, they rented a two-bedroom apartment in this cheap district.

He walked into a house and went to the third floor. When he returned to the rented suite, he saw his mother, Lin Fen, making dinner.

Although the apartment had two rooms, it was very narrow and small. It belonged to two separate rooms. Coupled with some daily miscellaneous items, it looked even narrower and darker.

With the situation at home and hundreds of thousands of foreign debts, there was nothing they could do.

Qin Lin entered and said, “Mom, I already said to wait for me to cook.”

“I can’t do much with my body, but it’s not like I can’t move. Come and eat quickly!” Lin Fen was in poor health and did not look good, but she still had a hint of stubbornness when she spoke.

After working for a lifetime, it would be even more uncomfortable if she did nothing.

“Sigh.” Qin Lin helplessly placed the vegetables he had brought back into the fridge.

Lin Fen handed a bowl of rice to Qin Lin and asked, “How’s business today?”

“Yes, it’s better than yesterday. It’ll be better in the future.” Qin Lin thought of today’s encounter and said with inexplicable confidence.

When Lin Fen heard her son’s usual answer, she sighed and said, “Xiao Lin, Dad and Mom have let you down. Which one of your peers don’t have their parents to help them prepare the betrothal gifts and the down payment for the house? Your father and I only left you hundreds of thousands of debts.”

“Mom, what are you talking about? You and Dad raised me and provided for me to go to school. This is already the greatest favor.” Qin Lin had never blamed his parents. After all, he was healthy and had been taken care of by his parents since he was young. He was already better than many people.

The more her son said this, the more Lin Fen felt that she was useless. She could only continue to sigh and say, “Xiao Lin, how have you and Mo Qing been recently? Don’t blame her parents. Mo Qing is a good girl, and her parents have done their best. They don’t want the betrothal gift or the car. They only want a small house in advance. Our family can’t afford it. This is our own problem.”

“Stay with Mo Qing for now. When I’m feeling better, I can look after the shop. You can find a job again. We’ll work hard together as mother and son. We have to pay for a house. If you and Mo Qing don’t get together in the end, don’t be devastated!”

When Qin Lin heard this, he stopped eating.

Mo Qing was indeed very good. The two of them were in the same class in high school. For three years, other than meeting each other in school, they had never greeted each other. However, because they entered the same university and bought the same train seat, they officially knew each other and slowly got together.

Fate was just that strange.

He indeed had no right to blame Mo Qing’s parents. In today’s society, which parent was willing to let their daughter marry a person who had no car, no house, and debt of hundreds of thousands?

He was unwilling too.

Furthermore, her parents no longer wanted betrothal gifts or cars. They only wanted a small house that was enough for the two of them to stay in. They were already more tolerant than countless Chinese parents.

If they still could not do it, it would be their family’s problem. Besides, they did not know what was good for them.

“Mom, don’t worry. There will be a house. Mo Qing is also your daughter-in-law. She can’t run away.” Qin Lin quickly finished the rice in his bowl and returned to his room. He opened a cabinet with a marriage certificate inside.

The man was Qin Lin, and the woman was Zhao Moqing.

He did not tell his mother that Mo Qing was her daughter-in-law not just on a whim. However, all of this was hidden from their parents.

When his girlfriend stole his household register and wanted to register with him, saying that she had decided on him in this life, the warmth in his heart could really melt the entire Antarctic glacier.

He knew how much courage Mo Qing had taken and knew that he could not let her down in this life.

He also knew that it was unfair to Mo Qing to register with him under such circumstances, and it was even more of a lie to the Zhao family. However, he was even more afraid of losing the most precious thing in his life.

As he was thinking, the game in Qin Lin’s mind moved. He immediately placed the marriage certificate carefully and locked the drawer again. Then, he looked at the game in his mind.

The watermelons in those fields had already grown vines. The watermelons would ripen tomorrow morning. However, pests had also appeared on the watermelon vines. They had to be cleaned up, or it would affect the watermelon’s growth speed and production.

With a thought, Qin Lin controlled his game character to take out a small net to clean up the pests.

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