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I Can Enter The Game

Chapter 3 - Selling Watermelons in the Game! 1

Chapter 3: Selling Watermelons in the Game! 1

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Youcheng County usually had two channels to buy watermelons.

One was to go to the fruit wholesale market. It was some distance to the logistics park at the other end of Youcheng County.

The other was to go to the fruit farmers in the nearby villages to buy goods.

Therefore, even if it was the same wholesale price of 1.5 yuan, the watermelon was more delicious. If it was delivered to the door, he was not afraid that no one would want it.

As soon as Qin Lin sent the message, three people appeared in the group.

“So it’s Xiao Qin.”

“Has Xiao Qin switched to wholesale?”

“Then I’ll join in the fun?”

Qin Lin knew the three people who sent the message. They happened to open shops near the market.

Seeing that no one else appeared in the group for the time being, Qin Lin arranged to meet the three of them in the shop.

At this moment.

Qin Lin also realized that a notification had appeared in the game in his mind. It was time to water the seed for the first time.

He immediately controlled the game character to enter the tool room and take out a watering can to fill it with water by the river. Then, he watered the seeds.

A moment later, the three people in the WeChat group arrived on their electric scooters.

There were two middle-aged men, Liu Dasheng and Chen Dahe. One of the women was called Ai Qioni.

As soon as Liu Dasheng entered, he said, “Xiao Qin, where’s your watermelon? I want to take a look!”

Qin Lin pointed at the pile of watermelons on the ground and said, “Brother Liu, Brother Chen, Sister Ai, look at these watermelons.”

The three of them went up to take a look.

They had been in this industry for a long time, so they could naturally tell if it was good or not.

The lines were clear and deep…

The skin was still green and very fresh.

It could be seen clearly.

These watermelons were clearly good watermelons.

“It looks really good,” Liu Dasheng said with a smile.

Chen Dahe and Ai Qioni nodded.

However, there were too many heartless wholesalers and fruit farmers now. He still had to try it.

Qin Lin naturally understood and said to the three of them, “Pick one.”

“Xiao Qin, this one then!” Liu Dasheng pointed at a watermelon randomly.

Qin Lin nodded and picked up the watermelon to cut it in half, revealing the fresh meat. It was appetizing at a glance.

Qin Lin cut the two halves of the watermelon into small slices before saying to the three of them, “Brother Liu, Brother Chen, Sister Ai, try it!”

Liu Dasheng and the other two did not stand on ceremony and picked up a piece of watermelon to eat.

“Woof, woof!”

It was the black dog’s bark again. It seemed to have seen Qin Lin dividing the watermelons and proceeded to squat at the door of the shop.

It was clinging to him.

When Qin Lin saw this, he casually took another watermelon and threw it to it.

If a dog ate too much watermelon, it would have diarrhea. He would let it experience the viciousness of human hearts. When the time came, it would know that it could not eat this thing and would not stay.

With the attributes of Delicious+1, Sweet+1, and Taste+1, Liu Dasheng and the other two had only taken two bites when their eyes lit up.

“Good watermelon. It tastes much better than what I bought previously.”

“Indeed. It’s very sweet and juicy.”

“Xiao Qin, is it really delivered to the door?”

The three of them looked at Qin Lin. This watermelon looked good and tasted better. With the same wholesale price and delivery, there was really no reason not to buy it.

Qin Lin explained, “Of course. It’ll definitely be delivered.”

The three of them nodded and immediately decided to take 30 watermelons each to try. The rest would be left for Qin Lin’s own shop.

Their shops were not far away. Qin Lin did not accept the deposit and agreed for them to pay after the watermelons were delivered.

The reason he wanted to deliver it to their doors was naturally to keep it a secret. Although his shop was not equipped with surveillance cameras, there were surveillance cameras everywhere on the market.

He had inexplicably been getting watermelons from the shop. It was fine this time, but if there were more, people would definitely notice.

After all, watermelons were coming out every day? If he was noticed, there might be big trouble.

Therefore, he had to find a secret place outside in the future.

After Liu Dasheng and the other two left, Qin Lin glanced at the black dog, who was still eating watermelon outside the door. He did not care about it and closed the shutter door from outside. Then, he went to the inner area of the parking lot and walked to a farm tricycle truck that was covered in rust. Despite being on sale for 2,000 yuan, nobody wanted to buy it.

However, as long as the tires did not burst, this car could still pull about a ton.

Qin Lin drove the three-wheeled truck to the shop and carried the watermelons into the car from the shop. He closed the door again before getting into the car to deliver the watermelons to Liu Dasheng and the other two.

Liu Dasheng’s shop was the closest to his shop. It was on Market Street. After a while, they arrived. The shop was called Dasheng Fruit Shop.

Liu Dasheng was chatting with a man holding a watermelon at the door. When he saw Qin Lin’s three-wheeler stop, he pulled the man forward and said, “Xiao Chen, come and see this melon that was just delivered. It’s definitely a fresh good melon. Pick one and I’ll cut it for you to try.”

“Okay, Brother Liu.” Xiao Chen nodded and walked to the car to pick up something.

Liu Dasheng also explained to Qin Lin, “President Qin, Xiao Chen is my neighbor from upstairs. He’s also my old customer. He likes watermelons and will buy a few at a time. We’ll calculate it together later.”

“Okay.” Qin Lin nodded.

Xiao Chen quickly picked a melon from Qin Lin’s car for Liu Dasheng.

“Xiao Qin, this melon is 11 catties.” Liu Dasheng cut it open and handed a small piece to Xiao Chen.

Xiao Chen and Liu Dasheng were old acquaintances. They naturally took it and tasted it.

Soon, Xiao Chen said in surprise, “Brother Liu, this watermelon is very sweet and very juicy. It’s much better than the ones you sold previously. What’s the price?”

Liu Dasheng smiled and said, “The same price. 2 yuan a catty. How many do you want?”

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