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I Can Enter The Game

Chapter 29 - Top Quality 3! This Will Definitely Be Popular! 1

Chapter 29: Top Quality 3! This Will Definitely Be Popular! 1

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Qin Lin explained, “Mom, I want to surprise Moqing when the villa is done. Don’t let Moqing know!”

“You young people like to have surprises!” Lin Fen shook her head.

That night, after Qin Lin finished paying, he felt light and slept especially well.

The next day, he moved the mature okra out of the game early in the morning and sent it to RT-Mart. Then, he printed the labor contract and headed to the villa.

When he arrived at the parking lot of the villa, he saw Chen Dabei, who was wearing a security guard’s uniform, sitting in front of a tent and yawning. His face was filled with exhaustion, and it was obvious that he had been looking at triangular plums for the entire night.

The tent belonged to the villa. There were always some couples who wanted to camp at night to prove that they were very bold.

“Boss, you’re here.” Chen Dabei immediately stood up to greet Qin Lin!

“You’ve worked hard. Come with me to the hall to sign the labor contract and go back to rest.” Qin Lin nodded at the other party.

“Okay, Boss!” Chen Dabei nodded and followed.

When they arrived at the hall, Qin Lin asked Gao Yaoyao to call everyone over to sign the contract.

The salary of the contract was written according to these people’s original salary. For example, Gao Yaoyao received a commission of 3,500+ yuan. Previously, the more people played jungle adventure and slippery grass, the higher her salary.

Among them, Master Lin had the highest salary. He had a fixed 6,000 yuan because he was originally a chef and had several jobs.

The other employees were similar to Gao Yaoyao.

This salary was nothing in a big city. In Youcheng County, where everyone had a salary of 3,000 to 4,000 yuan, it was considered a normal salary. Furthermore, the villa was covered. If they were willing, they could stay in the few dormitories in the villa like Gao Yaoyao.

This was also the reason why Gao Yaoyao and the others would come back after the villa was sealed and the boss changed. After all, it was not easy to find a job now.

Qin Lin also declared, “The salary is the same as before, but it’s also temporary. I naturally have to develop after buying this villa.”

“When the villa develops well and you guys do well, your salary will naturally increase. I’ll also hire more people. At that time, I’ll raise your management and give you a higher salary.”

These words were actually just a sketch, but his sketch was good. After all, he had seen those beautiful triangular plums and attracted them at a glance.

If this new boss said he wanted to build 30 acres of a sea of flowers, it would definitely be popular. Then, their salary increase would definitely be confirmed.

Therefore, Gao Yaoyao and the others were looking forward to it.

Qin Lin was in a good mood as he held the signed labor contract.

He was now a boss with industry and employees.

Not long after.

The contract company made from the sea of flowers was here too.

Qin Lin handed the materials he had been looking at for the entire night to her.

The high-level sea of flowers he wanted to build required materials to build stone roads, swings, wooden benches, and pavilions.

He chose the price and color as a tourism manager. The specific contract company would contact the price and let him make the final decision.

Once everything was in place, they could start work.

In the afternoon.

The ordinary ornamental triangular plum in Level 2 land was harvested again.

This time, there were 156 stalks.

Qin Lin arrived at the warehouse and moved all these ornamental triangular plums out of the game. He then contacted Zhao Liyuan from the transportation company to transport these triangular plums to the villa.

After two days, the employees of the villa were on the right track. The triangular sea of flowers had also been built.

On the third day, the seven-colored symbiotic flower in the game matured again.

Qin Lin controlled the game character to pick and plant the new seedlings (group) before heading to the warehouse to enter the game again.

However, when he came to the Miao Zhu Storage Yard again, he was shocked.

Among the more than 20 2.5-meter-tall seven-colored ornamental triangular plums, one stood out. It was taller, more beautiful, and more attractive. The moment he entered, his eyes were attracted uncontrollably.

Qin Lin thought of something and immediately walked over to check the information of this triangular plum.

[Diligent flower seven-colored symbiotic triangular plum plant: Quality 3]

[This is a special breed of symbiotic triangular plum. It has a total of seven colors and is expensive. It is four meters tall, 3.5 meters in length, and 36 centimeters above the head. It is extremely beautiful and has an attractive view. Furthermore, it is easy to transplant. It will last for the entire year.]

[Game product: Gorgeous +3, Viewability +3, Attraction +3, Entering the Mirror +3, Life Transfer +3, Ecological Harmony +3!]

This was a higher-quality seven-colored symbiotic flower. All its attributes increased by +3. No wonder it surpassed the other triangular plums!

This triangular plum with a quality of 3 had an additional ecological harmony +3 attribute!

However, he did not know what use this attribute had for the time being.

Furthermore, if he wanted to move this one out of the game, the warehouse could not even accommodate it. He could only exit the game and leave the warehouse. After observing that there was no one around, he entered the game as quickly as possible and moved this triangular plum out of the game.

However, if this plant was to be transported back to the villa, Zhao Liyuan would probably have to bring a larger truck over.

When Zhao Liyuan brought the convoy over and saw this seven-colored symbiotic triangular plum of Quality 3, he was speechless. He quickly got his subordinates to be more careful. This one was clearly more expensive.

After being busy for a long time, they finally loaded it into the car.

The villa was bustling with construction.

The gardeners and farmers they had hired had already begun to transplant the triangular plums over. The seven-colored ornamental triangular plums would gather in the center, followed by the ordinary ornamental ones. Finally, the periphery was filled with ordinary triangular plums, forming radiation.

This way, the tourists would feel even more surprised as they went deeper.

Naturally, in order to make the outer area not too monotonous, some game seven-colored symbiotic ornamental type and ordinary ornamental type would be separated to match the triangular plum bought outside.

Chen Dabei looked at the triangular plum flowers in the parking lot very responsibly and saw a convoy driving over. It seemed to be from the city.

The convoy stopped outside. Chen Dabei walked out in confusion.

A middle-aged man got out of the car and asked, “Is this Boss Qin’s villa?”

Chen Dabei said, “Yes, why?”

The middle-aged man said, “My name is Marco. I’m the instructor of the city’s triangular plum cultivation base. I’ll give Boss Qin the triangular plum and guide you in planting it?”

Sending an instructor was an additional service to the cultivation base. After all, it was an order of 10,000 stalks. They also knew that it was to create a sea of flowers. If the other party became popular, it would also be their living signboard.

Chen Dabei immediately pointed at the parking lot and said, “Boss has instructed you to unload the car in the parking lot if you come.”

Marco nodded and got someone to unload the triangular plums in the car and send them inside. He instructed them to follow him into the parking lot.

When he entered the parking lot, Marco was stunned. He looked at the triangular plums in the parking lot in disbelief.

“Seven colors?” Marco was surprised to see those seven-colored ornamental triangular plum plants.

He was not like Gao Yaoyao and the others. He was a professional trainer, so he naturally knew what the seven-colored symbiotic triangular plum represented.

There were many triangular plum symbiotic flowers, but they were usually three-colored symbiotic flowers. Five-colored ones were already considered noble. It was definitely rare to have seven-colored symbiotic flowers that were more than two meters tall.

The key was that these seven colors were surprisingly perfect. As a professional trainer, he was so attracted to them that he could not take his eyes off them.

Furthermore, he felt a little comfort when he saw it. How awesome was this trainer?

Even their cultivation base had not nurtured such a top-grade creature.

From the looks of it, there were quite a number of such top-grade triangular plum plants. This sea of flowers was definitely going to be popular!

As Marco was thinking, he heard the sound of a car outside. Then, he heard the exclamations of the employees from the cultivation base who had come with him.

“This triangular plum is really tall!”

“Those more than two meters tall are already very beautiful. This one is really unbelievable.”

“It’s four meters long, right?”

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