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I Can Enter The Game

Chapter 27 - Only When There’s No Debt Can You Feel Light! Lin Fen’s Worry! 1

Chapter 27: Only When There’s No Debt Can You Feel Light! Lin Fen’s Worry! 1

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The convoy arrived at the villa.

However, such a big car could only be parked in the parking lot of the villa. There was no way to drive it inside.

Qin Lin parked his tricycle. Wang Cai jumped out of the car and followed closely beside him.

“Mr. Qin, are we going to unload it in this parking lot?” Zhao Liyuan went forward and asked.

“Yes, we’ll unload here.” Qin Lin nodded. This was the only place where they could unload.

Zhao Liyuan began to bring people to unload the goods. The money for unloading was calculated separately. The electronic contract had been signed before they came.

Qin Lin also walked into the villa.

Wang Cai cried twice and hurriedly followed. Along the way, it looked around and barked, very curious about the new environment.

When Qin Lin saw this, he smiled and said, “Wang Cai, this will be your territory from now on. Are you happy?”

Wang Cai seemed to understand its master’s words. It barked twice and suddenly ran. Along the way, it would stretch its nose in front of some plants and smell them. Then, it would raise its legs in satisfaction and pee.

Qin Lin looked at the dog’s behavior with a stunned expression. It was marking its territory just like that?

In the villa.

Other than Gao Yaoyao, there were already a few more people. They were all original employees. When they received Gao Yaoyao’s notice yesterday, they had already been waiting.

It was not easy to find a job in modern society. The salary of the villa was not bad in Youcheng County, where everyone had a salary of 3,000 to 4,000 yuan. No one wanted to lose their job.

“It’s the new boss!” When Gao Yaoyao saw Qin Lin arrive, she immediately introduced him to the others.

The others also looked at this new boss curiously.

He was very young and even came with a dog.

This was their first impression of Qin Lin.

“Boss!” Gao Yaoyao ran to Qin Lin and greeted him.

Qin Lin asked, “Gao Yaoyao, which one is Master Lin?”

“Master Lin, Boss is looking for you,” Gao Yaoyao immediately shouted at a dark-skinned man in his 50s.

Master Lin went forward and said before Qin Lin could speak, “Boss, I can work for you, but you have to let me save those two ginkgo trees. You can’t cut them down.”

This request stunned Qin Lin.

Other people’s requests for their boss were more wages. This was the first time he heard someone make such a request.

Gao Yaoyao immediately explained, “Boss, wasn’t there a special period in the past? Master Lin’s house was targeted. Because this place was still very remote, Master Lin’s grandfather brought his family here to escape. The family lived under two ginkgo trees for a long time. Master Lin’s grandfather also died under these ginkgo trees.”

“After that, Master Lin’s father brought his family back. Previously, Master Lin did all kinds of tiring work because of this.”

“Master Lin, I agree to your request. We’ll sign the employment contract later. Come to the parking lot with me first. There’s something I want you to be responsible for.” Qin Lin did not want to cut the two withered trees. Furthermore, he finally understood why Master Lin had done everything in the villa previously. It was to protect the trees.

This was an unforgettable emotion for the older generation.

This kind of person usually valued feelings and was trustworthy.

Qin Lin brought Master Lin to the parking lot.

Gao Yaoyao and the other employees followed curiously.

When they arrived at the parking lot, Zhao Liyuan had already brought people to unload a portion of the triangular plum plants.

“Boss, is this the triangular plum you bought? It’s so beautiful!” Gao Yaoyao exclaimed. She was clearly attracted to the triangular plum.

The other employees were the same. They could not help but go forward to take a look. These triangular plums were really too beautiful.

Master Lin was attracted to those triangular plums as well. He liked beautiful things regardless of age. He asked, “Boss, are you going to get a triangular plum blossom sea in the villa?”

Qin Lin nodded and said, “That’s right. I plan to build a triangular plum blossom sea. I’ll probably build 30 acres. More than 15,000 triangular plums will be sent over one after another. Master Lin, Gao Yaoyao said that you know how to plant flowers. I plan to let you be in charge of this.”

Master Lin was immediately shocked and said, “Boss, do you think I’m an animal? 30 acres, 15,000 stalks. I can’t do it. I want more people!”

Qin Lin naturally knew that there were more than 15,000 triangular plums in 30 acres. Master Lin could not do it alone. He definitely had to hire a landscaper or an experienced farmer to transplant the triangular plums.

Master Lin had clearly misunderstood. Was he being exploited by the person in charge of the villa?

He did not want Master Lin to transplant the triangular plum alone. It was just that he had experience in this aspect and he wanted him to supervise.

“Master Lin, I’ll get more people to help with the transplant,” Qin Lin explained. “When the time comes, just keep an eye on them. When the sea of flowers is done, I’ll hire two long-term gardeners for daily maintenance.”

When Master Lin heard this, he nodded and promised to keep an eye on the plants.

The 178 triangular plums were quickly unloaded.

Qin Lin paid the rest happily and did not forget to say, “Supervisor Zhao, I still need you to come over tomorrow. Besides, I might have to trouble you every day for the next month.”

“Boss Qin, just contact me,” Zhao Liyuan said readily.

Transportation was not easy now, and it was not easy for him as the fleet’s supervisor either. He definitely would accept this job that was delivered to his mouth.

Although he was puzzled as to why Boss Qin did not directly transport the items to that warehouse, it was none of his business as long as he could earn money.

After all, some rich people had many hobbies.

For example, his boss had a strange habit. He clearly had a house, but he insisted on buying another one secretly. He had a wife at home, but he did not sleep with her. Instead, he often used the excuse of going on a business trip to sleep alone in another house.

Wasn’t he rich and free?

After Zhao Liyuan left with the convoy, Qin Lin also interviewed a few of the original employees in the villa. It gave off a good first impression and did not disgust anyone at first sight. As for later, he would take his time to see.

On the other hand, the labor contract was a problem. He had no experience in this aspect. In the end, he could only find the original contract sample of the villa. He planned to go back and print it out with this original contract before signing it with Gao Yaoyao and the others tomorrow.

After that, he followed Master Lin around the 500 acres of land in the villa. If he wanted to build this 30 acres of triangular plum blossom sea, he had to choose a suitable place.

After more than an hour, they finally decided to place the triangular sea of flowers on the ground north of the villa’s hall.

Since he wanted to build a sea of flowers, the 30 acres of land naturally had to be wide open. The geographical difference could not be too great. If the difference in location was too great, there would be a gap, and the effect of the dense sea of flowers would not be displayed.

After deciding, Qin Lin returned to the county city and contacted a construction company with the best reputation.

A company like Youcheng County had mixed business. It was also covered by gardeners and experienced farmers who knew how to transplant flowers. However, the labor fee reached 400 yuan a day.

After signing the contract and paying the deposit, the company’s people immediately entered the villa to start the initial inspection. It only ended in the evening.

However, after dark, the triangular plums in the parking lot became a problem.

These triangular plums were not cheap. He could only get the previous security guard, Chen Dabei, to guard them at night. It was a good opportunity to see how their character was.

After arranging everything, Qin Lin planned to go back to the county city. The triangular plum blossom sea had begun to be built, and it was time to settle the debts at home.

Sooner or later, the people he knew would know about him doing this villa, especially those to whom he was indebted. Before the debt was settled, there might be people who thought he had money to settle the villa but still refused to repay his debt.

The creditors were all his parents’ relatives and friends. If they could lend his family money, they had a connection with his family. Even if they did not think so, the people around them would always fan the flames.

Even if later on, he returned the money, some relationships would deteriorate.

Humans were complicated creatures after all.

Therefore, the debt had to be repaid. Even if others knew later on that he had built this villa, it would give them a different feeling.

As he thought about this, Qin Lin picked up his phone and opened his contact list. He had recorded the names of all the debtors in his family on his phone. Other than Qin Ren’s father’s 50,000 yuan, and some that he had returned every month for the past year, he still had more than 330,000 yuan of debt.

Qin Lin called the first number. As soon as the call was picked up, he said, “Uncle Ergen, have you eaten… You’ve already eaten… Can I invite you over tonight… Yes, I earned some money. I’ll pay you back the money my father owes you first…”

After hanging up, he called the next number until he called all the creditors. They were all elders from the same village.

Actually, it was better for him to take the initiative to return the money.

However, he wanted to resolve his mother’s worries. His mother still had his father’s photo. She nagged every day, feeling that if she did not repay the money at home and could not see him marry and have children, his father would not be able to rest in peace.

After putting down the phone, he went to the warehouse and took out some ordinary wild fish from the game to put in the bucket of the tricycle. Then, he covered it with a cloth and drove back to his district.

At this moment, Uncle Ergen and the others had already finished their meal. Qin Lin had to prepare some gifts as a courtesy of inviting them to his house.

These ordinary wild fish were not light and were also very good gifts.

When she returned home, Lin Fen had already prepared dinner and was waiting.

“You can eat now,” Lin Fen shouted. After Qin Lin sat down, she asked, “Xiao Lin, why are you so late today? How’s your farmhouse?”

“I’m already on the right track. I’ll be a little busy recently,” Qin Lin replied.

Lin Fen reminded, “Xiao Lin, don’t neglect Mo Qing. She’s such a good girl…”

Lin Fen did not say anything else. She was naturally worried that if such a good girl became someone else’s daughter-in-law, he would never be able to find another one.

However, she was even more helpless because she was useless. Her family was in a mess, and she owed so much money. Her son did not have a house or a car, so why would Zhao Moqing’s parents agree to marry him?

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