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I Can Enter The Game

Chapter 25 - Villa Employee! Need 15,000 Triangular Plum! 1

Chapter 25: Villa Employee! Need 15,000 Triangular Plum! 1

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Qin Lin knew very well the attraction of the seven-colored, symbiotic, and ornamental triangular plum planted in this Level-3 land.

Gorgeous +2, ornamental +2, Attraction +2. He was attracted the moment he entered.

The camera +2 should have an additional effect like taking photos or videos.

Needless to say, this was the most useful to him.

If he wanted to build a triangular sea of plum blossoms in Qinglin Villa, he had to bring these triangular plum blossoms out to play and transplant them into reality.

These seven-colored, symbiotic, and ornamental triangular plum plants were easy to transplant to begin with. Furthermore, they had a +2 survival rate. This was not a problem.

Qin Lin came out of the game and planned to find a place to move a seven-colored symbiotic flower. However, as soon as he came out of the toilet, he saw a pure girl wearing a white shirt and jeans looking at him warily. “Who are you? Why are you here?”

The girl still looked like a high school girl. She might even be a minor.

Qin Lin was stunned and asked, “I’m the boss here. Why can’t I be here? Who are you?”

“You’re the new boss?” The girl looked surprised. “Then will you fire the previous employees?”

“Are you an employee here?” Qin Lin asked subconsciously.

This pure girl looked a little young. He did not know if she was an adult.

The pure girl’s guard seemed to have dropped after knowing that he was the boss. She jogged forward and introduced herself. “Boss, I’m Gao Yaoyao. I was in charge of jungle exploration and rainbow grass ticketing. Do you still want your original employee?”

She was really an employee of the villa.

Qin Lin looked at Gao Yaoyao and subconsciously asked, “Um, you’re an adult?”

Gao Yaoyao hurriedly said, “Boss, I’ve already graduated from a junior high school. I’m 19 years old. I can show you my identity card.”

Qin Lin was relieved that she was not underage. He thought about it and asked, “How many employees did this villa originally have?”

He did need employees. If the original employees were not bad, he could keep them. The pure girl in front of him was very suitable for the tourism industry. If she had some talent, she might be able to do well in those famous scenic spots.

It was a waste to be a small ticket seller in this small villa.

However, this was also because she was young and had not seen much of the world. She had not been polluted by all kinds of comparisons in university. Otherwise, her heart would definitely be floating and she would not care about this kind of job.

Gao Yaoyao explained, “Other than me, there’s also a security guard, a registrar, a cashier, four chefs, and…!”

“Wait, four chefs??” Qin Lin was stunned.

This villa still needed four chefs?

Most of the people who came here to play cooked themselves, okay?

Gao Yaoyao nodded and said, “I think only Master Lin cooks. The other three are the head chef and the deputy head chef!”

“Huh?!” Qin Lin was stunned.

He roughly understood what was going on.

This villa was originally a place for a few corrupt people to eat and drink. The person in charge was White Gloves. Perhaps this head chef and deputy head chef were also here to earn a salary.

Qin Lin asked again, “Gao Yaoyao, do any of the original employees know woodworking?”

“Master Lin knows!” Gao Yaoyao replied. “Other than cooking, he also knows how to fix tables. Many of the broken shelves were fixed by Master Lin.”

Qin Lin asked again, “Then is there anyone else who knows how to garden? For example, those who have some experience in transplanting and taking care of plants. I think the villa has many potted plants. Someone should be in charge, right?”

Gao Yaoyao replied, “Master Lin, he’s also in charge of the vegetable garden. He’s also in charge of transplanting those potted plants. Yes, we also help water them sometimes. By the way, Master Lin has always wanted to save those two ginkgo trees, but he never succeeded.”

Qin Lin was stunned.

Why did he feel that Master Lin was like an animal? He did everything.

Inviting one employee felt like it was worth a few.

Qin Lin thought about it and asked, “Gao Yaoyao, do you have the contact number of your previous employee?”

“We have a WeChat group,” Gao Yaoyao replied.

Qin Lin said decisively, “Other than the head chef and sous chef, help me ask if the others are willing to continue, especially Master Lin.”

Anyway, he had to hire employees. Instead of using strangers, he might as well use those who were familiar with this place. He would see if they suited him later. If not, he could just hire someone else to replace him.

“Boss, Master Lin will definitely be willing, but he should make a request related to those two ginkgo trees. I’ll ask the others.” Gao Yaoyao immediately looked happy and took out her phone to open WeChat.

The reason Qin Lin asked this was also because he wanted to create a triangular plum blossom sea. When he transplanted it, he also asked the construction team to build some fences, stone roads, swings, pavilions, and so on. They had to be watched.

After a while, Gao Yaoyao said, “Boss, I’ve asked. Other than the cashier who has already found a new job, the others are willing to continue working. They’ll all come over tomorrow morning.”

“Okay, then you can go back first. Come back tomorrow.” Qin Lin planned to send Gao Yaoyao away and get one of the triangular plums in the game first.

“Boss, I’m actually staying in the villa’s dormitory. I didn’t rent a house in the county,” Gao Yaoyao said immediately. “If you still want to see the villa, I can introduce you.”

There was no other way. Gao Yaoyao could not take out the triangular plum in the villa.

Qin Lin could only give up and leave the villa.

He did not want his secret to be discovered.

When he returned to the county, the first thing he did was to find a studio with a custom signboard and customize a retro signboard. When the time came, he would change the signboard of Fuhai Villa.

Then, he planned the placement of the triangular plum sea.

The triangular sea of plum blossoms was distributed and dense, and the dense natural cost was higher. The effect was more shocking and beautiful.

If a dense triangular sea of plum blossoms was shocking enough, it had to be at least 20 acres. Other than the stone path, swing, stone chair, pavilion, and special photo stands, there had to be at least 10,000 triangular plum blossoms.

Of course, it was impossible for all 10,000 of these to be Level-3 seven-colored symbiotic triangular plums. After all, there were only 25 stalks in three days. 5,000 stalks meant 600 days. Wasn’t this a joke?

This seven-colored ornamental triangular plum was only suitable for the main body, so other triangular plums were needed to decorate it.

If he spent a month, it would be enough to have 250 2.5-meter-tall, two-meter-long crowns, and 12-centimeter-tall seven-colored symbiotic triangular plums as the main body.

Qin Lin remembered that there were also lower-level ornamental triangular plum seedlings in the game. He immediately looked at the screen in his mind and controlled the game character to go to the seed shop in Ore Town to search. Indeed, he found ordinary ornamental triangular plum seedlings in the Level 2 land. There were also several colors.

He went online and checked. This kind of ornamental plant was also not cheap. It was about 400 yuan each and could grow to dozens of centimeters tall.

This was very good.

The game would definitely have attribute bonuses, and its value would far exceed 400.

However, there was a problem. Game coins were needed to buy both seven-colored symbiotic and ordinary ornamental seedlings.

Qin Lin thought about it and planned to stop growing strawberries in Level 2 lands. He would use them all to plant ordinary ornamental triangular plums and tell Manager Chen that the strawberries were out of stock.

The newly planted okra continued to be sold in the game to buy seedlings.

However, he could still get 25 ordinary triangular plums in a day in a Level 2 land. The maturity period was one day. This way, he could get more than 4,500 ordinary triangular plums in a month.

Even so, there were still less than 10,000 stalks. There were still more than 5,000 stalks.

However, with the foundation of these game-produced triangular plums, it should not be a problem to decorate the periphery with ordinary triangular plums in reality.

Therefore, he could buy more than 5,000 ordinary triangular plums. This way, he could hide it a little to prevent others from suspecting the origins of those triangular plums.

Qin Lin went online to check. Although ordinary triangular plums were far inferior to those produced by games, they were beautiful and there were many types of beautiful ones.

He chose a cultivation base in the city. One stalk was 30 yuan, and more than 5,000 stalks were only 150,000 yuan. Furthermore, he could just pay 20% of the deposit in the beginning.

He simply placed an order for 10,000 stalks.

Since he wanted to do it, he would get 10 more acres. He would make the sea of flowers bigger and use these 10,000 stalks to decorate the nearly 5,000 stalks produced by the game.

Normally, it would cost at least a few million yuan to get a triangular sea of plum blossoms of this scale, but he only needed to spend 300,000 yuan.

Furthermore, others could not get so many seven-colored triangular plums, let alone have the game attribute bonus.

As long as this sea of flowers was publicized well, it would definitely become a popular attraction in Youcheng County and Sand City.

As long as enough people were attracted, the things planted in the game could be produced and sold at the villa.

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