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I Can Enter The Game

Chapter 23 - Villa in Hand! Triangular Sea of Plum Blossoms! 1

Chapter 23: Villa in Hand! Triangular Sea of Plum Blossoms! 1

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Qin Lin looked at the screen in his mind immediately.

His game character leveled up again. The notification he received was that he could develop Level 1 land again and upgrade one Level 3 land.

Level 3 land could grow more valuable crops.

Of course, upgrading to level 3 required the gold coins in the game. He had sold all the crops in the game in reality, and there were no gold coins in the game.

Fortunately, the fishes he caught every day were still there.

He immediately sold all the fish. Naturally, he kept the wild basses, wild grass carps, and black carps of Quality 2.

These big items were all good things, so he naturally kept them.

However, after selling all the fish he had caught during this period of time, there were already a lot of game gold coins. It was actually not enough to upgrade to Level 3.

It seemed like the higher the level of this land, the more game gold coins it required.

Qin Lin simply controlled the game character to take out his tools and develop the newly opened land.

Weeding, gravel, cutting wood… After spending some time developing the six plots of land, he planted new okra seeds.

He did not plan to sell these six plots of okra in reality. He would sell them all in the game.

He had to develop that Grade 3 land first.

Furthermore, a portion of the land that was opened up in the future had to be reserved for the game to be sold. In the future, character upgrades and development would always require game gold.

Time passed.

At 2 PM, Qin Lin received the message that the judicial auction had begun.

With the development of the online information society, there were fewer and fewer traditional judicial auctions now. The court had also begun online judicial auctions with the times.

Qin Lin logged into the local judicial auction network and received an auction number backstage.

The things sealed by the tax bureau had already begun to be auctioned.

Soon, the Fuhai Villa began to auction.

Furthermore, as he had expected, someone else had taken a liking to this place.

As soon as the auction began, three people took turns bidding. From the beginning of the auction to 600,000, 610,000, 620,000, 630,000… until 700,000 yuan.

These three people had all bid 11,000 yuan, making them seem petty. It was obvious that they wanted to auction it at the lowest price. At the same time, their budget should be limited.

This made Qin Lin think. He only had a budget of 1.28 million yuan. He did not know what the others’ budget was.

He could not grind it out with these three people. Such people actually had a mentality. That was, if he added another 10,000 yuan, they might give up and think that it was a fluke.

Furthermore, 10,000 yuan was not that much pressure. 10 times was only 100,000 yuan.

However, if it was an increase of 100,000 yuan at a time, the pressure would be completely different. It would even give off a determined aura.

As he thought about this, Qin Lin wanted to add 100,000 yuan to the bid. However, before he could do anything, a fourth person joined and directly offered 800,000 yuan.

Someone had thought of the same thing as him and added 100,000 yuan at once.

Indeed, the three people with 10,000 coins stopped bidding.

100,000 yuan each time was indeed quite scary to the three of them. It also meant that the three of them did not have enough budget and were purely trying to take advantage of the situation.

Qin Lin was vexed.

He had met his match. He just did not know how much this person’s budget was now.

“Forget it. Let’s just go with the flow. It depends on fate,” Qin Lin muttered and directly placed a bid of 1.2 million. The starting price was doubled.

Wasn’t it just scaring people? Let’s see who would scare who.

Anyway, he had earned this money without any capital.

If the other party continued to snatch with him, he would treat it as a lack of fate.

At this moment,

In a room, the three young men were already looking at the computer proudly.

One of them smiled and said, “I knew it. Adding 100,000 yuan in one go must have frightened these three dilly-dallying fellows. If we grind with them for 11,000 yuan, we might even spend more than 100,000 yuan.”

When one was young, one had to have the spirit to work hard and start a business. The three young men were like this. They had worked as travel planners in the city previously. After accumulating a few years of experience, they wanted to return to their hometown to start a business.

They also felt that Fuhai Villa had a lot of potentials, so they raised a sum of money and planned to bid for it.

The three of them were in a good mood when they saw that the increase in price had frightened the other bidders.

“q43 bids 1.2 million!”

The latest bid came from the computer.

“Damn, there’s someone stirring up trouble?” a young man said in frustration.

1.2 million?

When they saw this price, the three of them were stunned.

Did he increase the bid by 400,000?

“This person is crazy!”

“How f*cking willful!”

The three of them complained.

They did not know if this fellow was bluffing by adding 400,000 yuan, but they knew that their additional 100,000 yuan was definitely a bluff.

Some people had been frightened, but someone else was even more ruthless.

“Are you still… following?” someone asked.

The other two were also conflicted. This was far beyond their budget.

One of them sighed and said, “Why don’t we forget it? We’re still young anyway. We’ll still have a chance.”

“Wait a little longer!” the other person said.

“Then let’s wait a little longer!” a third person said.

“Congratulations to Q43 for successfully bidding for Fuhai Villa. You can pay the money according to the information received backstage and go through the relevant procedures.”

Qin Lin heaved a sigh of relief when he saw this.

It seemed like the other party was also bluffing. His actions had frightened the other party.

With the auction at the villa, Qin Lin did not want to delay it. He went straight to the court and planned to settle the procedures first and pay 1.2 million yuan.

However, the procedures for such a large sum of money were very troublesome. Not only did he have to receive a ruling confirmation in the court, but he also had to get the relevant departments to cooperate with him.

These procedures would take at least a few days to review.

However, after paying 1.2 million yuan and receiving the verdict and receipt, these procedures could be slowly handled. After all, this auction was recovered by the tax bureau, and no department would interfere. If word got out, it would destroy their official credibility.

In the evening.

Qin Lin received the ripe strawberries and okra and sent them to RT-Mart. After a day of income, his bank balance broke through from 80,000 yuan to 120,000 yuan.

After that, he rode the electric scooter to the tax bureau to pick Zhao Moqing up from work again, wanting to tell her the good news about Fuhai Villa.

Zhao Moqing quickly came out with a smile.

“Moqing, something good seems to have happened today?” Qin Lin asked with a smile.

Zhao Moqing smiled and said, “Of course, I’m happy that there will be more bonuses this month. The things our tax bureau sent to the auction today are very effective. They exceed the estimated value of the items.”

“Especially Fuhai Villa. It seems like a tycoon has taken a liking to it and directly bid 1.2 million yuan.”

“This is much more than what we expected. Everyone even said that the others were frightened. If there was anyone else who raised the price, this spendthrift who doesn’t lack money would probably pay a higher price.”

“…” Qin Lin.

Rich? A spendthrift who did not lack money?

Was she talking about him?

He suddenly did not want to share this happy news with her.

He had to make this villa popular and give her a huge surprise.

Zhao Moqing continued, “However, if they can spend so much money to bid for Fuhai Villa, they must be serious about developing it, right?”

“To be honest, there are so many wastelands in the villa. If we can plant a sea of gorgeous triangular plum blossom, it can attract a lot of people.”

Qin Lin silently remembered Zhao Moqing’s words.

The triangular sea of plum blossoms had to be arranged first.

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