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I Can Enter The Game

Chapter 21 - Expensive Ornamental Fish! Instantly Becoming a Millionaire! 1

Chapter 21: Expensive Ornamental Fish! Instantly Becoming a Millionaire! 1

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Wild Albino Tiger?

Qin Lin knew about wild bass, wild grass carp, and wild black carp.

He really did not understand ornamental fish.

Every time he saw the expensive ornamental fish that others had meticulously raised, his first thought was how was the taste different when steamed and stir-fried?

He felt that those people were paying a very high IQ tax.

However, now that he had obtained such an expensive wild ornamental fish, he still took out his phone and searched online.

The Albino Tiger was a top-grade variant of the Indonesian tiger. Its characteristics were its dazzling white-brown color and very beautiful appearance.

However, wild ones were extremely rare and could only be chanced upon by luck. It was just like how it was not rare to see beautiful women after makeup, surgery, and beauty enhancement. There were really few natural and bare-faced beauties.

Of course, this was not the most important thing. When Qin Lin saw the price of this wild Albino Tiger, he was really a little stunned.

Such a fish could be sold for 600,000 yuan? The price of a BMW 5 Series?

To an ordinary person like him, it was unimaginable that a fish was equivalent to a BMW 5 Series.

More importantly, was this kind of fish still priceless? Any fish that appeared would be snatched by the fish slaves. This could only mean that there were too many people who had money but no place to spend it.

Qin Lin entered the game in disbelief and looked at the fish the dwarf had given him. Was such a fish really worth so much money?

This was more money than he had earned from working hard to plant watermelons, strawberries, and okra.

[Wild Albino Tiger: Quality 2!]

[This is a very beautiful fish. Looks +2, taste +2, delicious +2, desire to buy +2!]

It tastes really good~

Although he felt that there was something wrong with the head of a person who would spend 600,000 yuan to buy such a fish, he wanted to find a person with such a head immediately.

Between an expensive fish and 600,000 yuan, he naturally chose 600,000 yuan.

However, it was a problem who he sold it to. Although one of them would be snatched away, he did not know how to let those people who would snatch it know.

With a thought, Qin Lin brought the container and the Wild Albino Tiger out of the game. Then, he called for a taxi and carefully carried the fish into the car.

There was a shop in Youcheng County that sold ornamental fish, but this shop definitely did not have any ornamental fish that cost hundreds of thousands. They all sold ornamental fish that cost dozens or hundreds of yuan.

However, there must be a way to open this ornamental fish shop, right?

When he thought of the 600,000 yuan in his hand, Qin Lin instructed the driver as soon as he got into the car, “Sir, drive slower later. Don’t scare this fish.”

“…” The driver looked at Qin Lin from the rearview mirror and felt like he had met another strange passenger.

It was just a fish. Did he need to specially instruct him? How fast could he drive in this city? He could just overtake a few cars.

Naturally, the driver did not know that this fish was worth a BMW 5 Series top-grade car. Otherwise, he might have rejected it.

Soon, Qin Lin was brought to a shop called Huimai Ornamental Fish. When he entered the shop, he saw a man whistling as he patiently surrounded a fish tank.

He was probably even more gentle to it than he was to his wife.

“Is the boss around?” Qin Lin asked as he carried the Albino Tiger into the shop.

“Sir, I’m the boss!” the man turned around and replied. His gaze was attracted to the fish in Qin Lin’s hand. He said in surprise, “Albino Tiger? This color and appearance… It’s from the wild? It’s top-grade.”

“Sir, are you buying an aquarium or fish food? If it’s an aquarium, I don’t have anything worthy of your fish. I’m afraid I’ll have to customize it. I still have some fish food…”

Qin Lin immediately said, “Boss, I want to sell this fish. Do you have a way?”

These words clearly made the boss’s eyes light up. He actually invited Qin Lin to sit down enthusiastically. “Sir, I’m Lin Sheng. Are you going to find a buyer for this fish? I have a channel to help you, and I can help you fight for the highest price. However, according to the rules, as a middleman, I need to take 20%.”

This was also why he was suddenly so enthusiastic.

Wild Albino Tiger. He knew the price of this fish and happened to know that there were a few ornamental fish at this price in a farm player’s WeChat group. Wasn’t this a coincidence that the God of Fortune came to his doorstep?

How many aquariums and low-quality ornamental fishes must he sell to earn this money?

“Boss Lin, then we’ll follow the rules. You’ll get what you deserve.” Qin Lin did not doubt this. Didn’t many businesses in society rely on intermediaries? Such people had another professional title: brokers.

Of course, there were also professionals and temporary guests. He could tell that Lin Sheng was clearly a temporary guest.

As for the 20% he said, he did not know if it was expensive or normal.

However, this did not matter to him. After all, this fish had no capital. There was no way he could find a buyer himself. It might waste a lot of time and energy, and some things might even happen.

“Sir, you look like a magnanimous person.” When Lin Sheng saw that Qin Lin had agreed, his smile grew wider. However, he was also afraid that Qin Lin would renege on the contract. He professionally printed a commission contract and signed it with him.

After that, he took a few sets of photos and videos of the fish to check if there were any marks or registration codes.

Seeing that it was all blank, he picked up his phone with a happy expression and began to operate it. He called a few more times and sent WeChat photos and videos.

This process lasted for almost an hour before Lin Sheng said to Qin Lin, “Sir, I’ve helped you contact three interested people. There’s a boss in the Water City who offered the highest price. He’s willing to pay 650,000 yuan for this fish. He’s from the city and will take two hours to get here.”

“Okay!” Qin Lin nodded. He did not expect him to be more anxious than him, the fish seller.

Two hours passed quickly. After a car stopped at the entrance of the shop, a man in his 40s walked in and asked, “Boss Lin, where’s the fish?”

Lin Sheng immediately pointed at the container on the table and said, “Boss Zhuang, the fish is here. The person beside you is the fish owner, Mr. Qin.”

“Mr. Qin, then I’ll look at the fish first?” Boss Zhuang was clearly a little anxious. He greeted him and went forward to watch with bright eyes.

Qin Lin did not disturb him.

However, he could clearly see a wretched expression gradually appear on Boss Zhuang’s face.

“Beautiful, so beautiful… These eyes… This figure… This skin is really perfect!” Boss Zhuang said with a face full of joy. “The natural ones are indeed better.”

It was as if he had seen a beauty.

This stunned Qin Lin. To be honest, in his eyes, other than being a little beautiful, that fish was nothing.

“Mr. Qin, I want this fish. We can transfer the money immediately,” Boss Zhuang said anxiously after admiring it for a moment.

This fish was top-grade. It was natural and wild, and it was very well taken care of. It could be one of the final pieces of his aquarium exhibition.

Furthermore, for some reason, when he saw this fish, he had a strong desire to buy it. He knew that he would definitely regret not buying it.

Qin Lin naturally had no objections, but he really did not understand these fish farmers. This person who spent 650,000 yuan to buy fish was even more anxious than him who sold fish. It was as if he had gotten a big beauty and was preparing to get a room.

Perhaps this was the effect of ‘desire to buy +2’!

Not long after.

Boss Zhuang left with the fish with a flushed face.

Naturally, Qin Lin’s card also received a huge sum of money.

“Your last number… income is 650,000 yuan. Your balance is 1,035,779.60 yuan.”

In an instant, he had become a millionaire?

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