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I Can Enter The Game

Chapter 20 - Gift from the Dwarf! 1

Chapter 20: Gift from the Dwarf! 1

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Qin Lin entered the tax hall. There was no one at this time, so there was no need to queue. Furthermore, most people were already handling the procedures online. They could just hold a phone.

Those who still came to the Land Tax Bureau’s window to pay taxes were either doing it for the first time or used to paying taxes at the window. They had a psychological distrust and rejection of online procedures. Most of them were elderly individuals.

“Sir, please show me your ID information. I’ll help you inquire about the printed tax receipt.” The staff at the window was a young lady called Li Jiahui.

Qin Lin provided his identity card information. He had already reported the taxes online. When he swiped his identity card, he could see the tax information.

Chen Hao also appeared inside.

He was pretending to take the information mainly to see how much tax Zhao Moqing’s husband had to pay.

This was a strange mentality. Perhaps he suddenly felt a little indignant that his sense of superiority was gone.

Li Jiahui took Qin Lin’s identity card. When she swiped the tax information, she clearly exclaimed, “Huh…”

It was no wonder she was surprised. The information on it was too unbelievable.

He had just graduated from university at the age of 23, right? He had earned 100,000 yuan a month and paid more than 20,000 yuan in taxes.

In a place like Youcheng County, it was already very good to earn 100,000 yuan a year at such a young age. The number of people who earned 100,000 yuan a month could be counted on one hand.

What kind of quality resource was this for a single woman?

She even subconsciously looked up at Qin Lin with a different gaze.

“Sir, I’ve already found your tax information. You can scan the code to pay taxes. I’ll print the tax receipt for you later.” Li Jiahui’s tone became even gentler as if she was displaying her perfect state.

Qin Lin also took out his phone and paid the tax.

A moment later, an artificial intelligence voice sounded from inside. “24,378 yuan in taxes!”

When Chen Hao heard this voice, his eyes suddenly widened as ten thousand curses surged through his heart.

With so many taxes, he should have earned 100,000 yuan a month, right?

A person who earned 100,000 yuan a month rode a small electric car?

Alright! Riding a small electric car without money was called being poor. Riding a small electric car with money was called being low-key.

Chen Hao’s emotions were extremely complicated.

At this moment, Li Jiahui had also printed the receipt and handed it to Qin Lin. Then, she said with a smile, “Mr. Qin, our tax bureau has a value-added service. I’m Li Jiahui. We can add each other on WeChat. You can ask me anytime if there’s a tax problem.”

“F*ck…” Chen Hao complained in his heart when he heard this.

Was there a ghost in their value-added service?

“Qin Lin, why are you here?” A crisp voice sounded.

Zhao Moqing ran to the window in surprise when she saw Qin Lin.

“Mo Qing!” Qin Lin wanted to hug and kiss his wife when he saw her, but when he thought of this, he gave up on the thought.

Li Jiahui seemed to feel threatened and asked curiously, “Moqing, do you know this Mr. Qin?”

“He’s her husband!” Chen Hao said lightly.

“What?” Li Jiahui was stunned and then felt frustrated.

This kind of high-quality man really did not wait for anyone. Someone had struck first at such a young age.

No wonder Zhao Moqing ignored a suitor like Chen Hao.

She looked at Chen Hao, who relied on his parents and sisters to buy a car. He was really a few streets behind.

“…” Chen Hao seemed to have sensitively noticed Li Jiahui’s disdainful gaze.

What did she mean?

When Qin Lin saw Zhao Moqing, he smiled and said, “Moqing, I’m here to report the taxes and pay them.”

“Tax?” Zhao Moqing was clearly a little surprised. She knew the situation in Qin Lin’s shop. Previously, he did not even have the right to pay taxes. Why was he paying taxes now?

He had heard from Qin Lin that he had started a wholesale business. It seemed like his income had increased compared to before.

She was happy for Qin Lin and took the tax certificate from his hand to see how much tax Qin Lin had paid.

“24,378 yuan?” Zhao Moqing was shocked to see the amount of taxes Qin Lin paid. With so many taxes, Qin Lin should have earned 100,000 yuan this month.

She confirmed it again and confirmed that she was not mistaken. She pulled Qin Lin out. When they reached the tax bureau, she could not help but ask, “Qin Lin, is this true? Is it so profitable for you to sell it wholesale?”

Qin Lin smiled and hugged Zhao Moqing’s waist. “Of course. Besides, I have to work hard for my wife. I want to bring you home as soon as possible.”

Women were emotional. When Zhao Moqing heard this, she was touched. She could not help but kiss Qin Lin’s face hard. Although she was willing to live a difficult life with Qin Lin and had even secretly registered her marriage with him without telling her family, as a woman, who did not want their husband to be successful?

“I’m working overtime tonight. Come pick me up from work.” Zhao Moqing looked at Qin Lin with a smile and even reminded him shyly, “My parents went back to their hometown today. I can stay the night.”

“I’ll book a hotel room later!” Qin Lin said subconsciously before Zhao Moqing pinched his waist.

Zhao Moqing snorted proudly. “I’ll go to work first.”

Qin Lin watched as Zhao Moqing entered the tax bureau and entered the hall again. He applied for the online tax business at Li Jiahui’s window.

This time, Li Jiahui was a little lukewarm. She was completely different from her previous gentleness and enthusiasm. It made people wonder if she was a relative who had a change of temper.

When Qin Lin left the tax bureau, he was in a happy mood that he had never been in before. He even stopped at a pharmacy on a small electric scooter and entered to buy the most expensive small umbrella.

He had no choice. Before he could bring Mo Qing home openly, nothing could happen. Otherwise, when the time came, her parents would definitely explode.

When he returned to the market and entered the shop, Qin Lin looked at the game in his mind in surprise.

A new plot had happened in the game.

Other than daily planting, breeding, and construction, this game also had some plots interspersed. It might be interacting with the residents of Ore Town, just like how Zach gave fishing rods and bait.

Naturally, the plot could also be triggered by an animal. It was more likely to be triggered by some strange creatures.

For example, the short man in front of him.

The dwarfs in the depths of the forest seemed to be set up as there were seven dwarfs in Ore Town. They could even invite the dwarfs to work at the ranch.

“You’re the owner of the ranch? I’m Arnie, a dwarf from deep in the forest. I have seven companions who have settled outside the Ore Town. I’ve been helping them build houses these past few days.”

“I like to fish. I saw you fishing by the river these past few days. Let’s compete in fishing?”

“If you win the fishing competition, I’ll give you a gift!”

Seeing that the dwarf had issued a fishing competition, Qin Lin controlled his game character to accept it. Then, his game character automatically followed the dwarf to the river.

This time, the game screen by the river was different. After the game screen turned black, it became a competition screen for a small fishing game.

The competition was probably to see who caught more fish in a minute.

The fishing in this small game was different from his previous fishing. It tested one’s reaction speed. When the fish swam past, he would throw out the hook and catch the fish.

If it was done with his hands, Qin Lin would really be a little lousy at this game. Now that he was controlling it with his mind, he was really not afraid.

Therefore, after the competition began, Qin Lin took the lead indisputably and the competition ended with victory.

The game screen returned to normal. The dwarf, Arnie, praised her generously. “Your fishing skills are really amazing. I lost. As the winner, I’ll give this to you as a prize. I just caught it in the wild.”

The dwarf gave the game character a special container. There was also a beautiful white-brown fish swimming inside.

[You have obtained an expensive special wild ornamental fish: Wild Albino Tiger]

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