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I Can Enter The Game

Chapter 17 - All Wild Goods! Astonishing Effect! 1

Chapter 17: All Wild Goods! Astonishing Effect! 1

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For the rest of the time, Qin Lin controlled his game character to fish by the river. From time to time, a notification sounded.

[You have caught a wild black carp (Quality 1)]

[You have caught a wild grass carp (Quality 1)]

[You have caught a wild bass (Quality 1)!]

In the beginning, Qin Lin controlled the game character and caught a fish almost immediately.

At this rate, he might be able to catch hundreds of fish in an afternoon.

However, while the idea was good, the reality was a little cruel. As time passed, it would take longer and longer to catch a fish.

When he caught more than 30 fish, a notification appeared in the game:

[There don’t seem to be any fish in the river. Please wait for the refresh to resume!]

“???” Qin Lin complained.

It was just a game. Why was it being so serious? Couldn’t it let the players fish endlessly?

This really affected the gaming experience.

Seeing that he could not fish anymore, Qin Lin controlled the game character to put away the fishing rod and bait. Then, he entered the small toilet in the shop again and entered the game with a thought.

When he arrived at the storage room, there was already a group of fish swimming in a pool. There was also an information board beside the pool that recorded the number of fish.

He had caught a total of 35 fishes, 15 of which were wild basses, 10 wild grass carps, and 10 wild black carps.

Wild grass carps and wild black carps could also be sold for 20 yuan per catty because these two fishes were quite nutritious.

Furthermore, these 10 wild grass carps and 10 wild black carps were more than 10 catties.

Wild grass carps and wild black carps were relatively large. It was also common to see more than ten catties of wild grass carps and wild black carps in the market.

However, if there were more than 20 to 30 catties of wild grass carps and wild green carps, it would be very rare in modern society.

When Qin Lin looked at the specific information of these fish, four fishes surprised him.

[Wild bass: Quality 2 (12 catties)]

[Wild bass: Quality 2 (11 catties)]


[Wild Black Carp: Quality 2 (25 catties)]

[Remarks: This is a pure wild black carp. It’s a big fish. There’s no pollution from the game.

Nourishment +2, Healthy Spleen Healthy Stomach +2, Liver Nourishment Brightness +2, Moisture and Medium +2, Severe Malaria +2, Delicious +2, Taste +2]

[Wild Grass Cap: Quality 2 (31 catties)]

[Remarks: This is a pure wild grass carp. It’s a big fish and has no pollution to the game products.

Weak body and stomach -2, liver hyperactivity -2, high blood pressure -2, headache and tinnitus -2, deliciousness +2, taste +2!]

Looking at these four big goods, Qin Lin could not help but be surprised.

The three types of wild fishes of Quality 2 seemed to be considered high-quality. They were above 10 catties of basses, 20 catties of black carps, and 30 catties of grass carps.

This size could be called a fish king in the wild fishing competition. More importantly, with the attribute bonus of Quality 2, the wild fishes he caught were far superior to those fish kings.

It could be said that if these four fishes were sold, many rich people with weak or sick bodies at home would be willing to pay an expensive price.

These kinds of goods could not be bought with money. After all, it was difficult to even buy normal wild goods.

Qin Lin looked at the other 31 fishes. They were also of Quality 1.

This kind of wild fish was different from ordinary fishes, and it was not difficult to determine. This was because the difference was very big. The wild fishes were slender, fat, and round. Their body color was also different. The wild fishes were lighter, the breeding color was darker, and the feces were even more different. The smell of wild fish feces was lighter, and the breeding was heavier.

However, there were not many wild fishes. Qin Lin was not in a hurry to resolve them, especially the four big fishes. These things were left for his mother to nourish her body.

In the evening.

After the strawberries and okra matured, Qin Lin went to the warehouse to move the things out of the game and sent them to the RT-Mart again. Today, the strawberries earned a total of 18,505 yuan, and the okra was 19,870 yuan. The balance on his card had reached 356,787 yuan.

After delivering the goods, he returned to the shop to pick up Wang Cai. Qin Lin also entered the game. He picked up the 12-catty wild bass and brought it out of the game with a rope.

This one had been chosen to bring back to nourish his mother.

When they returned home, Qin Lin said to Lin Fen, “Mom, what do you think? It’s for you to nourish your body.”

“Such a big bass. Is it a wild bass?” Lin Fen could not help but be surprised when she received the 12 catties of bass. She naturally knew that such a big wild bass was very expensive. This thing only grew one catty every few years, and it was difficult to buy even with money.

Some people were so lucky that they could not even bear to eat one. Instead, they chose to sell it for a sum of money.

It was so big that it probably cost more than 2,000 yuan.

Of course, this was because she did not know that this fish had attributes.

At the thought of this, she complained, “Xiao Lin, why are you so extravagant? I don’t need to eat such expensive things.”

“Mom, don’t worry. I’ve earned a lot from wholesale recently. Our family can afford this. I’ll kill the fish. I want to try such a big wild bass too,” Qin Lin said as he carried the 12-catty bass into the kitchen.

Actually, when he heard his mother’s complaints, his heart was warm.

In the past, his parents had nagged him until he felt annoyed. Now that his father had passed away, he could only miss that kind of nagging. Now that he had his mother to nag him, he had to cherish her.

“You!” Lin Fen could only follow her into the kitchen.

Killing the fish was not difficult for Qin Lin. He quickly handled the fish.

However, the mother and son clearly could not finish 12 catties of fish. They could only make half of it and put the other half in the fridge.

Coincidentally, there was tofu at home. Lin Fen’s best dish was the bass tofu soup. The milky white soup made from ordinary wild bass was very delicious. The bass produced by this game had a taste of +2 and was delicious +2. It would taste even better.

The truth did not disappoint Qin Lin. After the wild bass tofu soup was done, he took a small sip and his eyes lit up.

The taste and texture were really too delicious. Even the chefs from five-star and international hotels who used all kinds of seasonings to make it could not compare.

“Yes! The fish tastes so good today.” Lin Fen was surprised after eating it. She had eaten a lot of basses, but she had never eaten anything so delicious. Had her skills improved?

Furthermore, after eating a bowl, she inexplicably felt a warm current flowing through her blood vessels and meridians. She felt much better.

She did not know if she was hallucinating, but she was indeed more comfortable and relaxed.

After eating a bowl of fish, Qin Lin also felt a hint of warmth. That feeling was very real. If he did not know that this bass had the attribute of living blood circulation +2, he would have thought that he had become a martial arts expert and that internal energy had appeared in his body.

However, it was effective so quickly. It was simply as shocking as the Quality 2 okra.

Qin Lin felt satisfied after eating a bowl of bass soup this time. He immediately got himself another bowl.

Lin Fen picked up a piece of fish for Wang Cai. After eating, the dog also licked the fish bones.

“By the way, Xiao Lin, I have something to tell you.” Lin Fen suddenly said to Qin Lin, “You also know that Qin Ren is getting engaged. Your father even borrowed 50,000 yuan from his family for his illness. This time, he’s also looking for someone else to borrow the betrothal gift.”

“The other party knew about our family’s situation and didn’t come to ask for a debt. Although our family doesn’t have the money to repay him, we can’t pretend not to know.”

“Go to his house tonight and ask if there’s anything you can help with.”

Qin Lin nodded and said, “Okay, I’ll go over and take a look later.”

Qin Ren was his childhood friend. In the past, he had lived in an old house in the countryside and learned photography at university. Now, he had opened an advertising and planning studio in Youcheng County with his friend. Be it advertising or wedding planning, he took on all kinds of jobs.

When his father was sick, the Fang family lent them 50,000 yuan without hesitation. This was also the greatest favor to their family.

Now that he was engaged, he could return the 50,000 yuan to him tonight.

There were also other people whom his family had borrowed money from. If they had the ability, they had to return it as soon as possible.

What he borrowed was kindness, and what he returned could not be resentment.

Therefore, he had to find a time to return the money to the other creditors.

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