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I Can Enter The Game

Chapter 14 - Men Say Good Things After Eating! City Management Is Here to Catch a Dog! 1

Chapter 14: Men Say Good Things After Eating! City Management Is Here to Catch a Dog! 1

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Qin Lin stood up and stretched.

This Quality 2 okra was really effective. It could even be used as a pill, but it still had no side effects and could nourish the kidneys.

Then, he looked at the screen in his mind as usual and picked the okra and strawberries to plant new seeds.

After breakfast, Qin Lin went to the warehouse and sent this batch of ripe okra and strawberries to the RT-Mart before returning to the shop to rest.

The shop was already empty. He bought a recliner and lay down, feeling very comfortable.

In the evening, the okra and strawberries ripened again. He went to the warehouse again and took out the okra and strawberries from the game to deliver to the RT-Mart again.

There were 607 catties of strawberries today, 3,050 catties of okra, and 36,510 yuan in income. His balance would also reach 278,747 yuan.

This way, he could break through 300,000 yuan in another day.

However, when Qin Lin took the list to settle with Manager Chen, he happened to meet the young woman from yesterday again. When he brushed past her, she also had a smell that all men knew.

The woman’s phone rang, and she picked up the call with a smile. “Hello, Hubby. I’m buying groceries. I’ll cook for you when I get back.”

“…” Qin Lin only sighed with emotion.

When he entered Manager Chen’s office, he saw him holding his waist and spraying air freshener.

There was clearly a torn black stocking in the trash can beside him.

Qin Lin could only sigh again at how good Manager Chen was at playing.

“President Qin, you’re here.” Manager Chen put down the air cleaner and did not feel awkward. Instead, he enthusiastically led Qin Lin to a seat.

Who did not know how to play when a man was a little rich? Many people even used this as capital to show off at the wine table. Who would look down on men? Anyway, men did not suffer. Those who were looked down on were those women who were played.

“Manager Chen, this is today’s list.” Qin Lin handed over the list and the receipt.

Manager Chen took the signature and said with a smile, “President Qin, the batch of okra you sent yesterday has already been placed on the shelves. The sales today are also very good. I’ll say it again. It’ll be sold for 6 yuan per catty. I’ll take as much as you have.”

“Manager Chen, I can only supply more than 3,000 catties of this okra every day,” Qin Lin said. Suddenly, he thought of something. “However, Manager Chen, I still have some specially cultivated okra. It has a very strong effect on passing water and filling the kidneys. Its effect is even stronger than pills. Do you want to try it?”

When he thought of how the other party had covered his waist after playing with the woman, he felt that Manager Chen should be almost at the point of being helpless. He could take back some of the money he had taken from him.

“President Qin, this thing is specially cultivated? Is the effect you’re talking about true?” Manager Chen’s eyes lit up when he heard this.

Qin Lin smiled and said, “Manager Chen, why would I lie to you? It’s just that the price is a little expensive. One catty is at least 200 yuan, and it’s very difficult to get. I can try to get some.”

“200 yuan per catty? So expensive?” This was the first time Manager Chen had heard of such expensive okra, but he had the channels. He believed that Qin Lin would not dare to lie to him. Otherwise, if they stopped working together, the other party would feel even more uncomfortable. Therefore, he said, “President Qin, then help me get some. I’ll try it first.”

When he thought of what Qin Lin had said, he was a little eager.

Men were always willing to spend some money to make up for these problems.

“Okay, I’ll go take a look first. If there’s anything, I’ll send it to Manager Chen later.” Qin Lin agreed and left.

He deliberately waited for some time before going to the warehouse to take out the 9 catties of Quality 2 okra from the game and went to the RT-Mart again.

When he entered Manager Chen’s office again, Qin Lin opened the bag in his hand with a smile and revealed the Quality 2 okra inside. “Manager Chen, these are the okras. There are a total of 9 catties so they’ll cost 1,800 yuan!”

Manager Chen looked at the okra and realized that they were indeed different from ordinary okra. They were darker in color and bigger.

He just did not know how effective it would be. However, once a man began to feel weak, he had to try.

At this moment, men were extremely concerned about s*x. Otherwise, health supplements that had no effect but were expensive to consume would not be so popular.

Manager Chen paid the bill readily. Qin Lin suddenly felt that it seemed too cheap to ask for 200 yuan per catty?

The night passed.

Qin Lin woke up early in the morning and obtained two kilograms of Quality 2 okra.

After planting the new seeds, he ate some breakfast and sent the batch of ripe okra and strawberries from the morning to the RT-Mart.

Unexpectedly, Manager Chen came looking for him with a big belly. He pulled him to the side sneakily. “President Qin, do you still have that kind of okra from yesterday?”

“???” Qin Lin was stunned. “Manager Chen, I gave you nine kilograms. You finished it?”

Manager Chen immediately said, “President Qin, I’m not done eating yet. However, it’s really effective. Shouldn’t I prepare more?”

He originally had doubts about the effects of those okra, but after eating last night, his waist did not feel as sore and tired as before when he woke up in the morning.

This meant that the okra was really effective. Furthermore, the effect was shocking.

He had also investigated the wholesale market the entire morning and wanted to know where Qin Lin got his goods. In the end, he found nothing. He could only look for Qin Lin again.

Qin Lin knew the effect of Quality 2 okra, but looking at Manager Chen, it meant that the effect of Quality 2 okra on such a weak man was stronger than he had expected.

Looking at the other party’s anxious expression, Qin Lin pretended to be in a difficult position and said, “Manager Chen, you also know that I’m just a middleman. I’m just earning some money. I might not be able to get this kind of special okra, and someone else might have bought it.”

This made Manager Chen a little anxious. “President Qin, help me. Wasn’t it 200 yuan per catty previously? I can pay 400 yuan per catty. This is much more useful than those health supplements that are thousands of yuan more expensive.”

It directly increased to 400 yuan per catty?

Qin Lin was surprised. This old man really cared about sex.

As he spoke, Manager Chen stuffed the Chinese cigarette in his hand into Qin Lin’s hand. “President Qin, thank you.”

“Okay, then I’ll help Manager Chen try.” Qin Lin looked at the cigarette in his hand and pretended to be in a difficult position, but he was a little proud in his heart. It seemed like his role with Manager Chen had begun to change.

Now, it was the other party who was begging him.

Seeing that Qin Lin had agreed, Manager Chen heaved a sigh of relief.

After Qin Lin left, he picked up his phone and made a call. He said with a sly smile, “Hello, President Chu. I’m Xiao Chen. I bought a good thing…”

Qin Lin naturally still had Quality 2 okra in his hand. He had harvested another five catties in the morning, but he did not take it out immediately.

If Manager Chen was anxious, he was not.

Who did not understand the principle of rare goods being sold?

400 yuan per catty. The okra was ripe this evening. If he could still harvest 5 catties of Quality 2, then just these 10 catties could be sold for 4,000 yuan. This was taking back all the commission Manager Chen had eaten, and it was much more.

It seemed like high-end products were easier to earn money.

Qin Lin returned to the market in a happy mood. When he arrived at the entrance of the shop, he saw a group of people watching the show. A few people in urban management uniforms were chasing after the black dog with nets.

The black dog kept running. When it was whipped by the city enforcement officers, it let out a shrill and helpless cry at the people around it. It seemed to be looking forward to being saved.

Someone had clearly reported it and was here to catch this black dog.

After all, many of the guests here were housewives who would bring their children along for fear of being hurt by stray dogs. Previously, many stray dogs on the market had already been euthanized.

Stray dogs could easily find food on the market, but they could also easily lose their lives.

There was no choice. There were too many irresponsible owners and too many stray dogs.

A while ago, there was a young female vet who was cursed online for euthanizing 800 stray dogs.

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