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I Can Enter The Game

Chapter 13 - Quality 2 Okra, A Man’s Gospel! 1

Chapter 13: Quality 2 Okra, A Man’s Gospel! 1

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

When he woke up early in the morning, the strawberries and okra in the game had already ripened. Red and green dotted the ground.

Qin Lin immediately controlled his game character to pluck it and place it in the storage room. Then, with a thought, he entered the game.

In the storage room, the two crops had been sorted.

Strawberries: 302 catties (Quality 1).

Strawberries: 2 catties (Quality 2).

It was not much different from before.

Okra: 1,500 catties (Quality 1).

Okra: 4 catties (Quality 2).

In other words, each plot of land had an average harvest of more than 60 catties of okra. If he sold it wholesale at six pieces, this batch could earn 9,000 yuan.

This was already more than the income of two batches of watermelons.

Qin Lin picked up the Quality 1 and 2 okra again. The Quality 2 okra was clearly darker and bigger.

However, he could still see the note:

[Okra: Quality 1]

[Okra is a special crop. It has the attribute of medicine. Milk modulation +1, smooth filtering +1, kidney filling +1.]

[Okra: Quality 2]

[This is high-quality okra. It has a medicinal attribute and is extremely effective. It can be used to nourish the kidneys and nourish the body. Milk modulation +2, smooth filtering +2, kidney filling +2.]

Qin Lin looked at the notes in surprise.

He knew that okra was very nutritious, but this was the first time he knew the exact effect.

This time, the milk modulation effect should be able to make children eat better and fill them up. It would also make women healthy!

It should be that the smooth filtering was for urination that was like water dripping from a tap. It was effective in curing this.

There was no need to explain the kidney filling. All men should understand that this effect and masculinity were two blessings for men.

As for this Quality 2 okra, its effects actually increased by 2.

When he thought of the +2 attribute effect of the watermelon and strawberry quality previously, the effect of this quality 2 okra should be very strong, right?

Qin Lin went out of the game and washed up before heading to the warehouse.

No matter what, he would send the ripe strawberries to the RT-Mart first and look for Manager Chen to promote the okra.

After sending the 302 pounds of strawberries to the RT-Mart, Qin Lin entered the large supermarket and walked straight to Manager Chen’s office.

When he arrived at Manager Chen’s office, he saw a young woman wearing revealing clothes walking out. There were faint strawberry marks on her neck. When she brushed past him, there was still a special smell on her body.

Qin Lin smiled ambiguously.

All men knew this smell. He did not expect Manager Chen to be so good at playing.

When Manager Chen saw that Qin Lin was here, he invited him to sit at the tea table. As he made tea, he asked, “President Qin, has there been an answer to the watermelon price reduction so early?”

“Manager Chen, I’ve stopped producing watermelons. I’m here to talk to you about a new crop today,” Qin Lin said with a smile as he placed the small bag of samples he had brought on the tea table.

“Okra!” Manager Chen subconsciously said.

He was familiar with this. He had a tigress wife at home and a little white rabbit mistress outside. He had eaten this often.

Men had to make up for everything when they needed to.

Qin Lin smiled and said, “Manager Chen, the new product is the okra.”

“President Qin, how much is the wholesale price of your okra? If it’s too high, I won’t be able to explain to the higher-ups,” Manager Chen said with a hint. He naturally wanted Qin Lin to give him a high price so that he could earn money.

He was still very satisfied with his collaboration with Qin Lin. The wholesale price was not high, and he had enough benefits. The items were easy to sell, and the price was higher than ordinary.

Not only did he get some benefits, but the leaders of the supermarket were also satisfied.

Qin Lin understood what he meant and smiled. “Manager Chen, don’t worry. I won’t make things difficult for you. The wholesale price of my okra is 6 yuan a catty. It’s definitely lower than the market. Furthermore, I can provide about 3,000 catties a day.”

When Manager Chen heard the price of 6 yuan a catty, he immediately said decisively, “President Qin, I want all the okra in your hand.”

Was this a joke? The wholesale price was only six yuan a catty?

The latest news he received was that the wholesale price of the okra in Youcheng County would increase to seven yuan a catty in two days. It would be even higher in Sand City.

Since the other party was willing to set the wholesale price at six yuan, there was no reason for him not to buy it.

Therefore, even if the Youcheng County branch could not consume 3,000 catties, it could still be transported to Sand City. Who asked the person in charge of both sides to be the same? As for whether the purchasing manager in Sand City was happy or not, it was none of his business.

If he was capable, why don’t he find such a source too?

Qin Lin also smiled and said, “Okay, then I’ll send the okra over to Manager Chen in batches today.”

Manager Chen smiled and said, “Then the price of President Qin’s development ticket will be 50 cents a catty more. Let me earn some hard money.”

Qin Lin wanted to complain when he heard this.

Hard money?

One catty was more than 50 cents. 3,000 catties was 1,500 yuan, okay? With the addition of the strawberries, it was more than 1,200 yuan.

Sitting in the office and playing with women, he had earned more than 2,700 yuan from him in a day. Coupled with what he had earned from others, it was unknown how much he earned in a day.

Was this hard work?

Then who did not want to work hard?

However, Qin Lin left after receiving the answer.

In the evening, the strawberries and okra ripened again. The okra weighed more than 1,500 pounds, and the Quality 2 was 6 pounds.

This way, the Quality 2 okra would be 10 catties.

After Qin Lin finished sending the okra and strawberries for the day, he looked for Manager Chen to settle the bill. The bill arrived quickly. 605 catties of strawberries, 18,150 yuan, 3,000 catties of okra, and 18,000 yuan.

He had earned a total of 36,150 yuan today and was about to break through to 40,000 yuan a day.

The balance of his silver card had also reached 242,237 yuan.

Qin Lin was in a good mood. When he returned home, he thought of the Grade 2 okra.

He went to his room and entered the game to take out two catties of Quality 2 okra. Then, he went to the kitchen and said to Lin Fen, who was cooking, “Mom, cook this okra later.”

Lin Fen looked at it and frowned. “Xiao Lin, although you and Moqing are young, you have to control yourself a little. Otherwise, you won’t be able to recover from eating this.”

Qin Lin was a little awkward. “Mom, I just want to try this okra. I’ve been doing some wholesale business these past few days. This okra is a product. I have to try it myself.”

This was also a form of backing up so that her mother would not be worried when he took out a large sum of money.

“It’s good to have a way to do wholesale. You can earn more money.” Lin Fen did not probe further. She knew that her son had always had his own opinions and had definitely thought about what he wanted to do.

The key was that she only knew how to watch the shop and bargain with the customers. She could not give business opinions.

Two catties of okra with pickled vegetables were very delicious. Qin Lin had never been disappointed in his mother’s cooking.

He did not feel anything after eating the Grade 2 okra, but as time passed, he was surprised. A warm and comfortable feeling began to appear on his waist.

The effect of filling his kidney with +2 seemed to be very obvious.

However, after a night of digestion, Qin Lin was in a difficult position the next morning.

Because a flagpole had been erected for the entire morning.

However, when he got up, his mental state had gone up another level.

This was the feeling of a vigorous person like him. At Manager Chen’s age, he was already a little weak. Furthermore, he was raising a little white rabbit outside. The feeling after eating it would definitely be stronger, right?

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