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I Can Enter The Game

Chapter 12 - 200 Yuan Per Catty Can’t Be Compared to 20 Yuan Per Catty!

Chapter 12: 200 Yuan Per Catty Can’t Be Compared to 20 Yuan Per Catty!

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Qin Lin looked at Zhao Moqing and his mother, who were washing the dishes in the kitchen, and smiled.

When Mo Qing arrived, his mother smiled more and was in a good mood.

Smiling more and maintaining a good mood was good for his mother’s health.

His mother clearly wanted to help him marry Mo Qing, but her family situation was helpless.

Therefore, she had to pay for a house as soon as possible and place the marriage certificate in front of her mother before bringing Mo Qing home.

This was probably what he wanted to do the most now. It could be said that he had no ambition.

There was always something more important in life than ambition.

With this in mind, he looked at the game screen. He wished he could raise his game character to the maximum and plant all the red strawberries. He would earn millions a day.

When Qin Lin was about to send Zhao Moqing back, Lin Fen followed him to the district downstairs and kept reminding him, “Xiao Lin, remember to send Moqing home safely. Ride slowly on the way…”

“Mom, I understand!” Qin Lin replied with a smile and drove Zhao Moqing out of the district.

Zhao Moqing lived in Ming Yuan District in the East City.

Qin Lin stopped the car in the district. Just the environment alone felt different from the old district he had rented.

This was one of the best districts in Youcheng County. The house price had already reached 14,000 yuan per square meter. The house was 120 square meters and had been renovated for more than two million yuan.

Many houses in the provincial capital only cost two million yuan. It could be seen how exaggerated the housing prices in this small city were.

Every time he came here, he had to consider a problem. Under normal circumstances, if he wanted to buy a house here, he had to scrimp and save first and spend three to five years to repay his family’s external debts.

If there was no way to earn money during this period to get rid of the current situation, it would take another five years or even more to gather the down payment.

This was on the premise that house prices would not rise again in the future.

In the past, every time he came here, he would be a little nervous. He was afraid that he would let Zhao Moqing down.

Fortunately, the game in his mind could pull him out of this helpless quagmire.

Zhao Moqing seemed to have sensed Qin Lin’s emotions. She did not get out of the car but pressed her face against his back. “Qin Lin, why don’t we lay our cards on the table with our family? I want to fight for a future with you.”

Qin Lin knew that Zhao Moqing was telling him that she was determined. She had mentioned this topic more than once.

He grabbed Zhao Moqing’s hand and promised, “Didn’t I say to give me some time? Don’t worry, I have a new business recently. I’ve done some wholesale and earned more than before. I’ll be able to bring you home soon.”



“Yes, I believe you!”

These simple words showed her confidence in Qin Lin.

The two of them cuddled for a while before Qin Lin handed the other two catties of red strawberries of Quality 2 to Mo Qing.

“There’s more?” Zhao Moqing was surprised.

The strawberries earlier were too delicious. Lin Fen and her had finished them all.

Qin Lin nodded. “Yes, as long as you like it!”

Zhao Moqing was naturally happy. She kissed Qin Lin heavily before going upstairs reluctantly. When she returned home, she realized that her mother, Chen Xiao, and sister-in-law, Li Jiawen, were watching television in the hall.

“Mo Qing, you’re back!” Li Jiawen was the same age as Zhao Moqing. She did makeup and was dressed very fashionably. When she saw her sister-in-law return, she smiled and said, “Moqing, come and try it. I got someone to buy imported strawberries for you. They cost 200 yuan a catty. this kind of strawberry is very rare.”

With that, she picked up a strawberry and placed it beside Zhao Moqing’s mouth.

Zhao Moqing cooperated and opened her mouth.

Li Jiawen stuffed the strawberry into Zhao Moqing’s mouth and asked, “How does it taste? It’s not bad, right?”

Zhao Moqing ate this strawberry and looked at her sister-in-law strangely. “Jiawen, this strawberry is 200 yuan a catty? Have you been deceived?”

Li Jiawen asked in confusion, “How is that possible? My good friend from university helped me buy it. Isn’t it delicious?”

Zhao Moqing did not speak. She took out a strawberry from the bag in her hand and handed it to Li Jiawen. “Open your mouth!”

When Li Jiawen saw the red strawberry, she also opened her mouth to bite it and was stunned. This was because it was much more delicious than the strawberries she had bought. “Moqing, where did you buy this strawberry? How much does it cost to taste so good? It should be very expensive, right?”

“It shouldn’t be expensive!” Zhao Moqing did not ask about the price of the strawberries and said vaguely, “This was given to me by Qin Lin. It must be cheap in his shop. It should be 20 yuan a catty!”

“20 yuan a catty?” When Li Jiawen heard this price, she was depressed. “What? 200 yuan a catty of strawberries isn’t as delicious as 20 yuan? Moqing, I think I’ve really been deceived. I was even deceived by 200 yuan. I can’t be her best friend anymore.”

As she spoke, her hand had already reached into the bag in Zhao Moqing’s hand.

The strawberries she bought did not smell good anymore, but the ones her sister-in-law brought back smelled good.

When Chen Xiao heard Qin Lin’s name, he frowned and asked, “How has Qin Lin been recently?”

“Mom, Qin Lin has been doing wholesale recently. He’ll get better and better.” Zhao Moqing actually did not know what Qin Lin meant by wholesale, but she could only say that Qin Lin was good. Furthermore, she ran to her room after saying that, not wanting them to pester her about this problem.

Li Jiawen said, “Mom, actually, Qin Lin is a good person. He’s hardworking and good to Moqing.”

Chen Xiao sighed and said, “I know he’s not bad, but it’s not like you don’t know his family. How much hardship will Moqing have to suffer after marrying him?”

Li Jiawen did not answer.

The next day, Qin Lin woke up and picked the ripe watermelon and strawberries from the morning. Then, he planted new seeds.

After washing up and eating breakfast, he went to the warehouse immediately and moved the watermelons out of the game. He then sent the watermelons Liu Dasheng and the others had ordered.

“Xiao Qin, let me tell you something!” When Liu Dasheng was done, he asked in embarrassment, “The price of watermelons has already decreased. Can your wholesale price still be 20 cents cheaper?”

Hearing this news, Qin Lin frowned slightly. Had the price of the watermelon begun to drop?

He had expected the price of watermelons to drop. The price of watermelons soared every July and August, and the price of watermelons began to drop at the end of September.

However, had the price of watermelons in Youcheng County’s wholesale market dropped so early this year?

After some careful thought, he roughly knew the reason. After all, with his participation, there were more than 800 watermelons and more than 9,000 catties a day. The market in this small county must have suffered a little.

In that case, he had to consider planting other things. Once the price of watermelons decreased, they would become less and less valuable toward the end. In the end, one catty would not be worth a dollar, and there would not be much profit.

Indeed, when the goods were delivered in the evening and the settlement was done, Manager Chen also mentioned lowering the price.

This made him even more determined to stop planting watermelons.

As soon as the news was released, he sent a message to those bosses. The rough content was that “The watermelons planted by the son of Second Grandpa’s nephew have been sold out. Everyone can go to the market tomorrow to wholesale the watermelons.”

He did not feel guilty about suddenly stopping supplying. He was in business and had not signed a long-term supply contract.

After he was done, he immediately looked at the game screen in his mind and controlled the game character to leave the ranch. He went to the seed shop in the ore town to see if any crops that could be planted on the primary land were more expensive than watermelons.

At the same time, he went online to investigate the price of these crops. Naturally, he had to choose one that was suitable, safe, and expensive.

After searching for a long time, he really found a very suitable one.

That was the okra.

The okra was the most expensive among the primary land crops, similar to the ripe watermelon.

The key was that the okra was a seed crop, not a seedling crop. Like watermelons, it was highly secretive and not troublesome.

Now, the wholesale price of one catty in their southern region had already reached more than six yuan.

His cost was the money to buy the seeds. He did not ask for much. Six yuan a catty was enough.

At the thought of this, he went to the seed shop and bought another bag of okra seeds.

When he returned home, he entered the game and placed the okra seeds in the seed storage box. Then, he exited the game and controlled the game character to shovel the watermelon seeds he had planted previously and plant the okra seeds on the 24 plots.

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