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I Can Enter The Game

Chapter 118 - The Young Man Who Came Knocking

Chapter 118: The Young Man Who Came Knocking

Chen Li felt that he couldn’t do anything about his daughter and hurriedly changed the topic. “Boss Qin, actually, I have something to ask of you today.”

Qin Lin smiled and said, “Chief Chen, you’re being too polite. I’ll definitely help if I can.”

Chen Li said in embarrassment, “Xiaoru’s mother gave birth to her. Actually, Xiaoru’s health has never been very good. She’s in her third year of high school now and her studies are heavy. I’m usually busy, so I can only give her money to eat outside. Now, she’s anemic.”

“She’s going to take the college entrance examination next year. She’s in the midst of a breakthrough now, so her body can’t collapse. The doctor suggested giving her more food to nourish her blood.”

“But I don’t know what food is useful for anemia. Right now, the county’s Regional Tourism+ plan is also busy. The food your villa cooks is delicious, so can I ask your villa for help?”

Qin Lin understood why Chen Xiaoru was so thin and didn’t reject Chen Li’s request. “Chief Chen, I understand. Since she calls me uncle, I can’t ignore my niece. Just let her come over every day. I’ll get the kitchen to make some food supplements for her.”

There were many supplements that were effective for anemia. For example, loaches were effective for anemia. His Level 2 paddy fields could farm some loaches. There were also things like carrots, spinach, and black beans that could be planted in the Level 1 fields. They were at least Quality 1 and also effective for anemia.

When the time came, he would just prepare some for Master Lin to make every day. Occasionally, he would get some Quality 2 for Chen Xiaoru.

This was a small matter to him. It was up to him to help.

Chen Li had always been running around for him. Previously, he had even specially stood up for him. Of course, he had it do it on account of their friendship.

If it were someone else in Chen Li’s position, they might be high and mighty. They might not necessarily get along so well.

Seeing that Qin Lin had agreed, Chen Li was also full of smiles. “Then I’ll have to trouble Boss Qin. When the time comes, I’ll transfer some money on you. You can just deduct it when she comes over.”

“Alright!” Qin Lin nodded.


He also knew that given Chen Li’s position, he could not give this treatment to the other party for free. That would not benefit either of them. When the time came, he could just calculate the price of the ordinary ingredients for the other party. It would not cost much.

Chen Li’s thoughts were settled. He asked with concern, “Boss Qin, is your ketchup factory progressing smoothly?”

Qin Lin nodded and said, “Yes, the contracts for several factories have been signed and the employees are being recruited step by step. We’re just waiting for the production line to be ordered. We still have to thank the county for their support.”

Chen Li sighed. “The county naturally has to support it. It’s also good for Youcheng County to have more brands like Qinglin Ketchup.”

“Actually, the county has always wanted to create some specialty brands, but they have invested a lot of money in bamboo and tinsel without any results. There’s no other brand with potential like Qinglin Ketchup in the county.”

When Qin Lin heard this, he thought of the sauce in Shui Nan’s shop.

That was also a Quality 1 formula. Its potential wouldn’t be too bad. Unfortunately, the old man was traditional in his thinking and didn’t sell the formula at all. He couldn’t force it.

He could tell Chen Li about this. Perhaps the county had a way to convince the old man.

To be honest, it was a pity that such traditional craftsmanship was lost.

The key was that this sauce took the path of Lao Gan Ma. The taste and texture were different, so it could not conflict with his ketchup.

As he was thinking, Gao Yaoyao suddenly walked over with a young man and reported, “Boss, this gentleman wants to see you. He has something important to discuss with you.”

“You are???” Qin Lin looked at the young man in confusion. He didn’t seem to know him.

The young man hurriedly introduced himself. “President Qin, my name is Zhou Chengjun. I’m a fourth-year student. I’m currently doing an internship and studying business management.”

“You want to intern here?” Qin Lin asked in surprise.

Zhou Chengjun shook his head and took out a business card. It was Qin Lin’s business card.

Qin Lin was stunned. The business cards Deng Guang had prepared for him weren’t distributed much. Only Qin Ren Studio, Zhang Shi, and Lin Feng had them.

Zhou Chengjun continued, “I came back this time because of Grandpa’s birthday. I accidentally saw President Qin’s business card in his shop. I just didn’t expect that the boss of Qinglin Villa, who is already so accomplished, would actually be around my age. It’s really admirable.”

“You’re the grandson of the sauce boss?” Qin Lin reacted. Wasn’t this the same as speaking of the devil?

This was such a coincidence.

Zhou Chengjun nodded and said, “I came to look for President Qin today because of the sauce formula.”

Qin Lin asked, “Your grandfather agreed to sell the formula?”

Zhou Chengjun shook his head and said, “My grandfather won’t agree to sell the formula, but if I want to learn it, he will teach me. The reason why I waited so long to look for Boss Qin was to learn how to make this formula from him.”

“However, I’m not here to sell the formula today. I want to work with President Qin and beg you to invest. This is the proposal I wrote.”

As Zhou Chengjun spoke, he handed a document to Qin Lin with anticipation in his eyes.

This return might be the greatest opportunity of his life.

He used to think that his grandfather’s sauce was delicious. When he was studying in university, he had wondered if it was possible to promote his grandfather’s sauce. After all, there was the precedent of Lao Gan Ma.

It was just very difficult to promote a product, especially one that was not famous at all.

But now there was a perfect opportunity in front of him.

Qin Lin was surprised by Zhou Chengjun’s motive. He picked up the other party’s proposal and started reading.

The proposal was detailed, and even the market investigation was serious.

This Zhou Chengjun was clearly talented.

After reading the final investment in the proposal, Qin Lin looked at Zhou Chengjun seriously and asked, “Are you serious? You’re willing to give up 70% of the shares for a five million yuan investment?”

To be honest, even if an intern had any projects, they would be rejected most of the time if they asked for an investment of five million yuan.

However, he had to admit that the other party’s formula was definitely worth the investment. It was a formula that could make a Quality 1 sauce and 70% of the shares. It was more than worthwhile.

Zhou Chengjun nodded affirmatively. “As long as President Qin agrees to those additional conditions, it will be worth it.”

Qin Lin nodded.

The additional condition was to use Qinglin Villa’s channels to help promote it. As long as the other party did not make a big mistake, the management rights would always belong to them.

Actually, this sauce was just icing on the cake for him. After all, his ketchup hadn’t been spread out yet, and the sour and spicy taste hadn’t been released yet. Moreover, he would definitely obtain other secret recipes in the game later. It didn’t matter if he had the sauce formula or not. There was no need to think of forcefully taking it for himself.

That kind of investment was fine.

He did not mind supporting Zhou Chengjun, so he said to him, “Your plan is not bad. I’m very willing to invest in you, but I can’t fork out five million yuan in one go now! Once I sign the contract, I’ll also need to transfer money to you.”

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