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I Can Enter The Game

Chapter 114 - A Squirrel Is So Vengeful!

Chapter 114: A Squirrel Is So Vengeful!

When Qin Lin led Captain Hong and the others out of the hall, he instructed Chen Dabei to bring a few security guards with him.

In the future, security guards would have to cooperate with Captain Hong and the others.

After all, Captain Hong and the others were only four people. It was impossible for them to really be in charge of everything. Most of the time, they were still in charge of the final law enforcement and legal propaganda. Sometimes, security guards had to take on supporting duties.

Red Hair climbed onto Qin Lin’s shoulder and followed him out of the hall.

This scene made Captain Hong and the other three raise their eyebrows. Before they came, they had all been asked for detailed information about the villa, so they naturally knew that squirrels were a specialty of the Triangular Plum Blossom Sea.

Boss Qin kept some squirrels in the villa. They could interact with tourists and even stand on their shoulders to take photos with them.

Many people on the Internet were curious about how Qinglin Villa had raised squirrels to be so obedient.

Now, look at the one on Boss Qin’s shoulder. It was really cute.

Naturally, no one would know that it was actually the ecological harmony effect of the three Quality 3 Triangular Plum Blossoms. Those squirrels had come to take up jobs and freeload.

“Woof!” Wang Cai seemed to have sensed the threat of the little squirrel and followed it, circling around Qin Lin’s feet.

The Triangular Plum Blossom Sea was the most special feature of Qinglin Villa, so Qin Lin naturally had to show Captain Hong and the others around.

There were many tourists in the Sea of Flowers. Due to the effect of the game, the tourists would always recommend this place to the people around them. The videos taken had a camera effect and also attracted more and more photography enthusiasts. The videos of the sea of flowers in Qinglin Villa on the Internet were always popular.

Therefore, there was always an endless stream of tourists. It even attracted many tourists from the very north. This was because the ID registration information of the villa showed some beginning of 21, 22, and 23.

After passing through the periphery, Captain Hong and the others were also attracted by the game product, the triangular plum.

Before they came, they had also watched some of the videos of the Triangular Plum Blossom Sea in Qinglin Villa. However, when they arrived at the scene, they realized that the Triangular Plum Blossom Sea was much more beautiful and attractive than in the videos.

Captain Hong couldn’t help but praise, “This sea of flowers is really beautiful. Boss Qin is really amazing to be able to make this place so popular.”

Qin Lin shook his head and said, “It’s all thanks to the county’s support. We still need Captain Hong to take care of us in the future. If you were here last time, that unreasonable woman wouldn’t have had the chance to defame us online.”

As long as it wasn’t a love rival, it never hurt to flatter the other party appropriately.

“We’ll try to avoid this happening in the future.” Captain Hong also knew about the incident at Qinglin Villa, because the villa did not choose to settle. After so long, the court had entered the trial process. That woman would have to be jailed for some time.

Captain Hong also followed Qin Lin to admire the triangular plum blossoms.

The most popular trees in the Sea of Flowers were naturally the three more than three-meter-tall ones in the central area. Captain Hong had made plans before coming here. This would be one of the duty points.

There were many fans and experts on the Internet who said that these three triangular plums were old collectible-grade plants. Due to the preciousness of the seven-color and the current reputation of Qinglin Villa, there would be people who would buy them even if they cost two million yuan each.

Although the three triangular plums were surrounded by wooden railings, there were special viewing and photo-taking platforms around them, allowing tourists to view and take photos under the trees.

Naturally, when the tourists arrived and saw the warning sign that said, “No destruction, destruction requires compensation”, they did not dare to destroy it casually. They knew that they could not afford to pay.

In addition to the three triangular plums, the jumping squirrels on the trees naturally added a lot of characteristics.

Many tourists now knew that if they stood under that special platform to take photos and deliberately placed one or two pine nuts on their shoulders, they might be able to attract squirrels to jump onto their shoulders to take photos.

Besides, quite a few tourists had succeeded.

Captain Hong stopped there with his people. He watched as many tourists who were taking photos tried to lure the squirrels down with pine nuts. He also watched as the little squirrels collected the pine nuts that the tourists fed.

“Squeak squeak!” Red Hair stood on Qin Lin’s shoulder and stretched its head out. It looked curiously at the squirrels on the three triangular plum trees and seemed to be eager to try.

Finally, Red Hair scurried out and onto a Quality 3 triangular plum tree.

The squirrels on the triangular plum tree froze at its entrance and stared at it warily. Dressed in blue with a bag attached to the front, it was like a wealthy child being surrounded in the slums.

Red Hair, however, was staring at a pine nut held by one of the squirrels. Without a word, he scuttled forward.

The squirrel seemed to realize it and sprang up on the branch of the triangular plum tree, but it was obviously not as fast as Red Hair. It was quickly crushed and seemed to be no match for him. In the end, it could only drop the pine nut in its hand on the branch and escape to the side.

Satisfied, Red Hair grabbed the pine nut and put it in its mouth to chew. Then it squeaked as if it was satisfied with the taste.

Qin Lin naturally saw this scene and could not help but look stunned.

Captain Hong smiled and said, “Boss Qin, the squirrels you trained are very interesting.”

“They’re alright,” Qin Lin hurriedly replied.

He really hadn’t trained these little guys, but if he said he hadn’t, that the little squirrel had come running on its own, he wouldn’t believe him, would he?

The appearance of Red Hair, a squirrel with clothes and a bag attached to its chest, naturally attracted some tourists under the tree. They took out their phones and took photos of Red Hair.

This little squirrel was particularly different. It was too cute.

A beautiful woman in a white one-piece dress with a slightly large front section was taking photos with her phone. She took out a pine nut and waved it at Red Hair before placing it on the wooden railing.

Red Hair saw what was happening.

Seeing that the squirrels on the two triangular plums beside it had gone to grab the pine nuts placed by the tourists on the wooden fence, it scurried down and grabbed the pine nuts.

The squirrels on this triangular plum tree seemed to know that this newcomer was very powerful, and did not dare to snatch it.

Red Hair didn’t put the pine nut into its mouth this time. Instead, it put the pine nut into the small bag in front of it and stared at the other pine nuts in the beauty’s hand.

The beauty was surprised and placed another pine nut on the wooden railing.

Red Hair picked it up and put it back into its small bag, still looking at the beauty.

“Hui Hui, it’s so smart.” A girl beside her said to the beauty in surprise, “It knows that you still have it. Moreover, it actually knows how to put things in a bag.”

The beauty nodded in surprise and placed another pine nut on the wooden railing. Red Hair did not refuse and grabbed it and placed it in its bag.

Two squirrels sprang down from the trellis and scurried to either side of the wooden fence. They looked curiously at Red Hair, as if they had discovered a new continent.

The beauty called Hui Hui adored this cute little squirrel to death. She looked at the last pine nut in her hand and planned to tease this little squirrel.

She waved the pine nut at Red Hair and deliberately brought it to her mouth to take a bite.

Red Hair seemed to see that the other party was playing with it and seemed to express dissatisfaction.

Hui Hui seemed to get the pleasure of teasing it successfully before she placed the half-eaten pine nut in her hand on the wooden rail again.

She had thought that if the little squirrel took the pine nuts, she would have indirectly kissed the little guy.

However, when Red Hair saw the half pine nut, it took two steps back as if it despised it. It kicked the half pine nut to the ground with its hind leg.

“Pfft!” The woman beside him couldn’t help but sneer. “Hui Hui, you’ve been despised by the little squirrel. Do you have bad breath?”

The tourists nearby could not help but laugh when they saw this.

Hui Hui was dumbfounded.

She just wanted to tease this little squirrel, but who knew that she would be despised by this little squirrel?

It was just a squirrel. Did it have to be so vengeful?

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