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I Can Enter The Game

Chapter 1139 Using All Of His Property To Exchange For Qin Yang’s Life!

The next day.

The news about the country of medicine and cattle attracted more attention.

Naturally, the comments were all '6'.

if there is a country that we can gloat over, then this country of medicine is definitely one of them.

Although this wasn't humane, he really couldn't help it!

the coagulated plague was already a thing of the past in china.

With the healing potions, it would not be a disaster in the future.

However, to other countries, it was still a huge disaster, because they had not yet developed a healing drug.

Therefore, they could only ask for pharmaceutical support from their country.

However, with so many countries asking for help, no matter how much medicine was produced, it would not be distributed evenly.

After all, gathering gray cloth grass and double sickle grass required time. There were barely enough materials for his own use in the country, but if he were to help the world, these two types of grass would not be enough.

in the future, these two kinds of grass could no longer be called weeds, because the smart ones in the south had already contracted land to grow these two kinds of grass.

Since the medicine that little Qin had developed could cure all kinds of animal plagues, even if the coagulosis plague had passed, this medicine would still be a common medicine in the future.

It was under such circumstances that the distribution of potions was naturally based on close and distant relationships.

There's no reason for me not to give more people who are close to me, but to give more people who cause trouble for me all day, right?

Even if I help those who are close to me, it's not a problem for me to help you guys who are looking for trouble, right?

This country of healing was naturally one of those who were looking for trouble. Furthermore, it was not just that.

therefore, even though the other party had negotiated, there had been no response from china. they were just dealing with the wrangling.

i'll drag yingluo first.

this also led to the death of countless animals in the plaster country, and the national treasures and cattle were also exterminated in batches.

In the country of medicine.

on a wakkefu cattle farm, yagyoshan yilang was no longer the high-spirited president of the wakefu association. his face was full of dejection.

He looked haggardly at the news that he and the Bulls Association were appealing to the world.

He hoped that his appeal would receive the world's sympathy, and he could use the momentum to force the other party to give them the potion.

Without this medicine, their Heniu country would really go extinct.

They really didn't dare to imagine that kind of scene.

could it be that if japan no longer had any more cows in the future, they would have to find the other party to lure them in like zhu zan?

The crested ibis was the national bird of their jiaiyao country. It had been on the verge of extinction a long time ago, and that country had managed to breed 7000 of them out of 7.

However, their national bird wanted to be introduced to the other party.

This was definitely a great humiliation.

Now, their national treasure and cattle were on the verge of extinction. Were they going to end up like Zhu Zan in the future?

However, yagyama Yoshihiro's appeal did not receive any response.

This was because everyone needed the healing potions for the cobble plague at this time.

it's already humanitarian to appeal for the country's medicine for you, but wouldn't that mean that we have to share the medicine with you?

Come to think of it, I'll help you out as a humanitarian after I'm done with the coagulative plague in my country.

As for whether your country of ointment and your Bulls can last until then, it will all depend on luck.

This was probably what the other countries were truly thinking.

If he helped someone else, he might die with the other party, or he might die while the other party lived. In such a situation, even the goddess Phoenix would choose to stand by and watch coldly.

therefore, even if the ointment country spent a lot of money to buy some medicine, it was still a drop in the bucket. the animals that had just been treated could not be completely cured, and those that were treated soon became infected again.

Moreover, no one would dare to resell more potions before everyone had cured the plague.

If they were discovered, not only would the people in their own country cause a ruckus, but the eastern country might also feel that they had enough medicine and would not support them anymore. That would be super troublesome.

"damn it, everyone has no humanity." Yagyama eiro saw that his appeal was not being responded to, and shouted angrily.

It was as if the entire world had offended him.

At this moment.

The assistant ran in hurriedly and reported, " "Mr. Yagyama Yoshihiro, the last two Wagyu cattle in our farm have also been infected."

Upon hearing this, yagyoshan Yoshihiro fell to the ground in despair.

They were the last two of his hope, and now they were infected.

If they couldn't come to an agreement on the potion, everything would be over.

Yagyama Yoshihiro held on to his last hope and made a phone call to the Department.

As soon as the call went through, he anxiously said, " "i'm ichiro yanagi, the president of the bulls association. what's going on in the negotiation department? Why hadn't they come to an agreement on the potions? If you don't have the ability, then don't sit in that position."

Obviously, Yanagi Ichiro had found someone to vent his anger on.

His words seemed to have angered the other party.

One of them said coldly,"if it wasn't for you and the beef Association trying to make their presence known by holding an international beef conference to isolate them, would this be the situation now?" You guys are the sinners."

what a joke, the cobble plague was so serious, they didn't want to take the blame, but if the other side didn't give them any potions, they couldn't talk about it.

Now, the Association of Bulls was obviously the best scapegoat.

After hanging up the phone, yagyama Yoshihiro's entire person had completely lost his last bit of color.

Was it all his fault that their country of medicine was going extinct? Was this all because he wanted to hold a beef tasting conference in the other country?

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