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I Can Enter The Game

Chapter 1138 Fighting For! Job With The Pandas And The Extinction Of The Cattle

qin lin went back to the manor after a tour around the villa. he saw gao yaoyao and two waiters watching something at the sports field.

Academician li was sitting there, and he was curious.

He was still taking pictures with his phone.

qin lin walked up to yang and saw him rolling around on the grass in the field. while rolling, he didn't forget to bite off a blade of grass and chew on it.

as he chewed, he began to roll around in the green dogtooth grass again. his eyes were so happy that they were wide open, revealing a dazed look.

That would be no different from heaven, right?

"Boss!" gao yaoyao saw qin lin and immediately greeted him.

"Chairman Qin!"

The other two waiters immediately greeted him respectfully and left quietly. They were afraid of being misunderstood as being lazy.

Academician li also looked at Qin Lin and said in surprise, " "Boss Qin, this is just a Chinese alligator, right? It looks like it's a newly born baby, and it's a little special!"

while he was talking, he took out his phone and sent the video to a familiar academician.

The other party studied animals and crocodiles. Perhaps they knew the reason for the abnormality of the baby crocodile.

It was surprising that a crocodile liked to eat grass.

It was just that he had not done any research in this area.

Qin Lin explained with a smile. It was indeed a little special, and there were some changes to the breed!

In any case, he'd already thought it through. He'd push the blame on Yang's abnormal behavior, especially if he looked different from a normal Chinese alligator in the future because of his spinal cord.

Academician li naturally knew this, so he was waiting for his friend to say something.

After chatting with Qin Lin for a while, academician li went back to his room. As soon as he entered the room, he received a phone call from his friend.

He immediately picked up the call and heard a surprised voice from the other side. "old li, that crocodile must've gone through a genetic mutation. otherwise, it wouldn't be like this."

this kind of genetic mutation is very rare. Just like our national treasure, the Panda, they were originally carnivores, but later became bamboo-eating animals.

" it's just that the change in their carnivorous nature is a change in their living condition. at first, they were like foxes, a very small animal. they usually hunt in groups. however, during the glacial period, the climate changed, and there were fewer and fewer animals. food was running out, so they had no choice but to eat bamboo to supplement their nutrition. "

"It's just that there are very few animals that can complete this kind of carnivorous mutation. Carnivorous animals like saber-toothed tigers failed to complete their carnivorous mutation in that environment and eventually went extinct."

it's just that there aren't any environmental changes in today's society. It's really surprising that a young crocodile can have a change in its eating habits.

furthermore, if this alligator is a vegetarian like the Panda and no longer eats meat, it would be a miracle like the Panda. It wouldn't be an exaggeration to say that it's a different kind of national treasure.

"There must be a reason." Academician li was obviously surprised. Otherwise, he wouldn't have asked his friend.

On the other side of the phone, another question immediately came from the other side."Old Li, where did you see this crocodile? Linlin Manor?"

"Yeah, it's boss Qin's." Academician li didn't try to hide it.

the person on the other end of the phone was surprised,"is it boss qin?" Last year, Minister Lu came to us with a lot of information, papers, and book data about animal genes, saying that he wanted to give it to this boss Qin. Could it be that boss Qin is really a demon, and he has come up with some results in animal genes?"

"There's such a thing?" Even academician li was surprised.

Minister Lu had given boss Qin information, papers, and book data on animal genes, and boss Qin had come up with results so quickly?

Obviously, the two of them were just imagining things.

In fact, Qin Lin had already locked the documents given by Minister Lu in his office drawer and hadn't even taken a look at them.

"There's definitely some information. I'm the one who organized it," the person on the other end of the phone said.

Academician li thought for a while and said,"if it's boss Qin, it wouldn't be strange, right?" everyone knows that his talent is on the level of a demon."

"I didn't completely believe it before, but now I do," the person on the other end of the phone said seriously.

Academician li hung up the phone and was even more certain.

The Chinese alligator had obviously just been born. Boss Qin must have been training it before and now it was out to adapt to the environment.

However, boss Qin's talent had shocked everyone time and time again.

Linlin Manor sports field.

Yang, the baby crocodile, was rolling in the sea of green fodders when he noticed his master. He immediately ran to Qin Lin's feet and barked at him.

The way she raised her head to look at him was very adorkable.

Qin Lin chuckled, then knelt down and touched Yang's head.

with this ability to act cute, when the baby crocodile grew up, hatched eggs, and hatched baby crocodiles, they could still retain their cute attributes. this was a new species that could compete with pandas for a rice bowl.

At this moment, Gao Yaoyao, who was beside him, said, " boss, I heard that the Chinese alligator is a protected animal. You can't keep it for yourself. Do we have the procedures? "

This reminded Qin Lin.

Although it didn't matter if he had the procedures or not, no one would care about him now.

Because even now, he still had this privilege.

However, it was better to go through the procedures. After all, it was better to make himself invulnerable. There was no need to cause any disgusting trouble because of the procedures.

Moreover, although this thing couldn't be raised in private, places like the zoo could apply to raise it. It just depended on whether the application was approved.

qin lin was quite confident about this. if he applied for it at linlin ranch, no one would know the procedures and no one would dare to apply.

With that thought in mind, Qin Lin called Lin Lanzi and applied for the breeding procedure for the Chinese alligator.

Now that Zhao Moyu had handed over the position of the villa's general manager to her, she would only be in charge of the finance department. In the future, these things would be handed over to Lin Lanzi to deal with.

After hanging up the phone, Qin Lin saw Zhao Moyi carrying little Qin Feng over, and on Zhao Moyi's shoulder stood the little guy, red hair.

"Hubby, what are you guys looking at?" Zhao moyin asked curiously when he saw Qin Lin squatting down.

"Let's look at the new kid." Qin Lin explained with a smile.

"Crocodile?" Zhao mochen also saw Yang's crocodile baby and asked in surprise, " "Hubby, are you going to keep crocodiles in the manor? Will it be dangerous when it grows up?"

Qin Lin shook his head and said with a smile, " it's a special kind of Chinese alligator. It's very gentle and doesn't eat meat. It only eats vegetarian food. It likes to eat Dogtooth grass.

Zhao mochen looked at the baby crocodile. Sure enough, he saw the baby crocodile rolling around in the dog tooth grass and rolling it into its mouth again.

"squeak!" Red hair suddenly squeaked and got down from Zhao mochen's shoulder. When he saw little Yang's crocodile baby, he curiously went in front of him to greet him.

"Yes, yes, yes!" little yang also saw red hair, but he didn't expect it to bark and take two steps back.

the red hair seemed to feel that his new partner didn't like him, so he took two steps closer and squeaked.

However, Yang ran to Qin Lin's back with his tail wagging and started barking at him, as if he was asking for protection.

Qin Lin was stunned.

in the past, he had heard that the chinese alligator was the shame of all alligators. it couldn't even defeat the goose. the main reason was that it couldn't defeat the goose, but it would be defeated by the goose.

You can't beat the big goose, but you're afraid that this is too much for a little squirrel, right?

The baby crocodile had a strength +2 attribute.

With such a cowardly look, if it wasn't for the +2 attribute of the companion protection mechanism, who would believe that this guy could still protect his companions?

"daddy, yiya, yiya, yiya!" Little Qin Feng's voice rang out. He was staring at little yang, who was standing next to Qin Lin's feet, and he kept reaching out to him.

"hubby, does the little one want to play with it?" Zhao mochen frowned and asked.

"En!" Qin Lin took little Qin Feng and put him on the ground.

Because the sports field was covered with soft dog tooth grass, and people regularly de-wormed them, there was no problem.

Most importantly, little Qin Feng's physique was stronger than an ordinary baby's because of his fetus-beneficial Foundation. Now, he could already crawl on the ground by himself.

An average child at this age would not be able to do so.

Moreover, which child would not crawl on the ground?

"Yiya Yiya!" After little Qin Feng was placed next to yang, he happily crawled over to him.

Yang's baby crocodile seemed to be very curious about the human baby who was crawling happily.

After all, they were both just born.

Before it could react, little Qin Feng pounced on it and laid on its body.

Perhaps because of the strength +2 attribute, it did not care about little Qin Feng's weight. It just looked at little Qin Feng for a while, then looked up at Qin Lin curiously.

after looking at qin lin, he looked back at little qin feng. he looked back and forth repeatedly, not knowing what it was looking at.

little qin feng, on the other hand, picked up little yang's crocodile tail and smiled happily.

Red hair took the opportunity to jump onto Xiao Yang's back, making the baby crocodile nervous. But with its tail being grabbed by little Qin Feng, it didn't dare to struggle and could only lie there.

Qin Lin, Zhao mochen, and Gao Yaoyao were all amused by its behavior.

Really, even a Panda might not be as cute as it.

Zhao Moyu was relieved to see this. She didn't believe that the little crocodile would be in any danger.

Qin Lin played with little Qin Feng for a while, then asked Zhao Moyi to carry him into the manor.

Little yang, the crocodile baby, was released. He only reacted when he saw Qin Lin and Zhao Moyu walking into the manor. He hurriedly moved his little legs to follow them, but the red fur on his back didn't come down.

Red hair had been a dog Knight, a Fox Knight, and now he was going to be a crocodile Knight.

Qin Lin played with little Qin Feng in the living room while Zhao moyin brought the little guy to take a shower before returning to his office.

Back in his office, he took out his phone and started to read the news.

He had wanted to read the current affairs for fun, but who knew that he would see two explosive news.

One was the news of a taxi company being fined more than 8 billion Yuan. It was really well done.

Another piece of news was even more shocking.

because the plaster country failed to reach an agreement with the domestic government on the medical support of the coagulated plague, the disease in the domesticated animals in the plaster country broke out completely, and a large number of deaths occurred due to the extinction of small domesticated animals.

In particular, the country of ointment and cattle had suffered a major blow. More than 70% of the cattle in several famous Wawa cattle ranches had died, including the carefully cultivated breeding cattle.

[ the paste country and cattle are facing the crisis of extinction. The paste country is calling on the world, condemning the country, and hoping that the country will carry out humanitarian aid. ]

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