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I Can Enter The Game

Chapter 1137 Really Eating Grass? _2

Qin Lin chose "yes" directly, and the system prompt appeared again.

[ congratulations, you have successfully bound the special vegetarian crocodile! ]

At that moment, the young Chinese alligator in his hand also felt something. It actually took the initiative to rub its head against his chest in an attempt to please him, and its round eyes were looking at him adorably.

this crocodile had not been named yet, and the remark showed that it had not been named. qin lin thought about giving it a name as well: assistant yang.

The system also prompted, "

[ congratulations, you have successfully named your pet. ]

The Yangzi little yang seemed to have sensed something and started calling out to him.

This cry also seemed a little cowardly.

Qin Lin looked at the crocodile in his hand and smiled. The next moment, he logged out of the game.

The crocodile also appeared in reality.

Qin Lin brought little yang out of the office. He had to put the little guy in a place with water.

There was a special pool in the manor where the moonstones were placed.

"Boss, is this a crocodile?" Gao Yaoyao was checking the guards in the main hall when she saw Qin Lin carrying yang out. She was surprised.

"Yes, it's called little yang!" qin lin nodded and ordered, " it will be in the manor in the future. Tell everyone not to be afraid. It's a specially bred alligator. It's very docile and won't attack people.

the alligator seemed to know that its master was introducing it, so it cried out again, uh huh uh huh uh huh!

Gao Yaoyao was immediately attracted by the scene and followed Qin Lin out of the hall. When they reached the moonstone and took out the pool, she saw Qin Lin put the Chinese alligator down by the pool.

However, to Qin Lin's surprise, assistant yang didn't seem to be interested in the pond at all. Instead, he got up and wagged his tail as he climbed into the pavilion.

Then, he found a place to lie down comfortably. Four of his legs were propped up, as if he was lying on the sofa.

Seeing this, Qin Lin wanted to sigh. Could it be that the crocodile could also feel the attributes of this Pavilion?

"Boss, can I touch it?" Gao Yaoyao couldn't help but ask when she saw Yang's silly look.

"Yeah, it's fine," Qin Lin said with a smile.

When Gao Yaoyao heard her boss's words, she gathered her courage and squatted in front of little yang. She tried to poke little Yang's belly with her finger.

The baby crocodile seemed to have felt something and called out twice.

Seeing this, Gao Yaoyao was even more daring. She started to touch assistant Yang's belly with her entire palm, making him moan even more.

It seemed to be too ticklish and sensitive, so assistant yang couldn't help but use his front paws to hug Gao Yaoyao's hand.

this gave gao yaoyao a fright, and her face turned pale.

yang, the baby crocodile, didn't attack. instead, he stared at gao yaoyao with his eyes wide open. he hummed, as if he was expressing his dissatisfaction.

Gao Yaoyao's heart almost melted when she saw his silly and adorable look. She said excitedly, " "boss, it's too smart!"

Qin Lin nodded and ordered, " "Yaoyao, remember to harvest some Dogtooth grass for this little guy to eat first."

At the moment, the large field behind the manor was planted with quality 2 Dogtooth grass, which was enough for Yang's crocodile baby to eat.

ah???? " Gao Yaoyao looked at Qin Lin in confusion. "Boss, you mean the dog tooth grass? Do crocodiles eat grass?"

"Yes, I eat grass." Qin Lin said solemnly.

Gao Yaoyao couldn't believe it. but my previous teacher said that crocodiles can bite people. They can even eat people.

"then your teacher must have said something wrong, or he's a physical education teacher," qin lin continued seriously.

As he said this, he still had a mischievous smile on his face as he looked at Gao Yaoyao teasingly.

He was naturally teasing this girl.

Crocodiles weren't vegetarians, but little Yang's baby crocodile was. It had been affected by the ruins of Mount goddesses and had a trace of Leviathan's blood in its body. No one knew how it would grow in the future.

Qin Lin left the pavilion and walked towards the villa. He hadn't inspected the villa for a long time, but he still had to go occasionally.

However, before he left the villa, he still took a cap and a mask for himself.

He was also a famous person. If he was recognized at the villa, it would be easy for him to be surrounded.

after qin lin left the manor, he went straight to linlin villa. soon, a greenhouse tree appeared in front of him.

There was a long line outside the greenhouse tree. There were several swings inside the greenhouse tree, and these people were all waiting in line to swing.

The greenhouse tree was now a special feature of Linlin villa. Although it was not as popular as before, many people still wanted to enter the greenhouse tree to play due to its special attributes. Especially for those that had a swing inside, there were many people lining up.

Soft music was playing around them.

This was the recorded sound of the tree.

Although the attributes of the sound of the tree singing after recording could not be compared to the sound of the two trees, the +1 calmness attribute could calm the tourists in line. They would not be impatient and could line up quietly. This way, there would be fewer disputes and quarrels.

After the whole villa was played with this music, the tourists did not quarrel a lot.

those who could still argue, make trouble, or even cause a storm under this kind of music would definitely have no problem getting captain hong to give them a pair of silver handcuffs.

As Qin Lin was thinking, he suddenly heard a commotion at the entrance of the villa. He saw a young man walking in the middle with a group of bodyguards around him. The bodyguards even wore glasses.

This was quite a big scene.

Not far away, a group of tourists was also attracted by the scene. They were all discussing it.

who is this? why is he so ostentatious coming to the scenic Area? "

"It's a celebrity or an internet celebrity, right?"

it's a celebrity. I think he's the third male lead in a recent drama!

"A third male lead acting so ostentatiously when he's out playing? Imagine Tian le, Qing Yun, and the others riding their own bikes to the theater."

"There's also the kind miss Zhou."

"Mr. Liu is a good star."


Qin Lin heard these discussions and roughly knew what was going on. He could only sigh helplessly.

There were many good things in the country, but many things were also twisted, such as the entertainment industry.

A celebrity whose rank was unknown actually had more influence than those Heavenly Kings.

For this reason, there were many more jokes on the internet:

For example, if a group of security guards were walking around, they wouldn't know who was inside. The key was that the security guards had dispersed and they didn't know who was inside.

Another example would be hiding in a crowded place, afraid that passers-by would find him, but also afraid that passers-by would not know it was him.

To put it simply, he was looking for a sense of existence.

qin lin shook his head and ignored the other party. he continued to stroll around the mountain villa. as long as the other party had bought the tickets and did not cause any trouble, he was a tourist of the mountain villa.

In the Linlin Manor, Gao Yaoyao was completely dumbfounded by Qin Lin.

She even wondered if her teacher really taught P.E. But that shouldn't be the case. There were also scenes of crocodiles biting people in TV and movies.

however, she still left the pavilion and tried to go to the sports field. she cut a large bunch of dog tooth grass and then hurried back to the pavilion.

The little crocodile baby was still rolling on its belly, and when it saw her, it hummed, as if greeting her.

She took out the Dogtooth grass and placed it next to the baby crocodile.

Yang didn't seem to care about the green Dogtooth grass at first, because he wasn't hungry at all.

but suddenly, it moved closer to the grass and sniffed it. then, it tried to roll its tongue and put a few blades of grass into its mouth, and then began to chew.

it didn't take long for it to flip over, as if it was very excited. its belly was back on the ground, and then it buried itself in the green dogtooth grass.

He looked as if he had just eaten a delicious Taotie.

It was obvious that the quality 2 Dogtooth grass had completely attracted it. Just like how quality 2 food could attract people, it couldn't stop eating.

Gao Yaoyao was really surprised to see this.

The crocodile was really eating grass, and it was eating so happily. It was unbelievable.

now, she really wondered if her previous teacher had taught physical education. at the very least, that teacher had definitely taught the wrong thing. crocodiles really ate grass.

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