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I Can Enter The Game

Chapter 1136 Really Eating Grass? _1

When Qin Lin saw the dwarf ah ni appear, he guessed that ah ni must have come to trade for the greenhouse tree.

After all, ah nI had said that he would come back to trade with him again.

he controlled his character to walk in front of the dwarf ah ni and clicked on ah ni. as expected, a notification appeared:

[ the dwarf ah ni seems to be looking for you for something! ]

Sure enough, it was another BUG. He couldn't click on the conversation.

It was another transaction outside of the dwarven game's plot.

Seeing this, Qin Lin also locked the office door and entered the game with a thought.

At the entrance of the farm, the dwarf ah ni was still waiting.

He walked forward and saw what the dwarf was holding. It was a baby crocodile. The dwarf was holding it in his arms and shaking its head.

Moreover, this baby crocodile was also a little strange. It looked a little different from ordinary crocodiles. Its body was more curved and angular.

When the dwarf ah ni saw Qin Lin, his face lit up with joy."I'm here to exchange the greenhouse tree design with you again."

qin lin looked at the chinese alligator in ah ni's hand and asked,"Are you planning to use this crocodile to exchange for it?"

"You're so smart, you actually guessed it." The dwarf ah ni immediately said in surprise.

"Ran ran." Qin Lin was simply speechless.

Did the dwarf think he was an idiot?

Was it something that was not clear?

it was just that every time this guy gave him an animal, it seemed that his purpose was not pure, and he wanted to push the blame to him.

The dwarf ah ni saw that Qin Lin was deep in thought and immediately handed the baby crocodile to him."It's not an ordinary crocodile. It hatched from a crocodile egg I found in a pond in the ruins. It's very smart."

Qin Lin took the baby crocodile. The baby crocodile opened its mouth to him, revealing two rows of teeth. However, it was yawning, and its eyes were blurred, which gave him a stupid and cute feeling.

at the same time, he also saw renekton's information:

[ (unnamed) special vegetarian crocodile: [ pet! ]

[ Chinese alligators are a type of alligator that can live for 70 to 80 years. They are very docile and do not attack humans under normal circumstances. They usually eat fish, shrimp, and mussels. It is rumored that their ancestors were creatures from the same era as dinosaurs, called kun.

The strength of its bones was so great that it could even tear dinosaurs apart. It could even compete with a huge Azure Dragon in the water. This crocodile seemed to have activated a trace of its ancestor's bloodline under the influence of a mysterious force, and had also undergone some changes.

It loved the smell of plants, and it also had a special attribute: Gentle personality +2, body growth +2, vitality +1, acting cute +1, intelligence +2, companion protection mechanism +2, strength +2! ]

It was a Chinese alligator, and a very special one at that.

Have you heard of the vegetarian crocodile?

There was one here.

More importantly, the crocodile had a trace of Yi's blood.

this was awesome.

it was rumored that during the dinosaur era, this thing could even tear apart large dinosaurs in the water.

Of course, what surprised Qin Lin the most was the remark.

the alligator was originally docile, and now it had a docile +2, wasn't this asking it to be an honest person? A crocodile that didn't fight back when hit or scolded?

Body size growth should be referring to the final Growth Size.

Otherwise, if it was only A +2 in body size, then the baby crocodile should be even bigger now. This baby crocodile was obviously only of a normal size, so it should grow bigger as it grew. In the end, it would still be bigger than an ordinary crocodile.

vitality +1, needless to say.

He also wanted this attribute. If the quality was higher and it was +3, he would really be an unkillable cockroach.

The +1 acting cute attribute was enough to make people complain.

it was no wonder that when it yawned earlier, it actually made him feel a sense of dullness.

It turned out that it had such an attribute.

Intelligence +2 was easy to understand.

strength +2 was also easy to understand.

As for the protection of companions +2, that was a bit puzzling.

In the end, Qin Feng felt that this was probably a dog, who would come forward to protect its master, mistress, and little master when they were in danger.

That was probably what he meant.

But crocodiles protect people like dogs? This was unbelievable.

Especially when the dinosaur grew up, its body would be bigger than an ordinary crocodile, and its power would be much greater than a dog's.

therefore, the mechanism to protect his companions should be like this. otherwise, he couldn't figure out what this attribute meant.

"What do you think? it's not bad, right? I want 4 or 5 designs in exchange!" The dwarf ah ni immediately said.

Qin Lin laughed when he heard this.

This guy!

However, he was thinking maliciously. Now that the crocodile was in his hands, if he wanted to Rob it and immediately quit the game with the crocodile, wouldn't it be a double loss for the dwarf ah ni?

"Alright!" Qin Lin didn't do that.

He returned the alligator to ah ni and logged out of the game. He then took out 5 greenhouse tree blueprints from his office drawer and entered the game.

After passing the blueprint to ah ni, ah ni handed the crocodile back to him.

This time, a system notification appeared.

[ congratulations, you have obtained a special vegetarian crocodile! ]

[ do you wish to bind the special vegetarian crocodile? ]

Qin Lin smiled wryly when he received the two notifications. No wonder ah ni gave him the crocodile so easily. There was a mechanism to it. If he didn't receive any notifications, he was afraid that there would be some trouble even if he brought it out.

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