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I Can Enter The Game

Chapter 112 - The Dwarf Arnie Is Here Again!

Chapter 112: The Dwarf Arnie Is Here Again!

As the sun gradually set in the west mountains, the staff canteen specially built by the villa also became lively.

The food at the villa was very good. Qin Lin was not stingy in this aspect. In the past, when there were few employees, the dishes would be served directly and everyone would eat together.

Now that there were more employees, it had become a buffet style. The dishes were also for the employees to choose from.

Today, there was also a pot of conch among the employees’ dishes.

“These conches are so big,” Gao Yaoyao said in surprise.

Other waiters crowded around. Southerners, both men and women, had a soft spot for conchs.

As the boss, even without saying anything, Master Lin would prepare a table and a separate dish for him, Zhao Moqing, and Lin Fen.

Lin Fen sat down and looked at the bowl of conchs on the table in surprise. “There are conchs today. I haven’t seen such big conchs in a long time.”

Zhao Moqing also picked one up and put it into his mouth. As she chewed the conch meat, she couldn’t help but praise, “The texture and taste of this conch is really good.”

“Yes!” Lin Fen agreed.

As a native farmer, she knew very well that it would take a long time for such a large conch to grow. Only a few would appear in the old paddy fields she used to plant with her husband every year.

Nowadays, the cultivated conches paid attention to benefits and had a fast cycle. They wouldn’t be so big. Some of the bigger ones were also catalyzed, and their texture and strength were far inferior.

This bowl of conch was clearly more delicious than the ones found in the old paddy fields.

Qin Lin was also enjoying himself. Not only were they memories of his childhood, but they were also delicacies.

Now this was a real classic.

Not only Qin Lin and the other two, but Gao Yaoyao and the others were also enjoying the conchs. They also discovered the difference in these conchs. Even if it was only Quality 1, it was still more delicious than the conchs they had eaten before.

After the meal, Qin Lin controlled his game character to go to the Ore Town Seed Shop again. This time, he directly bought the Yellow Millet Seed and returned to the ranch. He placed the Yellow Millet Seed in the Level 2 paddy field to be cultivated.

In addition to the conch, the eel was also one of the delicacies of the fields. It was claimed to be the poetry of the Southerners in summer. There was also a saying that the eel was the key to nourishment.

If a Quality 2 conch or Quality 2 eel appeared in the game one day, he would decisively take it out to nurture it. At that time, it would definitely sweep across the entire south.

However, this eel breeding would take much longer than the conch.

The next day.

Qin Lin woke up early again and picked the ripe crops in the game. Then, he planted new crops before heading to the warehouse to transport the crops out of the game and send them to the villa.

As soon as he arrived at the villa, there was movement in the game in his mind. He asked Chen Dabei to bring people to move the goods. He sat down at the bar in the hall and focused on the game in his mind.

On the game screen, Qin Lin saw another familiar little man. It was the dwarf, Arnie.

[Hi! We meet again. Can I ask you a favor? Although my seven friends have moved to the outskirts of Ore Town, they haven’t been able to blend in well with the town. Can you buy some flour food for them?]

This was another plot quest. 𝒊𝓷𝐧𝗿𝚎𝘢𝒅. Com

Qin Lin was naturally very enthusiastic about the dwarf Arnie’s mission.

The fish that the other party gave him last time was worth 650,000 yuan.

Let’s get another expensive ornamental fish this time.

Although he had caught some ornamental fish in his aquarium, he lacked one that was impressive.

The God of Fortune’s mission had to be completed.

Qin Lin immediately controlled his game character to go to the grocery store in Ore Town and bought seven barrels of flour. Then, he returned to the ranch to take some crops and put them in his backpack before heading to the small wooden hut where the seven dwarfs lived.

As in the old version of the game, the seven dwarfs were dressed in different colors and moving around the house in boredom. Qin Lin controlled the game characters and gave a bucket of flour and some crops to the seven dwarfs respectively. Then he got the hint to complete the instructions given by Arnie the dwarf.

He immediately controlled his game character to head to the ranch and meet the dwarf, Arnie, again.

[Thank you so much. I hope you can take care of my friends. They might be willing to help you work in the future. Now as a thank you, I’ll give you this big-tailed squirrel as a gift!]

“???” Qin Lin was stunned for a moment as he watched the dwarf Arnie leave.

What the hell?

He wasn’t delivering ornamental fish?

[Congratulations on obtaining a large-tailed squirrel. It has been bound!]

[Special hint: You can go to a pet merchant to buy pet supplies. As you spend, the pet merchant might also have a new pet product targeted at sex.]

In the game in his mind, Qin Lin saw a cute cartoon squirrel wearing a small shirt and a small backpack attached to its chest appear where the dwarf Arnie had been. It immediately ran around the game character, and a moment later, it scuttled onto the game character’s shoulder.

Ranches Story had a pet setting. The oldest version seemed to consist only of dogs and horses. In Ranches Story: Reunion Ore Town, another NPC pet merchant, Parban, would sell pets like penguins, cats, and capybara.

The squirrel should have been added in the new version now. After all, the old version did not have an NPC like Arnie the Dwarf.

Qin Lin remembered that interacting with pets in the old version could increase the joy of pets, so he immediately controlled his game character to pet the little squirrel.

Sure enough, a red heart logo also appeared on the squirrel’s head, indicating its pleasure. Even the cartoon head revealed an obedient and cute expression.

Fish could be brought out of the game.

What about this squirrel?

With that in mind, he went to the toilet, found an empty stall, locked it, and entered the game.

As soon as he entered the game to replace his game character, he felt something move on his shoulder, and his face felt like it had been swept by fur.

Qin Lin grabbed the squirrel on his shoulder. The little squirrel looked at him with its innocent eyes. It wasn’t afraid at all. It wasn’t afraid that he would do anything to hurt it.

This was clearly a sign of absolute trust. It must be the effect of the system binding.

The squirrel in front of him was no longer a cartoon in the game. It was a real furry little thing with a very fluffy tail on its back. Moreover, it was still wearing small clothes made of some cloth. The small backpack on its chest should be able to fit a few small pine nuts.

Then, Qin Lin also saw the note that appeared on the little squirrel:

[Big-Tailed Squirrel: Pet (can be named)]

[It looks like an ordinary little squirrel, but it has a big fluffy red tail. It’s very intelligent and very smart, but because it lives such a delicate life and eats so much, Arnie the dwarf has been having a headache. He’s been planning to give it away, but he hasn’t been able to find a sacrifice!]

“???” Qin Lin was stunned when he saw the notice.

A sacrifice?


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