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I Can Enter The Game

Chapter 1109 498-A Weakened Version Of The Main Herb Is Ordinary Weeds?

Li Kai looked at the books and tried to click on a Chinese medicine book with his mouse. He tried to read two pages and then shook his head in pain.

He couldn't take it in at all.

the other research institutes also retreated in defeat.

Chinese medicine books could be said to be the most obscure and difficult to understand books. They were also the hardest to learn.

Wasn't there a saying that if one didn't learn the basics of Chinese medicine, the older one got, the more one couldn't read.

Even if Li Kai and the others wanted to learn and read these Chinese medicine books, it would be extremely difficult.

Therefore, this was the best way for Qin Lin to shift the blame.

In any case, if one wanted to learn how to crack it, one had to at least have the ability of a senior Chinese medicine doctor.

As for those who had the ability to practice Chinese medicine, they would have to have the research ability of an academician.

There was no solution anyway.

unless you're proficient in both, don't show your curiosity.

Shen Li arrived at the laboratory in no time. He even brought the medicinal herbs that Qin Lin needed. However, he was still short of two main medicinal herbs.

"Why are you lacking two herbs?" qin lin asked.

Shen Li immediately explained,"Chairman Qin, most of the medicinal herbs you want can be bought in pharmacies. However, there are two medicinal herbs that the pharmacies don't have, and there's no place to purchase them." &Nbsp; i𝘯n𝚛𝑒α𝚍. C𝐨𝓶

the owner of the pharmacy said that these are just two kinds of wild grass in the wild. They are generally not used for medicine. I can only ask manager Yu of the villa to take people to pick them. The people in the laboratory are not good at identifying them.

"What are the two herbs?" Qin Lin asked again.

"It's gray cloth grass and double sickle grass. The pharmacy owner said that they're not hard to find in the mountains in the South," Shen Li explained.

Qin Lin nodded.

It was unbelievable that two of the main ingredients in the recipe given by the system were not medicinal herbs, but common grass on the mountain.

As for whether it was true or not, he would have to wait for the two herbs to be sent over to make the potion.

Linlin Manor.

Yu Shui had already led the two people out of the villa with a small hoe and sickle.

He didn't dare to neglect the task that President Shen had entrusted to him at Linlin laboratory, so he decided to go there personally.

Although he did not belong to chief Shen, they were still part of Linlin company, so he still had to give them some face.

Besides, he often helped Linlin's laboratory test out things, so they often met.

"Old Yu, where are you going?" what's the situation? " Chen dabei asked curiously when he saw Yu Shui. He was patrolling with a few security guards.

Yu Shui replied with a smile, " President Shen from the laboratory asked me to dig two kinds of grass from the mountain and send them to him. I'll go there myself. The laboratory needs them urgently.

When Chen dabei heard this, he thought of something. old Yu, let me go with you. I'm free and want to climb the mountain too.

"Are you okay?" yu shui asked.

it's nothing. I'm just checking on the security. I'm done! Chen dabei instructed the security guards to do their own things and followed Yu Shui.

Yu Shui and the others left Linlin Manor and entered the mountain that was being developed. They quickly found gray cloth grass and double sickle grass, then began to dig.

"These are just two normal types of grass, right?" Chen dabei asked. Why did the laboratory want to dig this grass?"

Yu Shui explained, " boss Shen said what kind of potion he wanted to make. I didn't ask much. You know that there are many secrets in the laboratory.

Chen dabei nodded and started to dig up the gray cloth grass and double sickle grass.

When there was enough, Yu Shui went down the mountain again and brought the two kinds of grass to Linlin's laboratory.

When Chen dabei returned to Linlin villa, he took out his phone and called his wife.

"Honey, take my brother and your brother to the mountain to dig gray cloth grass and double sickle grass. You can also pay others to help you dig," he said.

A puzzled voice came from the other side of the phone."Hubby, isn't this grass just wild grass from the mountains? If it's useless, what's the point of digging it up?"

"don't worry about it, just do as i say." Chen dabei hung up the phone.

Linlin's laboratory must have had some purpose for digging up the weeds. When he heard Yu Shui talk about making potions, he thought of the animals in the ranch.

Currently, the internet was talking about the high temperature coagulosis plague (virus is not allowed to be used, change to plague!) was so popular that everyone knew about it.

Hence, Linlin's laboratory might have been used to make potions to cure the plague.

If that was the case, then the originally worthless gray cloth grass and double sickle grass had some value.

That was something that the entire country, or even the entire world, would need.

Whether it was Linlin's laboratory or the government, they would definitely buy these two kinds of grass in the end. Once they sold them, they would make a fortune.

Of course, if the rules stated that he couldn't sell it, he would just hand it over directly.

Naturally, he had to send a batch of them to the laboratory for free so that the laboratory could treat the animals on the ranch first.

Qin Lin also saw the two kinds of grass very soon.

He was a little surprised because he often saw these two kinds of grass when he went up the mountain to play when he was young. They were both grass that were despised by the roadside.

However, he remembered that it wasn't called this name in his hometown. It was used in you city. Gray cloth grass and double sickle grass were scientific names in Chinese.

Now the two main ingredients of pet treatment potion No. 06 were actually these two ordinary weeds?

Qin Lin didn't think too much about it and immediately got to work with Li Kai and the others. The researchers didn't stay idle either, and they began to extract the corresponding components.

It didn't take long before a portion of the medicine that could be injected was produced. This medicine could be divided into dozens of syringes.

While Li Kai and the researchers were examining the potion, Qin Lin took the opportunity to grab a potion. He went to the toilet cubicle in the laboratory and locked the door. He entered the game with a thought and saw the properties of the potion:

"Pet healing potion No. 6 (weakened version): [ healing ]

[ this is a special healing potion for pets. Although its effect is much weaker than the original, it is still very effective in treating pet infectious diseases. ]

In other words, the potion was a success.

the two common weeds were really one of the two main ingredients of the potion.

Qin Lin also immediately called Lin Lanzi and asked her to arrange for someone to send a few infected ordinary animals from the ranch for the experiment. At the same time, he also asked her to bring Zhang Guizhu and a veterinarian to cooperate with the experiment.

Zhao moqian had already handed some matters over to Lin Lanzi, and now he was calling Lin Lanzi to make arrangements. He also expressed that he had officially confirmed Lin Lanzi's succession to Zhao moqian.

otherwise, only zhao mochen could arrange this. after all, zhang guizhu was also a department manager, and in theory, she was at the same level as lin lanzi.

Lin Lanzi naturally understood this logic and got the matter done as quickly as possible.

The infected animals were sent to the laboratory. Qin Lin asked Zhang Guizhu and the veterinarian to examine the infected animals first and record the situation. Then, they injected the new medicine into the animals.

because the effects of the potion were not as good as the ones produced by the game, the effects were not as obvious.

However, the next day, when Zhang Guizhu and the veterinarian checked the animals again, they found that the diseases of the animals had been much better.

In other words, there was no mistake in the preparation of the potion, and it was indeed effective.

qin lin saw the effect and asked li kai to continue checking for any side effects.

This was naturally just for show.

After all, he knew that there was no problem.

At the same time, he also called for Shen Li, " President Shen, the medicine is basically a success. Hurry up and purchase the medicinal herbs here. Get someone to dig gray cloth grass and double sickle grass to make the medicine. We'll treat the infected animals in the ranch first.

that's right. Shen Li nodded and said, " manager Chen of the villa has already sent a batch of gray cloth grass and double sickle grass over. It should be enough to make the medicine for the animals in the villa.

" chen dabei, how did this guy know? " even qin lin was surprised. although he knew that chen dabei was smart, it was obvious that he already knew the use of these two herbs.

However, he didn't want to probe further, because it was not necessary, and it was human nature.

didn't they say that if a person was smarter, the driver and nanny of a rich person would also be rich?

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