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I Can Enter The Game

Chapter 1108 The Main Herb Is Ordinary Weeds? _1

[ hey, this seems to be a very good recipe. Please wait a moment. ]

Qin Lin couldn't suppress the joy on his face when he saw the notification.

For the past few days, he had been cooped up in the office, failing again and again. He had lost weight.

Now, his hard work paid off, and he had successfully made up a useful formula.

While Qin Lin was looking forward to it, the system notification sounded again.

[ congratulations, you have obtained pet healing potion no. 06 (weakened version) formula! ]

Qin Lin clenched his fists tightly when he saw the notification.

He had finally obtained a useful formula.

Although it was a weakened version, it was indeed the pet healing potion No. 6 formula.

He didn't insist on the original version. After all, it had taken so much time and effort to get the weakened version.

If he insisted on the original version, who knew how much time it would take? time was of the essence.

Qin Lin immediately controlled his game character to return to the farm. He locked the office door and entered the game with a thought.

He immediately saw the remarks of the formula:

[ pet healing potion No. 6 (weakened) formula ]

[ this is a special healing potion formula for pets. It can be used to make a weakened version of pet potion No. 06! ]

Originally, it had an extremely strong effect, but the weakened version had become very powerful.

Anyway, it was effective.

[ do you want to use pet healing potion No. 6 formula? ]

As expected, he chose yes.

Did this even need to be said?

the system would sometimes ask stupid questions.

after qin lin made his choice, the pet healing potion no. 06 (weakened version) formula turned into light spots and disappeared, then went into his mind.

the information regarding this formula instantly gushed into his mind and was deeply imprinted.

at the same time, the production technique and proficiency of this formula were also directly imprinted into his muscle memory, just like the previous formulas.

after receiving all the information regarding the recipe, qin lin immediately logged out of the game. he opened the door to his office and rushed to lin lin's laboratory.

this pet healing potion was different from ordinary chinese medicine.

This medicine was to be injected, and it required the extraction of medicinal ingredients to be combined. It was very troublesome to buy such tools outside, but the laboratory had the extraction equipment, which could be used.

Furthermore ...

There were so many animals in the ranch that he needed to use, especially the large number of youthful ducks. He couldn't extract all of them by himself, so he needed the help of the researchers in Linlin laboratory.

Qin Lin arrived at Linlin's laboratory. After the inspection, he went to the laboratory where he had tested the drug.

Inside, Li Kai and the other researchers were still fighting with the seven composite materials.

The researchers who were divided into seven groups were all very serious, but there were constant sighs. It was obvious that the test had failed.

Li Kai noticed Qin Lin's arrival and complained, " "Brother Qin, who made this potion? Was this substance meant for people to solve? No one can crack it in such a short time, okay?"

qin lin nodded and went to a computer. he wrote down the recipe in his mind and said, old brother li, get the lab to prepare these herbs. I want to make a potion and test it.

li kai was taken aback. he looked at the dozen or so medicinal ingredients that they had tested together on the computer and said, " "Old Brother Qin, you've solved it?"

After he finished speaking, his face was filled with shock.

The dozen or so medicinal ingredients were the medicinal ingredients that they had detected together. In that case, the new medicinal ingredients must be the medicinal ingredients that they could not decipher.

"Let's prepare the medicinal herbs first!" Qin Yang said.

Li Kai nodded and immediately called Shen Li.

I still have to ask Chen Li to handle this matter.

When Shen Li received the call, he did not dare to delay and went to deal with it as quickly as possible.

In the laboratory.

Li Kai looked at the ingredients on the recipe in disbelief.

The researchers also gathered around, equally shocked.

they had worked together to crack it, but it was difficult to even get a hold of those composite materials. there was no result at all.

Now that his boss had cracked it himself, he even had to obtain the complete formula?

"Old Brother Qin, how did you do it?" Li Kai couldn't help but ask for help.

some people were envious and jealous, while others were curious about the situation.

Li Kai was just curious and eager to know.

"It's all solved by Chinese medicine," Qin Lin explained.

" chinese medicine has such an ability? " Li Kai couldn't believe it.

"It's a cultural treasure with thousands of years of heritage. You know too little about Chinese medicine, brother li," Qin Lin made up a story.

The Chinese medicine doctor continued to take the blame.

When Li Kai heard this, he asked expectantly, " "Old Brother Qin, can you teach me? I'll try to crack these seven substances myself."

The other researchers also subconsciously looked at Qin Lin.

They couldn't figure it out either, and they wanted to know as well. They were all eager for knowledge.

Qin Lin turned on his computer with a smile and searched for basic Chinese medicine books, basic Chinese medicine pathology books, and basic Chinese medicine books.

There were more than ten books on Chinese medicine.

Qin Lin continued to make up a story. read these basic Chinese medicine books first and memorize them by heart. Then, I'll let you read other advanced Chinese medicine books. When you've reached a certain level, I'll tell you the method. It's too early to rush.

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