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I Can Enter The Game

Chapter 1105 496! The Game’s Products Can’t Be Cracked!

There was no relevant data or information on the internet, which meant that the laboratories in the outside world had never released this substance.

As expected, the game was still your game.

i'll let you show off for a while, and then i'll give you a ruthless and unsolvable question.

ask Minister Lu, " Li Kai suggested. the Chinese Academy of Sciences 'research on medicine and the data collected on the composition of related substances are incomparable to the outside world. Maybe we can find something.

Qin Lin nodded and immediately called Minister Lu of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

On the other side.

Minister Lu was also in a terrible fix.

When the animal's disease appeared, the Chinese Academy of Sciences 'medical research team went all out to test and study it. However, the high-temperature coagulosis virus was not so easy to solve.

Or perhaps, just like before, when a large number of animals died and the virus had no way to spread, there might be no results until he disappeared.

However, this time, it was even stranger and more serious than before. There were too many species of animals this time. The previous records only targeted one or two special animals.

Now, even domestic animals could be infected, and this situation had been discovered all over the world.

In the current situation, whoever could find a solution first would have the initiative in this matter.

The phone rang. Seeing that it was Qin Lin's number, Minister Lu picked it up immediately."Boss Qin, how's your farm doing?"

"It's a little bad." Qin Lin said and went straight to the point. director Lu, I have some data and information on the compound of several medicinal materials that need to be compared. I hope you can open up the relevant data and information to our Linlin laboratory.

minister lu was stunned and asked subconsciously, " "Is it about animal diseases?"

Qin Lin started to make up stories again. Minister Lu, I have a Chinese medicine secret prescription that is effective for this disease, but the person who made it is not here, so I don't know the formula. I can only test it, but I can't find the data and information of several compound ingredients at all, so I can only ask you for help.

"It's true." Minister Lu couldn't hide the excitement on his face.

he was afraid that this illness would be incurable like the previous ones, but this was undoubtedly very good news.

This animal disease had appeared in every country, and it was very urgent.

If they had a solution, he knew what that meant.

"No problem, boss Qin." Minister Lu agreed decisively and then said with a pleading tone, " "Also, can you please give us a copy of this drug and the relevant information?"

He did not doubt Qin Lin's words.

After all, the Chinese Academy of Sciences had long known that boss Qin had learned Chinese medicine from a senior Chinese medicine practitioner.

The other party's Traditional Chinese Medicine skills and brewing techniques were also taught by the old senior.

The old man had even left many decades-old and even centuries-old wines for boss Qin.

this medicine might have been left behind by the old senior, but without the formula, boss qin could only test the ingredients himself to crack it.

The reason why he made this request was naturally because he wanted to organize a group of people to carry out the test together.

Their testing power was better than Linlin's laboratory, right?

Now, the sooner they found a solution, the better.

Obviously, sometimes, the things in one's head would be taken more and more seriously.

"That's no problem." Qin Lin also agreed to Minister Lu's request.

The drug had not been cracked yet. Even if it was cracked, it would definitely need to be promoted by the Chinese Academy of Sciences in order to be solved as quickly as possible.

"Boss Qin, thank you so much." Minister Lu thanked him and hung up the phone. He began to make arrangements.

It didn't take long for the Linlin laboratory to receive the information and data share from the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

At the same time.

Ma Hong also went to the Chinese Academy of Sciences. It was Minister Lu who asked him to send the drug, Qin Lin's test results, and the composite material back.

Qin Lin and Li Kai also immediately compared the seven compounds with the data from the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

But in the end, he realized that none of them matched.

In other words, these seven composite materials had never appeared before. They were a new type of composite material that had been discovered.

this was definitely not good news.

If it was a newly discovered compatible material, it meant that they had to start from the beginning.

However, they had tried, but they had no idea how to test for these compatible substances. It was too complicated.

"Old Brother Qin, this won't do. I don't know how long it'll take to decipher these seven substances." Li Kai's brows furrowed.

qin lin nodded. after all, it was a product of the game. if it was so easy to crack, the things he had taken out before would have been cracked by others long ago.

therefore, such a test was indeed not feasible.

He had thought of another method that might work.

if even this method didn't work, then there was really no other way.

Similarly, after the Chinese Academy of Sciences received the items, they immediately organized people to start testing, especially the seven composite materials found by Qin Lin and Li Kai.

But soon, the people from the Chinese Academy of Sciences were shocked to find that it was difficult for them to find these seven composite materials. It was impossible to detect them in a short time.

The two academicians in charge of the test found Minister Lu immediately.

"How's the situation?" Minister Lu hurriedly asked.

those seven composite materials are very complicated, " an academician immediately said. it's the first time I've seen something so difficult to work on.

"There's no way to test it?" Minister Lu asked again.

Another academician said, " it's not that there's no way to test it. It's just that there's not enough time. To completely test out these seven composite materials, I'm afraid it will take years and months.

"How did this happen?" Minister Lu couldn't help but sigh.

They were all suspicious that this was really a medicine made with a Traditional Chinese Medicine recipe.

Was the composition of Chinese medicine so complicated?

It seemed that they did not have a deep understanding of Chinese medicine.

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