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I Can Enter The Game

Chapter 110 - Fruit of the Tree of Strength!

Chapter 110: Fruit of the Tree of Strength!

Qin Lin’s face lit up. He had finally leveled up again.

He immediately looked at the changes after the upgrade.

After leveling up, he could open another six levels and level up another Level 3 land.

In addition, the paddy field could also be upgraded to Level 2.

During this period of time, not only did he sell the rice and some Quality 1 land crops in the game, but also the ores dug in the mine. There was no shortage of game gold coins in the game.

Qin Lin immediately leveled up the Level 3 and Level 2 paddy fields before controlling his game character to head to the seed shop.

Every time the land was upgraded, the seed shop would open new crop seeds. He had already known about Level 3 seeds before. This time, he wanted to check on Level 2 paddy fields. Perhaps, special seeds like the seedless watermelon seeds would be refreshed again.

After talking to the NPC, he clicked on the seed list.

The Level 2 paddy field did indeed add some seeds that could be bought. There were water pines, poplar trees, joy trees… and other saplings that could be planted in the paddy field. Unfortunately, he did not find any special seeds with a star. However, as he scrolled down, Qin Lin found something unexpected.

Conch eggs, loach eggs, frog seedlings, and buttercup seedlings.

These things were marked as supporting crops in the paddy fields. This meant that when the paddy fields planted rice, they could support these things.

Seeing this, Qin Lin was filled with memories.

He had grown up in the countryside as a child. Even before the sixth grade, he had been in primary school in the village.

At that time, once it was time to plant rice, he would follow behind his father with a small basket. When he flipped the field, he would always catch a lot of conch, loach, and eel.

This season was also the happiest of his childhood. Not only could he eat more, but he could also play in the mud without fear of being beaten.

Now that the villagers had moved to the county city, it seemed that no one was farming anymore.

The past could not be recalled.

The conchs that were commercially cultivated no longer had the same taste as before.

Qin Lin immediately bought a set of conch eggs.

The conchs his father used to make were his favorite.

[Conch Egg: Quality 1]

[This is a special cultivated crop that can be matched to aquaculture. Mature period: one day.]

Qin Lin controlled his game character to return to the ranch. When he arrived at the Level 2 paddy field, he realized that there was also a notification on whether the Level 2 paddy field that had been planted with rice had been cultivated.

[Do you want to farm conchs?]

Qin Lin directly chose to farm, and a notification immediately appeared in the Level 2 paddy field.

Then, he controlled the game characters to develop the six plots of Level 1 land that could be opened.

These six plots of crops would continue to be sold in the game.

He did not want to increase the Quality 1 crop of the game.

After the expansion of the villa project was completed, he planned to gradually reduce it or use it for activities. He would provide a batch regularly and only tourists who had consumed a certain amount could buy it.

Even a Quality 1 item from his game was worthwhile.

He controlled the game character to go to the six plots of land to weed, smash the stones, and chop the wooden stakes on the ground. After that, he changed into the hoe and developed the six plots of land.

The first five plots had been normal. As he developed the sixth, another prompt appeared in his mind:

[Congratulations on obtaining the fruit of the Tree of Strength!]

“???” Qin Lin looked at the red melon-like fruit in the game character’s hand in surprise.

As everyone knew, Ranches Story was a fantasy farming game in an urban town. Not only were there mines more than 200 floors underground, there were goddesses, kappas, and flying stones that filled the map with a whoosh.

And this fruit of the Tree of Strength was definitely something with a hint of fantasy.

There were a total of 15 of these in Ranches Story. Its function was to increase one’s physique after using it.

At first, the game characters would get tired after working for a while. If they continued, they would suffer from heatstroke and lie on the ground with a purple face. Then, they would have to rest or eat food to replenish their strength.

However, once they ate the fruit of the Tree of Strength, they could work longer.

If they ate 15 pills in a row, they would only take out a handkerchief to wipe the sweat and could work for half a month without eating or drinking.

Of the 15 fruits of the Tree of Strength, three could be randomly dug out from the ranch.

Qin Lin did not expect to find one of the fruits of the Tree of Strength in the six plots of land that he had developed after this upgrade.

He found a deserted place as quickly as possible and entered the game to replace his game character. He was also holding the red sweet potato-like fruit in his hand.

He focused and saw the message.

[Fruit of the Tree of Strength: Mystery!]

[Rumor has it that it’s a fruit from a strange tree on Mount Notre Dame. This tree was a seed left behind by the goddess and carefully taken care of by the dwarves. For some reason, the tree disappeared and the fruit from the tree was scattered in the area near Mount Notre Dame. If anyone can obtain the fruit, eating it can increase their physical fitness.]

Qin Lin saw the note on the fruit of the Tree of Strength. There didn’t seem to be such a background in the game. However, he was really eager to eat this thing that could increase his physical fitness.

The taste of the fruit of the Tree of Strength was nothing special, just a little sweet. However, when the fruit of the Tree of Strength entered his stomach, a strange warmth appeared in his body.

This warm current was different from when he had eaten Quality 2 products previously. It seemed that there was really some energy surging and modifying his body. It made him feel comfortable and he almost hummed.

That feeling was even more comfortable than when he and Zhao Moqing were exercising.

The feeling didn’t last long. Soon it was over.

Qin Lin tried to stretch his back. After the comfortable feeling ended, it seemed to be boring again.

His body felt nothing special.

However, this thing would definitely have an effect. Besides, if he wanted to test if his physical fitness had increased, he would know after doing a push-up.

Qin Lin immediately bent down and did push-ups in the game.

Standard push-ups were actually quite difficult. When he was in college PE, he could only do 40 standard push-ups in a row. This was a number that most ordinary people could achieve.

But this time, one after the other, he quickly achieved 40. And he felt relaxed.

Qin Lin counted silently. It took him 150 consecutive attempts before he finally felt exhausted.

This was nearly four times the number during his university days.

150 push-ups in one go seemed to be the standard for athletes, but athletes were trained over a long period of time. He had only used one of the fruits of the game.

He had to admit, the system was impressive.

Qin Lin exited the game and returned to the hall. Just as he entered the bar, he saw Zhao Moqing busy on a laptop. He walked into the bar and saw that she was organizing the settlement data.

Tomorrow was the day to settle accounts with suppliers like Lin Feng and Wang Wei.

As the sales center opened, after Qin Lin poached two product quality monitors from RT-Mart, more and more suppliers’ products came in. The final settlement cycle was set to be a week. After all, they were all small suppliers. If the cycle was too long, they wouldn’t be able to afford it.

“You’ve worked hard.” Qin Lin went behind Zhao Moqing and massaged her shoulders.

“It’s good that you know,” Zhao Moqing said proudly.

Qin Lin smiled and said, “That’s why I should help you scrub your back tonight.”

“Hmph!” Zhao Moqing snorted when she heard this topic again.

She knew this guy too well. Once he was so persistent, he would definitely not give up until he achieved his goal. He could pester her for a month for a shameful position.

Qin Lin smiled when he saw this. He knew his girlfriend well. A light snort indicated that she had tacitly agreed to this matter. She was just shy and embarrassed.

When they returned home at night, Qin Lin eagerly picked up Zhao Moqing and was stunned for a moment.

Zhao Moqing seemed to have become much lighter.

Naturally, she couldn’t be a lot lighter all at once. That meant he was stronger.

The increase in physical fitness from the fruit of the Tree of Strength should be comprehensive, not just physical strength.

Then in some ways…

Qin Lin quickened his pace and entered the room, eager to experiment.

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