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I Can Enter The Game

Chapter 11 - Really a Bootlicker! Is This Really a Strawberry? 1

Chapter 11: Really a Bootlicker! Is This Really a Strawberry? 1

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

After Qin Lin sent the red strawberries to the supermarket, it rained.

When the rain subsided slightly, it was already noon when he returned to the market.

When he returned to the entrance of the shop, the black dog was hiding outside his shop to avoid the rain. It was drenched and curled up to lick the water stains on its body.

This black dog was getting more and more shameless.

He had not chased it away for more than ten days and it was about to settle down here.

“Woof!” When the black dog saw Qin Lin, it suddenly stood up and grinned at him.

Qin Lin pretended to ignore the black dog and opened the shop door to enter. After being busy for a long time, his stomach growled. He decisively took out his phone and ordered takeout.

With two big drumsticks and two fried eggs, he was now qualified to be extravagant.

Just as he was about to settle the bill, he suddenly looked at the black dog, who was tiptoeing in and out of the shop. It seemed to be sensitive and noticed his gaze. It tiptoed into the shop and squatted down, staring at him.

Qin Lin operated his phone silently and added a big drumstick before settling the bill.

This black dog hanging around him every day really made him feel strange.

Humans were probably such complicated animals.

It was just like how when a woman met a bootlicker, although she hated it, she would treat it as bragging rights after being used to it. Once this bootlicker stopped licking, she would even worry about personal gains and losses.

Not long after.

The delivery man arrived.

Qin Lin took the takeout and placed it on the table to open it. The black dog, who had been squatting, suddenly stood up and stared at the takeout on the table.

When Qin Lin saw this, he decided to tease the dog. He deliberately took the drumstick and took a bite in front of the black dog, looking intoxicated.

The black dog stuck out its tongue and hooked its head forward even more as if it was waiting for him to throw the chicken bone.

Qin Lin really found it interesting. He picked up a big drumstick and threw it to the black dog.

The black dog opened its mouth and bit the drumstick with an unbelievable reaction speed.

It was waiting for a bone, but when it saw a piece of meat, its eyes widened in shock.

Qin Lin ignored the black dog. As he ate, his attention was placed on the game screen in his mind.

There were worms again. Also, he needed to water them.

After settling the game problem and finishing the takeout, he was about to clean up when he realized that there was a movement by his feet. The black dog was gently rubbing his calf as if it was trying to be friendly.

Seeing Qin Lin look over, it shrunk its head and squatted back at the door.

In the evening.

The watermelons and red strawberries in the game had ripened again. There were 421 watermelons in this batch and 301 catties of red strawberries. They were all moved out of the game and sent to the big hair salon in batches for weighing. Then, he found Manager Chen to settle the bill for today.

421 watermelons were worth 7,893 yuan, 606 catties of strawberries were worth 18,180 yuan, and with the 6,341 yuan from the watermelons wholesale to Liu Dasheng and the others in the morning, today’s daily income was: 32,414 yuan.

When he got out of the RT-Mart, the bank message had already arrived:

“Your last number… income is 26,073.00 yuan. The balance is 199,157.60 yuan.”

His savings were about to exceed 200,000 yuan.

Qin Lin could not help but look at the message a few more times before putting away his phone. Then, he drove the electric car back to the market and parked it. He then rode it to the tax bureau to pick Zhao Moqing up.

Coincidentally, Qin Lin’s car had just stopped at the entrance when he saw Chen Hao walk out.

Their eyes met. Chen Hao frowned slightly and looked at Qin Lin’s small electric car. He could not help but pick up the car key and unlock it, making his Audi ring. The car lights flashed.

He was clearly trying to show off.

Weren’t men so vulgar? They only showed off their careers, houses, cars, and women.

Of course, there were also men who were not so vulgar. Either they would not do such low-class things anymore after they had really succeeded or there was really nothing to show off.

Chen Hao clearly did not match either of these. Therefore, he was vulgar. In his heart, he drove an Audi while the other party rode a small electric car. He inexplicably felt superior.

At this moment.

A fat young man came out and greeted Chen Hao. “Chen Hao, why didn’t you wait for Zhao Moqing? Didn’t you want to treat her to a meal to confess? With your qualities, you should be able to woo her, right?”

These sudden words dealt a blow to the superiority on Chen Hao’s face. He walked to his car without a word.

Zhao Moqing had f*cking left with an electric car. He was already in a mess in the wind, but he was still rubbing it in?

He really did not understand why he was still single when a person in an electric car could hug such a beautiful girl.

On what basis?

The fat young man was confused by Chen Hao. He walked to a Jetta beside him and drove away.

“Qin Lin!” When Zhao Moqing came out of the door and saw Qin Lin, she ran over with a smile and sat in the backseat skillfully. She hugged his waist and said, “Let’s go!”

Qin Lin rode the small electric car into the road and asked, “Should I send you back or should we eat outside?”

Zhao Moqing thought about it and said, “Let’s buy vegetables and go to your house? I haven’t seen Auntie in a long time.”

“Okay, I’ll call back later. My mother will be very happy to know that you’re coming,” Qin Lin said as he rode the small electric car to the supermarket to shop.

Qin Lin did not like to shop, but he liked to hold Zhao Moqing’s hand and shop with her.

After shopping, the two of them were already holding bags of vegetables and seafood.

When they returned home, Lin Fen saw that Zhao Moqing was here. She could not hide the smile on her face. “Moqing, you’re here. Come in quickly!”

Lin Fen was 100% satisfied with Zhao Moqing. For her son to find such a gentle, weak, good-tempered, and respectful girl, he had to thank her for eight lifetimes.

It was just that their family’s situation was too poor. Otherwise, she would have long held her son’s marriage with Zhao Moqing and made her her daughter-in-law.

“Auntie! Qin Lin and I bought a lot of vegetables. I’ll wash them first,” Zhao Moqing said sweetly. She did not mind the narrow and chaotic environment.

“Okay. Let’s wash them together!” Lin Fen took the vegetables from Qin Lin and entered the kitchen with Zhao Moqing with a smile.

Qin Lin seemed to have become an outsider.

Zhao Moqing’s culinary skills were actually not bad, so Lin Fen helped out happily at the side. After the dishes were prepared, her appetite was better than usual and she ate a lot.

After the meal, Qin Lin entered the room and brought out a bag. Inside were some Quality 2 red strawberries from today. He had taken out half of the 4 catties.

“Xiao Lin, what are you holding?” Lin Fen asked curiously.

“Red strawberries. I saved them especially for you. Mom, Mo Qing, try them.” Qin Lin placed the Quality 2 red strawberries on the table.

When Lin Fen saw this, she immediately placed the strawberries in front of Zhao Moqing and said, “Moqing, strawberries are very nutritious and can even beautify you. Eat more.”

“Okay, Auntie.” Zhao Moqing liked fruits and did not reject her. She picked one up and tasted it, but soon, she said in surprise, “Qin Lin, why are these strawberries so delicious?”

“This is a special quality strawberry. There’s nowhere to buy it outside. You can’t buy it even if you want to. It’s delicious, right?” Qin Lin was a little proud. Wasn’t it? Delicious +2, sweet +2, taste +2, and aftertaste +2.

He was the only one who produced this kind of strawberry from his game.

“Yes!” Zhao Moqing quickly nodded. “The strawberries I ate in the past can’t compare to this at all. This is the first time I’ve eaten such delicious strawberries.”

“Isn’t it just red strawberries? Is it that delicious?” Lin Fen was a little puzzled when she heard Zhao Moqing’s words.

After working as a fruit and vegetable vendor for a lifetime, she knew a lot about red strawberries. The taste was similar.

However, when she picked up a strawberry and tasted it, she also revealed an incredulous expression.

The taste of this strawberry was really beyond her expectations. After eating it, it actually left a lingering taste in her mouth. It was unforgettable.

She could not believe that she was eating strawberries.

Not to mention Zhao Moqing, who had worked as a vegetable for her entire life. She had definitely eaten and tasted a lot of strawberries every year, but the taste of those strawberries was far inferior to the one her son had taken out.

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