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I Can Enter The Game

Chapter 1099 494-A Sudden Turn Of Events!

first, don't mess around when you're working in the villa. You have to work seriously.

second, I can't give you any special treatment. I have to listen to the leader's arrangements and learn from my seniors seriously. I can't be put in a difficult position by my boss.

His way of dealing with people was that since his boss gave him face, he couldn't let his boss lose face.

When Chen Hui heard this, she immediately said,"Grandpa, I understand. Do you think your granddaughter is that stupid?" What good will it do me in the future if I embarrass you in front of the boss?"

"It's good that you know." Master Lin nodded.

After inviting his two son-in-law's families over for a meal, Master Lin brought Chen Hui back to Linlin villa and went to the multimedia department.

Linlin Manor.

Qin Lin controlled his game character to complete his daily tasks in the office. Then, he controlled his game character to stroll around ore town, especially the seed shop and the library.

The seed store still did not have any space seeds.

The library was the same.

Mary was still at the front desk, as if telling him not to think about the mysterious stone Book today.

then, he walked out of the office. the mutated space vines outside the hall had been moved away. he only saw them when he arrived at the north corner of the manor.

Zhao Moyu planned to use these mutated space vines to decorate the greenhouse trees in the manor.

Lin Han had already led the engineering department of Linlin villa to renovate the other greenhouse trees.

Moreover, she had already made an appointment with her senior brothers and sisters.

When the greenhouse trees were finished, the senior brothers and sisters should have finished their work and come over. At that time, they would discuss the greenhouse Tree Community on the mountaintop.

Zhao mochen was also supervising from the side, checking on the progress of the renovation. It was clear how much she liked the greenhouse trees.

"chairman qin!" Lin Han greeted Qin Lin as soon as she saw him.

"Honey, let's see how the renovation is going." Zhao Moxi hurriedly pulled Qin Lin towards a greenhouse tree.

The decoration of the greenhouse and the decoration of ordinary houses were different in the game.

However, it had to be said that Lin Han really had artistic talent and ability. Whether it was her own design or the design of others, she had brought people to renovate it very well.

It was no wonder that Zhao mochen would invest in her.

Qin Lin accompanied Zhao mochen to check out the decoration of the greenhouse. Just as they were about to leave the manor, Gao Yaoyao ran over anxiously. "Boss, something's wrong. Go and see wangcai and the rest."

"what happened to wang cai and the rest?" Qin Lin asked with a frown when he saw how anxious Gao Yaoyao was.

Gao Yaoyao explained anxiously, " I don't know either. They're not moving at all in the living room. Their bodies are still burning, and their eyes are listless. I've already called sister Guizhu and asked her to bring someone over to check!

When Qin Lin and Zhao Moyu heard this, they hurried back to the manor's Hall. Sure enough, they saw wangcai lying on the ground, its tongue hanging out weakly. Xiaoxue, who was next to it, was also listless.

At the side, the little squirrel, red hair, was a little anxious as it circled around wangcai. It even squeaked at the two, as if it was anxiously asking how they were.

That anxious look was not at all like the fire and water relationship from before.

When wangcai saw Qin Lin, it started to whine at him. Its voice was a little hoarse, as if it couldn't make a sound.

Xiao Wu flapped her wings and flew to the table to the side, saying: "Master, the dog said it felt uncomfortable!"

"Why did they suddenly become like this?" qin lin asked as he squatted down and touched the dog and snowy. their bodies were really hot, and he could feel it even through their fur.

Gao Yaoyao shook her head. I don't know. They've been listless since they came back.

Soon, Zhang Guizhu came with the veterinarian and began to check on wangcai and Xiaoxue.

However, as the veterinarians checked, their expressions became more and more serious because the situation was complicated.

Even at night, the veterinarians still could not find anything.

The next day, Qin Lin woke up and received very bad news.

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