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I Can Enter The Game

Chapter 1089 Night View More Beautiful Than Planet Pandora! Only One Person Knows The Truth

Captain Tang, " academician li immediately said, " I'll have to trouble you to take a look at the valley where the meteorite was found. There should be some kind of vine that has been affected by the meteorite. It will emit fluorescent light.

There was a plant mutation here, which was also proof that they had speculated that meteorites would carry meteorites when they fell.

Captain Tang heard academician Li's words and didn't waste any time. He took a few people into the mountain and went to the valley.

Because he had found a meteorite in the valley, he had specially led his men to search the valley a few times. However, they didn't find anything new, so he led his men out of the valley and continued to search places that they had not searched.

Captain Tang went through the forest and spent some time in the mountains.

But this time, when they entered the valley, he and the few people beside him all revealed astonished expressions.

There was an area in the valley that was emitting a kind of fluorescent light all around, illuminating the area and making it look very beautiful.

"Captain, what's going on?" One of them asked.

"Academician li asked us to come in again just for this, right?" another person said.

Captain Tang walked in with his men. When they got closer, they saw that the glowing things were vines.

The fluorescent light of the vines shone on the stones, making them as beautiful as Jade.

Especially under some bushes and trees, the vines went through the bushes and wrapped around the trees. The fluorescent light made the bushes and trees look like science fiction.

The valley seemed to have turned into a science-fiction world.

Captain Tang led his team in. Under the fluorescent light, his whole body felt peaceful, which was a very comfortable feeling.

Captain Tang didn't forget what he was here for. He took out his phone and took a video of the surrounding scenery. He then sent it to academician li and asked, " academician li, do you need to dig some vines and bring them back?

Linlin Manor.

After academician li received Captain Tang's message, he opened the video and saw the scene in the valley. He knew that his guess was correct.

These vines had indeed been in the valley for a long time. It was only this time that they were discovered. Moreover, in addition to emitting fluorescent light, these vines could grow against the season in such a cold day. They definitely had great research value.

Naturally, they didn't need to worry about the vine now that it was in boss Qin's hands.

In this area of research, there should be no one in the country who could compare to boss Qin and professor li.

Furthermore, it grew against the season in winter, which was similar to Li Kai's low temperature genetic technology. There was no need for the Institute to waste resources on research.

As he thought about it, he also replied to Captain Tang's message that there was no need to bring back the vine.

After that, academician li handed his phone to Qin Lin and said, " boss Qin, take a look. Captain Tang found something in the valley. It's very beautiful.

Qin Lin took the phone and played the video. He also saw the picture taken by Captain Tang.

To be honest, the mutated space vine grew in the valley, among the grass, and often wrapped around the trees. The fluorescent light it emitted illuminated the surroundings. It was more spectacular, more shocking, and more beautiful than the flower pot he had planted.

Li Kai curiously took the phone, and so did Chen shengfei and Li Qing.

When they saw the video, they were clearly shocked by the beautiful scenery.

Zhao mochen and the rest also came over curiously to watch the video that Captain Tang had taken.

The few women were also stunned by the beautiful scenery. Furthermore, women were more sensitive and attracted to it.

Motian, sister xiuwan, " Lin Liu said. don't you think this scene looks like a scene from a movie you've seen before? "

"Is it the night view of avatar's planet Pandora?" Zhao Moyu was reminded.

The nightscape of avatar was known as the most beautiful in science fiction, and no other movie could surpass the nightscape of planet Pandora.

Tang xiuwan had also watched that movie, so she said, " but I feel that the fluorescent light emitted by these vines is more beautiful when I look at it from a single perspective.

Qin Lin listened to the girls 'conversation and also remembered the avatar movie.

The fluorescent light emitted by these vines was much better than the night scene in avatar, after all, it was the system's added attributes.

"Hubby, can these vines be cultivated?" Zhao Moyu suddenly asked Qin Yang. Wasn't that mountain being developed? Other than the cable car and the greenhouse plan on the top of the mountain, there are only mountain climbing projects. There are also few mountain activities, and the scenery is much worse than that of the ranch."

if we can cultivate them, can we plant these vines on that mountain? if we have enough of them, the entire mountain will become a real planet Pandora.

the beautiful scenery will definitely attract countless people. There might even be movie and TV crews fighting to come to our mountains to shoot.

Zhao Moxi had been in charge of the Linlin villa and the Linlin Manor for a long time, so he had obviously thought of the use of these vines.

Once you're familiar with something, you'll always be able to do it.

Motian, we're thinking the same thing. Besides, when these vines shine, their stems are like jade, and the brightness is very obvious. After planting them, we can hire people to style them to increase their beauty and appreciation. Also, it's a good idea to set the scenes for TV dramas and movies. Qin Lin replied with a smile. He was a little impressed by Zhao moyin's reaction.

Wasn't this the purpose of him bringing out the mutated space vine?

moreover, he didn't expect that the film crew and tv drama crew would come to film.𝒾n𝘯𝒓𝙚а𝑑. 𝓬𝑜𝙢

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