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I Can Enter The Game

Chapter 1085 The Effect Of The Fetus-Beneficial Factor! This Child Might Be A Genius!_2

at this moment.

Tang xiuwan and the doctor also brought the baby to the special nursery.

This place was dust-proof and sterile, so newborn babies could get the best protection.

Tang xiuwan put the child down and was surprised to see that the child's eyes were open. He had his hands out and was looking around curiously.

Tang xiuwan and the doctor were both surprised.

because a newborn baby wouldn't open his eyes so quickly, and he couldn't see his surroundings clearly.

Most importantly, it was impossible to make any movements. It was impossible to reach out, and his spine had not developed yet, so it was impossible to turn his head and look around.

However, this child in front of him was actually able to do this. This was very unbelievable.

unless the child had developed better. but could it be that a newborn child had already started to develop before the other children in the mother's womb?

Obviously, the two of them did not know that there was such a thing as a beneficial fetal factor in this world.

If he knew, his jaw would definitely drop.

In the ward.

Lin Fen quickly prepared a light soup.

Zhao Moyi was really hungry after giving birth, and he ate very well.

Moreover, on the second day, Zhao Moyu actually left the recovery room by himself.

This undoubtedly made Lin Liu and the other women who had given birth to children envious.

If a woman could have a child as easily as Zhao moyin, then she would be too happy.

In the following days, Qin Lin and Lin Fen's Center was the recovery room, mainly to take care of the children.

Babies usually needed two weeks to be discharged from the hospital.

Although Qin Lin knew that his child was different from other children because of the fetal factor, he couldn't say it out loud.

However, in the past few days, the child's name had been confirmed. He was called Qin Feng.

Qin ran felt that this name had a strong sense of the protagonist's name in a novel.

However, this was a row of names, and his son was ranked as Feng, so there was no other way.

In some places, the tradition of using poems or couplets to rank one's seniority was still popular. In other places, names were used.

His house was named after the auction.

In fact, changes could be made.

However, since his mother was willing to do so, he could only follow her wishes.

It was just a name, not a name that would make his son a laughing stock in school. There was no need to make the old man unhappy.


In front of the main hall of Linlin Manor.

Dozens of pots were arranged there.

Qin Lin was holding a watering can and watering the pots.

The flower pots were naturally filled with mutated space vines.

There were already small bamboo poles in the flower pot. Vines had already wrapped around these small bamboo poles, and the leaves were also very lush.

However, until now, the mutated space vine had been absorbing sunlight every day, but it didn't glow at night like the ones in the game.

With the experience from the greenhouse tree, he knew that the mutated space vine had not grown long enough and had not triggered its attribute effect.

Academician li walked out of the living room and looked at the vines in the flower pots. "Boss Qin, there doesn't seem to be anything special about these vines. It seems that those seeds are just ordinary Vine Seeds."

When Qin Lin heard this, he knew what was going on, but he still pretended to be disappointed and said, " " yeah, academician li, you guys were lucky to find a meteorite there. you might even be able to find some seeds there. "

As the two of them were talking, Zhao mochen came out with the child.

After two weeks, Qin Feng was able to come out of the recovery room.

"Take a look at this, it's the guest list!" Zhao Moxi handed a list to Qin Lin.

After the child was born, they had to invite their friends and family over for a meal. Some people would usually invite them.

She and Qin Lin didn't want to do much. They didn't want to show their faces once it opened. If they did, they would invite too many people. When Chu Yue, Deng Guang, and Shen Li came, their identities would be exposed.

Therefore, she and Qin Lin only wanted to invite their close relatives, friends, and the company's top management to the manor for a meal and share their joy.

qin lin smiled and said, " you're in charge of these things. i'll listen to you. "

Zhao moyin must have discussed with his mother who to invite, and they would not forget who to invite from both families.

As for who the company would invite, it would just be a few people in charge and some senior management.

Zhao Moyu would also make the arrangements.

Therefore, he had the greatest trust in her.

"You're just lazy, throwing everything to me." Zhao mochen snorted and complained, but it was obvious that she liked this kind of trust.

On the other hand, Qin Feng, who was in Zhao moyin's arms, was very happy to see Qin Lin. He reached out his hand and called out to Qin Lin, as if he was asking for a hug.

This scene made academician li look at him.

A baby's language development was a gradual process. A two-month-old baby could make a gurgling sound and laugh. A three-month-old baby could make a babbling sound to show that he knew his parents.

However, boss Qin was able to do what other babies could only do at three months old in just two weeks.

How could this not be surprising?

Qin Lin looked at his son, his heart full of joy. He directly carried Qin Feng over."Come, let daddy carry you!"

It was true. Only after becoming a real father could she understand the happiness of looking at the little guy.

Naturally, those bastards who were not qualified to be parents would not have such feelings.

Qin Feng was held in Qin Lin's arms and he babbled happily, " "Daddi, carry!" 𝑖𝗻𝙣𝐫e𝙖𝗱. πšŒπ—Όπ“‚

This shocked both academician li and Zhao moyin.

"Hubby, did our son just call him dad?" Zhao Moyu's face was full of surprise.

Academician li was shocked.

it went against the principles of physics.

Other babies would only be able to speak after four to five months, and the earliest was four months old.

It would have been fine if he didn't know, but he knew that the child was only two weeks old.

Although calling him 'dad' in two weeks wasn't accurate, he really did speak.

Just now, he thought that it was already strange for it to make a babbling sound. Now, it actually spoke directly.

Wasn't this child developing too quickly?

Academician li couldn't help but ask Zhao Moyi, " "Director Zhao, how's the child's physical examination?"

"The child's condition is very good. The doctor also said that his body, brain, and bones are developing better than ordinary children," Zhao moyin answered honestly.

when academician li heard this, he subconsciously thought, " "A genius!"

this child might become a genius.

At the same time, he also thought of a theory on genetic evolution that an academician friend had shown him.

It meant that if the Father's genes were excellent to a certain extent, it could be passed on to the younger generation. The Father's genes could even evolve and make the younger generation more excellent.

This was also the reason why some people looked for someone with excellent genes to mate with.

Naturally, this theory of genetic evolution had no basis. After all, there had never been such a special case at the current stage.

Also, this kind of theory was not allowed to be studied, as it was against humanity.

it was said that if you were one step ahead, you would be one step ahead. you would be able to learn to speak in two weeks, much earlier than other children.

If boss Qin continued to develop better than other children, what would his future be like?

Then, he thought of boss Qin's monstrous talent. He was good at everything he learned.

He was clearly a tourism major, but now he had learned about crop cultivation research out of interest. He would have results that professional scientists could only dream of.

Minister Lu felt that it was a pity. He even regretted that boss Qin couldn't use his thoughts in the right place.

given boss qin's son's current condition, he might have inherited boss qin's talent.

No matter how much academician li thought about it, Qin Lin knew that his son's condition was caused by the game's good fetus Foundation.

However, when he heard the child call him 'dad', Qin Lin's face was full of excitement. He guided the little guy,"Call me Daddy, Daddy, Daddy, Daddy,"

Aiyo Aiyo! Qin Feng stared at Qin Lin and responded. Then, he began to cry out happily.

"Pfft!" Zhao mochen was immediately amused and laughed.

Academician li couldn't help but smile.

"Ran ran," Qin Lin.

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