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I Can Enter The Game

Chapter 108 - Who Doesn’t Know How to Speak Human Language?

Chapter 108: Who Doesn’t Know How to Speak Human Language?

A few days passed in the blink of an eye.

The trademark rights that Qin Lin had applied for had finally been approved. This made him inexplicably relieved. He no longer had to worry about anyone suing him with this trademark.

The incident with the roujiamo and the pepper soup was not over yet. There was news of the green pepper this morning.

Once something started, the atmosphere would really be bad.

The appearance of the scammer provided a job opportunity for many old people who wanted to get something for nothing. Now, the trademark registration seems to be developing in this aspect.

In addition to the trademark matter, there was something else that made him happy. Chen Li informed him that in the past few days, the county had already passed an enterprise guidance fund specially set up by Qinglin Food Company.

In the warehouse in the suburbs, Qin Lin entered the game.

In his mind, the Level 3 seven-colored symbiotic triangular plum had grown again. This was the second batch. In addition to the batch that had grown three days ago, there were already two batches.

These were used to make triangular plum pots.

Qin Lin went to the courtyard where the triangular plums were stored. There were a total of 50 seven-colored symbiotic triangular plums with a quality of 2.5 meters, and two seven-colored symbiotic triangular plums with a quality of 3.5 meters.

Qin Lin spent some time moving these triangular plums from the game to the warehouse outside before calling the transport team’s supervisor, Zhao Liyuan.

Soon, Zhao Liyuan arrived with the convoy. When he saw Qin Lin, he went up to him. “President Qin, is it these triangular plums?”

Zhao Liyuan’s attitude was clearly respectful because President Qin was already his father. The transportation business of Qinglin Food Company had been outsourced to him.


If President Qin had any instructions, he would definitely do it well.

Everyone knew that Qinglin Ketchup had become popular and that the factory would expand in the future. There would definitely be a lot of transportation businesses.

“Yes, transport these triangular plums to the villa.” Qin Lin nodded and instructed.

Most of the transportation in the factories was outsourced, and the Qinglin Food Factory was no exception. During the month of transplanting the Triangular Plum Blossom Sea, Qin Lin had already felt that Zhao Liyuan was not bad. He did his job well and did not ask too much, inquire too much, or get curious.

He had made a good impression, so he contacted him quickly and gave the opportunity to him.

Zhao Liyuan immediately called out to his subordinates, “Get to work.”

Those triangular plums were soon loaded into cars and transported to the villa.

After Yu Shui received Qin Lin’s call, he rushed over with more than ten people.

These dozen or so people were all landscapers. After the successful cultivation of the triangular plum pot, they had recruited some landscapers one after another. The employees of the villa were increasing.

After that, the rafting, sea of flowers, bridal chamber, pasture, and aquarium were all created according to the plan. They had to recruit people in batches.

Apart from those who were maintaining the Triangular Plum Blossom Sea, the rest of the landscapers had to follow Yu Shui to cultivate the triangular plum potted plant.

When the seven-colored triangular plum potted pot was cultivated on a large scale, Qinglin Villa would have its first tourist souvenir for sale.

In a scenic area, tourist souvenirs were indispensable. The bigger the scenic area, the more they had to have tourist souvenirs that represented their own characteristics. Even if they didn’t, they had to create one themselves.

Many tourist souvenirs from scenic spots could be recognized if a tourist posted on their Moments.

“Get to work,” Yu Shui instructed the landscapers. Then, he said to Qin Lin with a smile, “Boss, do you want to take a look at the flowerbed?”

“Let’s go take a look!” How could Qin Lin not understand Yu Shui’s thoughts? He had just been promoted because he wanted to seize the time to perform and let him see the other party’s results.

As the boss, he naturally had to give this opportunity.

The triangular plum plantation flower bed was on the east side of the villa, near the forest. The flowerbed was now surrounded by wooden railings.

Yu Shui brought Qin Lin inside and arrived at an area. There were already many potted plants neatly placed there. The seedlings were all transplanted from the branches of the flowers.

Yu Shui also introduced excitedly, “Boss, we’ll plant the seedlings over there in the future. We’ll plant the seedlings in the surroundings and build a reservoir in the middle to create an irrigation system.”

“Is there enough funds?” Qin Lin asked.

Yu Shui hurriedly nodded. “Yes, the lady boss has approved enough funds. The rest can also be bought to decorate the wooden railings.”

“Yes.” Qin Lin nodded and was not stingy with his praise. “Well done. Next, transplant those seedlings in and nurture the first batch of triangular plum pots as soon as possible.”

“Don’t worry, Boss.” Yu Shui smiled and nodded enthusiastically.

He had invited his boss over for an inspection because he wanted his boss’s approval.

When Qin Lin returned to the hall, he saw Zhao Moqing paying attention to the situation online.

“The county’s delivery orders have been sent out. No one is defaming us this time,” Zhao Moqing said when he saw Qin Lin enter.

These days, Qinglin Ketchup has become popular again.

Qinglin Food Company gradually began to work double shifts. They had already completed the 200,000 bottles of Chen Li’s live broadcast. The netizens who had ordered also received the products and tried them.

Everyone knew that Qinglin Ketchup was more delicious. After it was sold on a large scale, more and more people commented on it to increase their appetite.

Increasing one’s appetite was an effect that ketchup originally had because there was citric acid in the tomato. It was just that the Qinglin Ketchup had the additional attribute of appetite +1, so the effect was stronger.

Those who had tasted it really found that their appetite had improved, especially the picky children who could do a lot more food.

For a time, Qinglin Ketchup became a boon for parents of picky children and patients with low appetites. It was well-liked by more and more people who bought it.

Unfortunately, the desire to buy online was like a tide. Qinglin Food Company’s production capacity was really limited, so they could only wait for the county’s corporate guidance fund to approve it.

With the popularity of the Internet, Zhao Moqing would also silently like it on her alternate account. When she encountered interesting comments, she would also silently participate in the discussion. However, others did not know that she was the lady boss of Qinglin Ketchup.

“Look at this video.” Zhao Moqing handed the phone to Qin Lin.

He looked over, puzzled.

This seemed to be a video that had just been published by a somewhat famous expert. A hot topic would always attract all kinds of hype, even if the other party was an expert.

“I’ve been researching about Qinglin Ketchup these past few days. This product’s process from its appearance to its popularity is unbelievable. Not to mention the taste of this ketchup, just the other party’s hunger marketing method is definitely a classic case. The boss behind this has control over hunger marketing…”

Qin Lin was stunned to hear the expert’s logical analysis in the video.

Damn his grasp of hunger marketing…

He used Zhao Moqing’s private account to comment on the video: Teacher, maybe Qinglin Ketchup production is really just insufficient?

Because this video was newly released, not many people saw it. The expert teacher even replied to Qin Lin, “This is a very unprofessional view. If you have seen my class, you will change your current view. There is a purchase link for my class in the link below.”

“…” Qin Lin shook his head helplessly and replied, “The expert teacher is still the best.”

It was no wonder that as society developed, there were more and more experts and professors, but this identity was becoming less and less credible.

It wasn’t that expert professors weren’t capable. That was impossible. The high-tech construction of so many industries in the country was the result of the hard work of countless experts and professors.

However, true-strength expert professors don’t come out and play to the public. They’re immersed in the ocean of expertise and have higher aspirations.

However, there were some strange experts and professors on the Internet who were ruining this noble identity that originally represented honor.

Otherwise, there wouldn’t be such high-profile things as ‘Poor people can’t afford to go to school because the tuition is too low!’ and ‘Housing prices are high because they’re connected internationally. At the moment, property prices are still too low.’

If the standard of such an expert professor was not to speak human language, Qin Lin could also become an expert.

It was just that the wedding gifts were not enough and the salary of the young people was too high. Who wouldn’t know how to speak human language?

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